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gild it

This craft is so simple, hard to mess up, and a good time! I made it up myself when the need came to add a bit of glam to my all-black creations.

For those of you who don’t know, my favorite color is black, and my decorating go-to is black with pops of texture and color. The gold flakes serve this purpose. I ordered them from Amazon for about $5. The bottle is large and they will last you a very long time.

frame diy 4You will need:

*Mod Podge can also be made by mixing equal parts Elmer’s glue with water, in a cup

The instructions for this project are  basic, and as follows:

Acquire your frames. (I purchased these from Ikea many years ago they were probably $1 for 3.) You can get frames anywhere, a favorite place of mine is any dollar tree, 99cent store, or a thrift/consignment/antique shop. Frames are easy to come by. Please do not buy the $15 version anywhere… that is a waste of money and resources. A used frame works just as well as a new frame.

Decide what color to paint the base, unless you are already happy with the color of your frame. I chose black for obvious reasons. White would look marvelous perhaps as a wedding gift! Silver or dark blue also pair nicely with gold.

Now that you’ve figured out the frame and base color, here comes the fun part! 

frame diy

First, remember to remove the glass and image inside, right now you should be working with just the frame. Also make sure any paint color you applied is dry.

frame diy 3

Second, on a separate plate, bowl, or cup, pour out about 2 tbsp of mod podge and shake out some glitter flakes onto of it.

frame diy

Then, take your clean paint brush, dip it in the glue/glitter mixture, and paint your frames. The glue will appear white but dry clear.

frame diy 2

Continue adding the flakes to your project until you are happy with the amount. The glitter will naturally separate itself and disperse among your work in a various and skewed pattern. The natural look is desirable here, it might resemble the night sky or my favorite: Galaxy Granite.

Wait for your frames to dry, then attach the glass and pictures! Hang them up or give them to your friends! You have now gilded your photos. Job well done.

Here’s a preview of the frames in my own space.

art collage

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gilded frame diykeep calm add glitterglitter frame diygild it
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