Thanksgiving 2014 – Mostly Just Photos of Dogs

thanksgiving family 2014-01

Thanksgiving is going to the dogs.

This year was magical. I drove up to the mountains where my cousins live off the land, literally. Ok not literally, but they do have livestock and stuff. This year was especially nice because everyone’s getting married, but instead of reproducing they’re just getting pets! That means dogs galore, and a wide open range for them all to play on!

So that’s what this year focused on, and it was great because who doesn’t love a breath of fresh air and happy pups to play with? So I collected my favorite photos from everyone’s various DSLRs (and my iPhone) because we’re a tech family, and using our latest devices is half the fun.

Dogs at sunset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Dogs find a rat carcass

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Dogs play with Dad

sahzi the belgian tervuren, our dogs playing

Dogs in the woods

in the woods - taken with vscocam

Family selfie

family selfie

Brother 1, Dad, Mother, Myself, the family dog.

This is my new favorite family photo… that lighting, my hair, we’re all smiling – even the dog. These moments are rare.

Loperfido Family Photo. Thanksgiving 2014

My beautiful cousins,

whipping up the bourbon cream, because we ain’t kids no more!

The homemade apple and pumpkin pies.

Homemade everything.

homemade apple and pumpkin pie for thanksgiving

And that’s our Thanksgiving!

Maybe next year I’ll remember to take photos of the turkey too, or even better, maybe I’ll have my own dog to bring along! Here’s hoping…

XOXO itsaLisa ;)

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Easy Cat Costume Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Simple Cat Makeup Tutorial for Halloween Costume

cat makeup halloween costume

“I wish that I could be like the cool cats… cause all the cool cats they seem to get it”

Follow along on YouTube as I makeup my kitty cat face.

I purposefully only used common makeup products for your convenience!
All you need is:

  • foundation
  • eyeliner
  • mascara
  • bronzer
  • black lipstick (optional)

The black lipstick is optional, but definitely worth adding to your kit if you don’t have any. ;)
Other than that, buy some ears, a tail,
and wear something comfortable, perhaps furry(?), and kitty colored!

MEEOOOWWWW meeeooow meow meoow meeow meeeooow meow meow meow

cat makeup halloween costumecat makeup halloween costume

Cat by day… (no nose yet)

Black cats drink black coffee

A photo posted by Lisa Loperfido (@itsa_lisa) on

Cat by night… (added nose and tail)

cat makeup halloween costume

Cruella and I… (good thing I didn’t have any spots) :P

Cat claws…

And that’s my costume! Good luck with your own makeup and costumes! I would love to see them, share them with me on insta or twitter by tagging me @itsa_Lisa, or post them in the comments below! :D  OK THANKS BYE!!! XOXOXO

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meow meeeOW MEOW meow meeoow meow meeeoow MEEOOOOW MEOW Meow

TREAT YOURSELF – The story behind my tattoo and claw nails

This past October has been such a blessing!

To start off I would like to thank you, my readers!!! Thanks to you all I am officially the Queen of Peter Pan on the internet!! I sold over 150 Peter Pan hats on Etsy, I passed 100,000 views on the blog, and as the countdown to Halloween drew closer, I received over 4,000 daily views! This was so fun to witness, and I really couldn’t have done it without you. So, here’s a GIANT THANK YOU thank you for searching the internet for “how to make a Peter Pan costume,” and clicking my link. It means so much to me. :) I hope to make even more great tutorials for your convenience in the future!

With the extra money from selling Peter Pan hats I decided to treat myself. This was the first time I’d had some extra spending money basically since I had to start paying off student loans one year ago, so I decided to splurge a little.

I treated myself to a fancy manicure, and I bought myself my first tattoo.

What do you think?

claw nails and simple behind the ear triangle tattoo

The manicure is to die for! Seriously, I don’t think I could ever go back to “normal” nails. I got claw acrylics, the kind that are pointy. They are so fun to wear and my hands feel 10 times as feminine!

I’ve never liked my hands before because they’re rather wrinkly for their young age because I’m a crafter who obsessively washes her hands… But with the extra length they make my stubby fingers feel longer, and the claw shape and sparkly color gives me a feminine edge that I didn’t even realize I was missing until it was right on my fingertip, literally!

I had to relearn how to type and use my phone of course, along with several other everyday tasks, but now I even use my hands in a more feminine way. They feel so natural now and I seriously don’t think I can go back. I have always been rather aggressive and boyish in my actions before, so I love how the nails force me to hold my hands like a lady. Pinky out!

claw nails - purrfect!

I also modified my body in an even more permanent way… I got my first tattoo!! It is a simple black outline of a triangle right behind my ear from the guys at Alchemy Tattoo in Silverlake. I wanted to start with something small just to get used to the process, and I found that the process is very simple, and didn’t even hurt. ((To be honest, the nails hurt worse than the tattoo because my manicurist kept filing down all my gross dead cuticles, gross!)) Anyways, here’s another #selfie….

claw nails and simple behind the ear triangle tattoo

Before I tell you what it means, I would first like to make a statement that a tattoo DOES NOT have to have a meaning. You could simply get a tattoo because you find it attractive. That is good enough “reason” for me.

People get so judgmental over tattoos! Hey, it’s your body you can do what you want to! As long as it isn’t publicly hateful, I’m gonna be ok with your self expression whether it means something significant or not.

However, I also know that a tattoo is a permanent image that is literally drawn into your skin forever….It becomes a part of you.

My tattoo does happen to have some meaning behind it… a great deal of meaning, actually. I know, I know, it’s just a triangle, but triangles can represent many different things!

This is what my tattoo means to me…

The biggest reason I chose a triangle is because it’s symbolic of three. Three has always been a significant number in my life because I am one of three.

That’s right, I am a triplet, I shared a womb with two brothers who I love very much.

And cue the questions… “Do you look alike? Do the boys look alike? Are you identical?” (Yes, all three questions, in that order too). So here is a photo for you to decipher.


I don’t get to see these boys as often as I like. One of them is doing very well for himself and lives in San Diego. The other struggles with a mental illness called Manic Depressive Schizophrenic. Or Bipolar, to put it simply. That means his brain chemistry causes him to become completely irrational during high and low mood swings. Now isn’t the place to go into details, if you’re curious you can start reading up on it here.

This disorder has been very hard on all of us as a family, himself included, since his diagnosis 4 years ago. Choices had to be made, and unfortunately he couldn’t live with us anymore. I don’t actually know where he is now, he doesn’t have a phone and his Facebook posts don’t make any sense, but that does not mean, and will never ever mean, that I don’t still care for him. He will always be my brother, my triplet brother…. No diagnosis, no words, no distance, no punches, and no time apart will ever make me love him any less. I have tears streaming down my face right now just thinking about him as I write this, and the only thing I can say is that I love him and that he matters to me.

So this tattoo is my public statement:

He might never see it, but I know it’s there…

I love you Grant, YOU MATTER.

Triplets forever!

Being a triplet is all I know, and now that I’m out on my own, I realize more and more how much I love my family, and how growing up with those two boys at my side has shaped me… I’m currently working on a much longer “life as a triplet” post, so stay tuned, it includes never-before-seen thoughts! Very exciting, I know. ;) But for now, I just wanted to talk about the tattoo.

I also like the triangle because I’m into the thin black geometric look. As Don Draper would say,

“make it simple, but significant.” 

Triangles are also the strongest shape, architecturally. I’ve always been a strong woman physically, and into adulthood I’ve learned to be a very strong woman emotionally. A woman must be strong, we must hold our heads high and keep marching. Hallelujah, Amen.

So I have only shared with you my three personal favorites, but a triangle can be symbolic of a great deal more. If you want to start referencing Harry Potter, or the Holy Trinity, feel free. All art is open to interpretation. A triangle to me could be different than a triangle to you.

That’s the beauty of a tattoo, the beauty of art, and the beauty that makes the world go round. Art is open to interpretation. Or, as Andy Warhol would say,

“Art is what you can get away with.” 

Now you know. XO XO.

…Here are two more photos I took with iPhone 5s and edited with VSCOCAM to show off my kitty claws.

claw nails and a donut for autumn

clawclaw nails for the modern crafter | nails and a donut for autumn |

Thanks for reading! Leave me a comment if you’re feeling friendly. :)

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Autumn in Arizona

Autumn in Arizona

My parents recently moved to Prescott, Arizona to retire. Apparently this a rather popular thing people do. It’s not like Prescott is a retirement community, but it has become a magnet for old souls with a love for culture, the outdoors, and an active community. It’s also way cheaper than California, so my parents get to live out their days for a much cheaper cost, which means more vacations! I fully support their decision, it looks like a lot of fun.

I visited this October, because I needed a taste of fall, a taste of cold weather, and a hug from Mom and Dad. We hiked, we made pumpkin pie, we looked at the stars, and we went to a mini harvest festival and got lost in 2 different corn mazes (maizes?).

The cool thing about Prescott is that it’s in both the desert and the mountains. If anyone knows the geographical term for this please tell! All I know is we climbed up thumb butte, and on the shady side there were trees and flowers, and on the sunny side there were cactus, trees, and flowers. I love cactus, they’re so interesting and beautiful. Buy me a succulent or cactus bouquet and I will just adore you!

I took some photos on my phone, so I know they aren’t top quality, but I’m quite pleased with the image content. (iPhone 5, edited with VSCOCAM app). I’ve shared them below.

This trip was a lovely short-lived break from the scorching fall heat of Los Angeles. A weekend away from the city, and off to the open roads, blue skies, red leaves, sprawling cactus, and tiny airports.

Autumn in Arizona Autumn in Arizona Autumn in Arizona  Autumn in Arizona Autumn in Arizona Autumn in Arizona Autumn in Arizona Autumn in Arizona

Thanks for viewing! Where is your favorite place to visit in autumn? Remember, even if you can’t visit anywhere magical with seasonal weather, a cup of pumpkin spice latte is always brewing somewhere nearby. ;)

Read this post: 20 Reasons We All Love Fall for more fall fun.


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The 20 Reasons We All Love Fall

20 reasons to love fall |

Hi :) Guess what? It’s finally fall! I happen to be a fall fanatic. Unfortunately, my love for this great season is being hindered by my region… You see, Los Angeles doesn’t really do fall the way the rest of the U.S. does. Our leaves turn brown and die, and I still wear tank tops… But there are still very crisp mornings and pumpkins lurking around every corner. Here are 20 reasons why I love fall, and I’m assuming why you love fall too… As I list these I’m secretly pretending that it’s going to get a lot more colorful here in LA, and dreaming of the falls I was able to spend in Portland and New York.

20 Reasons We All Love Fall:

1. The Leaves

20 things I love about fall

Obviously. source But even more so….

2. The Yellow Leaves

20 things I love about fall

So beautiful. source But most of all….

3. Yellow Everything!!

20 things I love about fall

It’s the only time of year you can walk in a yellow wonderland. source There’s also…

4. The Coffee

20 things I love about fall

To warm your spirits. source and…

5. The Iced Coffee

20 things I love about fall - coffee

Hot, cold, it’s all good. source  Better yet….

6. The Pumpkin Spice Lattes!!

20 things I love about fall - coffee

Let your inner-white-girl shine! The PSL comes out but once a year, afterall. source

Speaking of which, it’s finally PUMPKIN SEASON, which brings us to…

7. The Pumpkins

20 things I love about fall

Duh. Yes, they come in pink. source

8. Pumpkin Everything

20 things I love about fall - pumpkin maple donuts

Pumpkin donuts, um, yes please. source The runner up to PUMPKIN everything is….

9. Cinnamon Everything!!

20 things I love about fall - cinnamon apple turnover

This looks amazing. source While we warm our souls, let’s also enjoy….

10. The Great Outdoors

20 things I love about fall

As the winds change and the air becomes crisp, fall is filled with nature’s finest moments. source And it all starts with…

11. The Brisk Mornings

20 things I love about fall

All the more reasons to drink coffee, source and wear…

12. The Dresses and Boots

20 things I love about fall


13. The Giant SWEATERS

20 things I love about fall


14. The Giant SCARVES

20 things I love about fall


15. Black and Tan

20 things I love about fall

Wear it all day, every day. Seriously…. source

16. Too Many Layers

20 things I love about fall

But we love them all. source Especially…

17. Floppy Hats

20 things I love about fall

(Pictured: Lauren and I – stoked about fall). source All hats aside, there’s also…

18. Fall Makeup

20 things I love about fall

When the red lip goes vamp. source Which brings us to…

19. The Colors

20 things I love about fall

How simply delightful, would you just look at that radiant orchid. source

In summary, we have…

20. This Quote

20 things I love about fall

Well said Fitzgerald, well said. source

Now who’s ready for Christmas!? Just kidding, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Now who’s ready to grab a PSL? ;) Seriously, hit me up. XOXO

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Birthday Selfie

Another year older, another year wiser…. as the saying goes.

So here, have a pineapple. <3

It’s just another birthday, nothing extremely monumental… but still a great time to take a moment and review how I’m doing. I was looking through my journal this morning when I found my “2014 goals” agenda. Just so happens I wrote it out exactly 6 months ago, when I turned 23 and 1/2 (because adults can still count the 1/2 increments, right?). So I thought it fitting to continue this list another 6 months… So far so good.

Here’s the old plan from 6 months ago. An X means I’ve been able to accomplish it.

old goals

Looks like all I have left on this list is to get that tattoo and to dance more. ((Perfect, because I am making the tattoo appointment as soon as I have a free moment, AND life could alway use more dancing, so that will permanently be on my to-do list.))  However, I can proudly say despite the unfulfilled green part of the list, I am satisfied with my level of social life at the moment.  I could not say that a few weeks ago, and I know these things take time, so maybe this is finally it… or maybe I’ve just had a good social month. Also I am SO happy I never needed that car – cars are dumb.

Scooters 4 LYFE!!!

Since that list is almost done, I drew up a new list of goals! These new goals are to be crossed off sometime before I turn 25. **Before the first quarter of my life is forever OVER!!!** Wow – when I put it that way I feel like I should add so much more! YIKES.

new plan

Since I’ve figured out the job and living situation ~sortof~ I have some freedom to build on my extracurricular activites! So now I feel secure enough to plan some trips to visit long lost friends! Or hey, maybe even attend an annual checkup…..since I only have one body and all… Going to the doctor is a thing people do even when they’re healthy right? Ugh. Time for some advice from our friend…


Thank you Ferris.

So this is my quick life update, not like anyone cares…. However, putting it out here in the public is therapeutic for me, it makes my goals more real. Now I have to go through with them. I hold myself accountable for my actions, because I like to pretend that I have a hot following and a group of people who are routing for me. You’re my fiction fans, you know, instead of fan fiction. ;)

and I love you all. Just as much as I love this Pumpkin Spice Latte.


This final part is a bit silly, but I feel like doing one of those surveys found on Tumblr. So i’ve taken a new years survey and changed the topic to be about the age-year instead of the calendar year. Click this read more link, if applicable, to scroll through a boring list of dumb survey questions about my life: XOXO
Read more if you are bored, or want to be bored

Vote FORT LA2050 – DO IT NOW :)


DID YOU KNOW There’s this awesome place in LA, where crafters and creative souls can hang out in a communal workplace to build, grow, and share their talents.  It’s called FORT, or

If you’ve ever had a creative inkling, you would like it here. … If you live in LA, you should hang out here! … BUT most importantly, if you are reading this, you should VOTE for HERE!

FORT is in the running to win LA2050’s “Best Place to Create” award, and win $100,00 in funding. WOW – COOL! BUT FAST – VOTING ENDS  September 16th – SO GET TO IT! (click here, or image below, to vote)



FORT’s ultimate goal is to…

“Give the power back to individuals; the ability to design their physical spaces, develop communities, and build businesses. People want to feel connection to the people who make their goods and to how they’re made. They want to feel connected to the city and their stories behind them. It’s about a feeling of wanting to relate again. Fort, let us help you build yours. ” – Jaqueline Sharp, Founder

What a splendid idea! They have even got Forbes and Darling Magazine talking (click through links to read articles). NEAT!

I’ve been to this FORT – currently it’s a comely loft filled with leather hides, upholstery castoffs, a wall of upcycled chairs, and delightful found objects – with hopes of much, much more! Here is a small iPhone-photo spread of a reception I attended, with fellow DIY-ers, and damn good food and drink.

Speaking of FOOD – we had a terrific LA-based chef in our presence, Mr. Coburn Childs, follow him on twitter or book him for an event. His creations were artfully crafted, and surprisingly diverse in flavor. Maybe I’m being overzealous, but what can I say , I’m a starving artist and they tasted a whole lot better than the frozen veggies I usually resort to. Either way, I totally recommend him as a caterer for YOUR next affair. Seriously, do it.


FORT – Los Angeles


the REAL @Zilla308 :P XOXO

Trader Joes Cocktails |

Trader Joe’s Cocktails: just add whiskey… and a secret ingredient that I forget, wah.

fun appetizer ideas |

Strawberry quinoa parfaits

fun appetizer ideas |

stuffed mushrooms, sundried tomato and chicken crostini, berry cobbler


chair wall by Jaqueline Sharp

Now you know what’s up! …Time to CAST YOUR VOTE! 


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