Flashbacks of the US OPEN

The US OPEN, Surf City’s favorite time of year.  (That’s a lie, we prefer July 4th). This holiday is still pretty rad because it brings in hundreds of competitive surfers and also hundreds of thousands of crowds – who all wear close to nothing. These crowds can be respectable, they can say nice things and throw their trash away, they can drink in moderation and look both ways before crossing the street, but all these things would require too much effort. Instead the youthful crowds practice all of the skills not learned in school and growing up. They throw off all of their clothes, paint their bodies with suggestive words, and run their own competition to see who can be the most obscene; which translates to who can have the most mother lovin’ fun.

Being a local at an age slightly higher than the average US OPEN attendee, perhaps I am being rude and underapprectiative of the next flock of young adults. But really, perhaps they are being rude and need to realize this is a public beach – not Spring Break Gone Wild!!! For the past few years the US OPEN was brought on by Hurley – a part of Nike. This year the US OPEN is hosted by VANS, we are excited about this because VANS is used to the crowds of WARPED TOUR, and they are native to Orange County – holding our reputation closer to heart. Their goal is to keep the crowds more under control, and more family friendly.

With that being said, excuse me while I drink my prune juice, let out my curlers, and yell at the crazy hooligans down the street. 

Below are some blasts from the past, these photos are snapshots of the past 4 years of the US OPEN. A glimpse of the epic crowds and surf. Come back for more this weekend when I share current photos after attending.

And remember, I can complain all I want but I am still going to enjoy the experience of free concerts and free crowd watching entertainment! The best advice I can give here is enter with low expectations, come out satisfied. 

USOPEN2009 2009USOPEN20102010USOPEN20112011 USOPEN20122012

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