20 Legit Reasons We ALL Love the FALL

20 reasons to love fall | itsaLisa.com

Hi ūüôā Guess what?¬†It’s finally fall! I happen to be a fall fanatic. Unfortunately,¬†my love for this great season is being hindered by my region… You see, Los Angeles doesn’t really do fall the way the rest of the U.S. does. Our leaves¬†turn¬†brown and die, and I still wear tank tops… But¬†there are¬†still very crisp mornings and pumpkins lurking around every corner. Here are 20 reasons why I love fall, and I’m assuming why you love fall too… As I list these I’m secretly pretending that it’s going to get a lot more colorful here in LA,¬†and¬†dreaming¬†of the falls¬†I was able to spend in Portland and New York.

20 Reasons We All Love Fall:

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Cause I Am An American Girl | As Seen on DIYREADY.com

Guys, not sure if I’ve mentioned it enough times yet, but I am a blogger over at DiyReady.com.¬†What’s that!? Yes, DIYREADY.COM!¬†Well for the fourth I was inspired to DIY my own little getup. So I begged my bosses to let me¬†my bosses begged me to craft this little post for our loyal readers. CLICK IT:

make your own 4th of July Hat with @itsa_Lisa of itsaLisa.com | DiyReady.com

When it comes to dressing up for the holidays I like to keep it low key: thematic, but not over the top. So I opted for 2 classic American looks, and topped them with a sun-hat covered in an American Flag Scarf to pull the look together

Look 1: (above) I am wearing a LBD with a fancy¬†ruffled¬†slip. My “southern” or “at the races” look, if you will. (Now where’s my Mint Julep, Y’ALL!?)

Look 2: (below) A plain white tank, denim cutoffs, bikini top, and artfully placed aviators. My “west coast” look. Cowabunga.


make your own 4th of July Hat with @itsa_Lisa of itsaLisa.com

And WHERE oh WHERE did I get this FABULOUS AMERICAN FLAG SCARF!?!?¬†Scarves.com, that’s where!


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