The 20 Reasons We All Love Fall

20 reasons to love fall |

Hi :) Guess what? It’s finally fall! I happen to be a fall fanatic. Unfortunately, my love for this great season is being hindered by my region… You see, Los Angeles doesn’t really do fall the way the rest of the U.S. does. Our leaves turn brown and die, and I still wear tank tops… But there are still very crisp mornings and pumpkins lurking around every corner. Here are 20 reasons why I love fall, and I’m assuming why you love fall too… As I list these I’m secretly pretending that it’s going to get a lot more colorful here in LA, and dreaming of the falls I was able to spend in Portland and New York.

20 Reasons We All Love Fall:

1. The Leaves

20 things I love about fall

Obviously. source But even more so….

2. The Yellow Leaves

20 things I love about fall

So beautiful. source But most of all….

3. Yellow Everything!!

20 things I love about fall

It’s the only time of year you can walk in a yellow wonderland. source There’s also…

4. The Coffee

20 things I love about fall

To warm your spirits. source and…

5. The Iced Coffee

20 things I love about fall - coffee

Hot, cold, it’s all good. source  Better yet….

6. The Pumpkin Spice Lattes!!

20 things I love about fall - coffee

Let your inner-white-girl shine! The PSL comes out but once a year, afterall. source

Speaking of which, it’s finally PUMPKIN SEASON, which brings us to…

7. The Pumpkins

20 things I love about fall

Duh. Yes, they come in pink. source

8. Pumpkin Everything

20 things I love about fall - pumpkin maple donuts

Pumpkin donuts, um, yes please. source The runner up to PUMPKIN everything is….

9. Cinnamon Everything!!

20 things I love about fall - cinnamon apple turnover

This looks amazing. source While we warm our souls, let’s also enjoy….

10. The Great Outdoors

20 things I love about fall

As the winds change and the air becomes crisp, fall is filled with nature’s finest moments. source And it all starts with…

11. The Brisk Mornings

20 things I love about fall

All the more reasons to drink coffee, source and wear…

12. The Dresses and Boots

20 things I love about fall


13. The Giant SWEATERS

20 things I love about fall


14. The Giant SCARVES

20 things I love about fall


15. Black and Tan

20 things I love about fall

Wear it all day, every day. Seriously…. source

16. Too Many Layers

20 things I love about fall

But we love them all. source Especially…

17. Floppy Hats

20 things I love about fall

(Pictured: Lauren and I – stoked about fall). source All hats aside, there’s also…

18. Fall Makeup

20 things I love about fall

When the red lip goes vamp. source Which brings us to…

19. The Colors

20 things I love about fall

How simply delightful, would you just look at that radiant orchid. source

In summary, we have…

20. This Quote

20 things I love about fall

Well said Fitzgerald, well said. source

Now who’s ready for Christmas!? Just kidding, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Now who’s ready to grab a PSL? ;) Seriously, hit me up. XOXO

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Birthday Selfie

Another year older, another year wiser…. as the saying goes.

So here, have a pineapple. <3

It’s just another birthday, nothing extremely monumental… but still a great time to take a moment and review how I’m doing. I was looking through my journal this morning when I found my “2014 goals” agenda. Just so happens I wrote it out exactly 6 months ago, when I turned 23 and 1/2 (because adults can still count the 1/2 increments, right?). So I thought it fitting to continue this list another 6 months… So far so good.

Here’s the old plan from 6 months ago. An X means I’ve been able to accomplish it.

old goals

Looks like all I have left on this list is to get that tattoo and to dance more. ((Perfect, because I am making the tattoo appointment as soon as I have a free moment, AND life could alway use more dancing, so that will permanently be on my to-do list.))  However, I can proudly say despite the unfulfilled green part of the list, I am satisfied with my level of social life at the moment.  I could not say that a few weeks ago, and I know these things take time, so maybe this is finally it… or maybe I’ve just had a good social month. Also I am SO happy I never needed that car – cars are dumb.

Scooters 4 LYFE!!!

Since that list is almost done, I drew up a new list of goals! These new goals are to be crossed off sometime before I turn 25. **Before the first quarter of my life is forever OVER!!!** Wow – when I put it that way I feel like I should add so much more! YIKES.

new plan

Since I’ve figured out the job and living situation ~sortof~ I have some freedom to build on my extracurricular activites! So now I feel secure enough to plan some trips to visit long lost friends! Or hey, maybe even attend an annual checkup…..since I only have one body and all… Going to the doctor is a thing people do even when they’re healthy right? Ugh. Time for some advice from our friend…


Thank you Ferris.

So this is my quick life update, not like anyone cares…. However, putting it out here in the public is therapeutic for me, it makes my goals more real. Now I have to go through with them. I hold myself accountable for my actions, because I like to pretend that I have a hot following and a group of people who are routing for me. You’re my fiction fans, you know, instead of fan fiction. ;)

and I love you all. Just as much as I love this Pumpkin Spice Latte.


This final part is a bit silly, but I feel like doing one of those surveys found on Tumblr. So i’ve taken a new years survey and changed the topic to be about the age-year instead of the calendar year. Click this read more link, if applicable, to scroll through a boring list of dumb survey questions about my life: XOXO
Read more if you are bored, or want to be bored

Vote FORT LA2050 – DO IT NOW :)


DID YOU KNOW There’s this awesome place in LA, where crafters and creative souls can hang out in a communal workplace to build, grow, and share their talents.  It’s called FORT, or

If you’ve ever had a creative inkling, you would like it here. … If you live in LA, you should hang out here! … BUT most importantly, if you are reading this, you should VOTE for HERE!

FORT is in the running to win LA2050’s “Best Place to Create” award, and win $100,00 in funding. WOW – COOL! BUT FAST – VOTING ENDS  September 16th – SO GET TO IT! (click here, or image below, to vote)



FORT’s ultimate goal is to…

“Give the power back to individuals; the ability to design their physical spaces, develop communities, and build businesses. People want to feel connection to the people who make their goods and to how they’re made. They want to feel connected to the city and their stories behind them. It’s about a feeling of wanting to relate again. Fort, let us help you build yours. ” – Jaqueline Sharp, Founder

What a splendid idea! They have even got Forbes and Darling Magazine talking (click through links to read articles). NEAT!

I’ve been to this FORT – currently it’s a comely loft filled with leather hides, upholstery castoffs, a wall of upcycled chairs, and delightful found objects – with hopes of much, much more! Here is a small iPhone-photo spread of a reception I attended, with fellow DIY-ers, and damn good food and drink.

Speaking of FOOD – we had a terrific LA-based chef in our presence, Mr. Coburn Childs, follow him on twitter or book him for an event. His creations were artfully crafted, and surprisingly diverse in flavor. Maybe I’m being overzealous, but what can I say , I’m a starving artist and they tasted a whole lot better than the frozen veggies I usually resort to. Either way, I totally recommend him as a caterer for YOUR next affair. Seriously, do it.


FORT – Los Angeles


the REAL @Zilla308 :P XOXO

Trader Joes Cocktails |

Trader Joe’s Cocktails: just add whiskey… and a secret ingredient that I forget, wah.

fun appetizer ideas |

Strawberry quinoa parfaits

fun appetizer ideas |

stuffed mushrooms, sundried tomato and chicken crostini, berry cobbler


chair wall by Jaqueline Sharp

Now you know what’s up! …Time to CAST YOUR VOTE! 


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The Prettiest Flower Crowns | Simple Floral Headbands

flower crown | floral headband | now on

Flower crowns and daisy floral headbands now available for custom handmade order on Etsy for under $10!

Be festival ready, back to school ready, summer ready, fall ready, winter ready, spring ready, party ready, club ready, movie night ready, girl-power ready, garden party ready, tea time ready, coffee date ready, date night ready, and just plain ready in these pretty pieces.

Handmade by itsaLisa. Made in LA. Made in America. Made with Love.

If you’re not sold yet, please note that all sales go towards the “help Lisa afford rent and food” cause, and all of you and your orders are very very very very very very appreciated. Thanks!!!!  BUY YOURS HERE

Spread the word & Repin – you know you want to :)

flower crown | floral headband | now on crown | floral headband | now on flower crown | floral headband | now on flower crown | floral headband | now on

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Hey, haaaave you met Lacée?

lacee de grasse

Miss Lacée De Grasse is one of the best people I have met in a while. Is that rude to say out loud? Oh pish posh, I’m saying it anyways.

This pretty lady has a wanderlust soul and a heart of gold. She is also an artist, and a fashion icon. You heard me, fashION iCON! She is always wearing the best things. I truly admire someone who can take a basic look and make it their own. …Someone who knows when to buy a staple, or a trend, and how to make them work together… Like her italian brogues for example, which she bought, yes, in Italy. An investment to last a lifetime! A breath of fresh-air in this fast-fashion lifestyle I so often witness people becoming victim to. Buy the clothes, make them your own… Amen sista! (And shout out to all my sistas who know what’s good!)

Recently Lacée’s artwork was displayed at an art gallery in Hollywood!!! You can view some of her latest pieces here AND you should definitely follow her blog here.

Lacee De Grassee Original Art  |


Isn’t it marvelous? Great use of color in this skeletor, if you ask me…

It was only about a year ago when we first met, we were bopping around Long Beach and had mutual friends. Then she galavanted across Europe for her final semesters of college, then I moved to LA. There was not much time left in between those months to become friends, but that’s the funny thing about life… thanks to social media… you might never see someone, but they’re still a part of your everyday. They’re still liking your posts, and supporting you from afar. I mean, aren’t we all? #positivevibes #inittowinit

Her M.O. …

Love Always Wins.

 …because it does guys, because it does.

If you like what you see on this spread, I think you should totally support her! Give Lacée a shout out over on her INSTAGRAM, and BUY HER ART! I can’t wait to see her work blow up AND all of the other amazing things she has yet to do in this blessed life.

We’ve got a big world ahead of us, so long as we keep on creating with our hands, loving with our hearts, and living with our entire souls, than something truly magnificent is bound to happen.

>> Recognize this girl? Read more about our adventures here! <<

lacee de grasse mermaid art -

Thanks for tuning in – I really do hope you check Lacée’s stuff out! She is an amazing woman and deserves nothing but the best in life.XOXXOOXOXO – LL

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Cause I Am An American Girl | As Seen on

Guys, not sure if I’ve mentioned it enough times yet, but I am a blogger over at DiyReady.comWhat’s that!? Yes, DIYREADY.COMWell for the fourth I was inspired to DIY my own little getup. So I begged my bosses to let me my bosses begged me to craft this little post for our loyal readers. CLICK IT:

make your own 4th of July Hat with @itsa_Lisa of |

When it comes to dressing up for the holidays I like to keep it low key: thematic, but not over the top. So I opted for 2 classic American looks, and topped them with a sun-hat covered in an American Flag Scarf to pull the look together

Look 1: (above) I am wearing a LBD with a fancy ruffled slip. My “southern” or “at the races” look, if you will. (Now where’s my Mint Julep, Y’ALL!?)

Look 2: (below) A plain white tank, denim cutoffs, bikini top, and artfully placed aviators. My “west coast” look. You’re welcome.


make your own 4th of July Hat with @itsa_Lisa of

And WHERE oh WHERE did I get this FABULOUS AMERICAN FLAG SCARF!?!?, that’s where!


This is not an ad, I really do love this scarf! It’s giant, it’s soft, and it’s beautiful – what more could you ask for in a scarf? I will probably wear it every year on the fourth in one creative way or another until I die. #AMERICA #CHALLENGEACCEPTED

The problem with sun-hats is they always blow off, so to prevent this from happening I took the scarf and crafted my own technique, which is….

Ha! You thought I was going to tell you.

>>  Must CLICK HERE to find out! ;) <<

american beer with whipped cream vodka |

It ended up being a beautiful sunny Independence Day. I walked probably 6 miles total and had a blast drinking American beer on American rooftops under the American sun and watching the American fireworks from good ol’ Huntington Beach under the American moon.

♪ ♫ Cause we are living in an American world and I am an American Girl ♫ ♪

American girl style | fashion blog

God Bless America. And you actually read my blog, so God Bless You. XOXOXOXO

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Thoughts on Love: to the Moon, AND BEYOND

I love you to the moon and BEYOND |

Maybe you’ve heard this quote, or seen it printed on all the accessories at your favorite local boutique…

I love you to the MOON and BACK!

But WHY? Why stop at the moon? I mean I get it, it’s like a cute way of saying “I like you a whole bunch” or whatever. What I can’t stand is how there is a stopping point. Love is eternal, love goes on forever.  I’m not in love, as I’ve mentioned before, so I am no expert on the matter, but I’d like to think that is true.

Besides, the moon is like the closest thing to earth. Of all the things to pick why did they pick THE MOON? I mean common, if you want to stick to something feasible within this galaxy at least choose PLUTO!

I’m sorry, but I just can’t hop on board this moon-and-back band wagon. I hope that once I do find love it doesn’t stop after 477,000 miles. What we should be saying is “I love you to the moon, and beyond.”

Let’s try this again. Repin my image and remind the world that LOVE is FOREVER. Love has no end.

XOXO, the hopeless romantic, Lisa Loperfido

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