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Concert Style

Oh how I wish I went to one of the real summer festivals… I always find myself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nevertheless I can still treat my daily life like a festival, and this weekend I happened to go to an awesome show. The National live at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery! (read more about it in my last post here)

Here I am wearing

  • A long black shirt, vans us open 2013 (represent!)
  • black sheer tights, target
  • black leather boots, for romping and stomping 😉
  • black felt hat, cottonon
  • denim vest, upcycled

most importantly:

  • tote bag full of wine, beer, cheese, and crackers!

This outdoor venue is the perfect kind, the one that allows you to pack your own blankets and picnics and refreshments. They simply ask we clean up after ourselves and don’t bring in any hard liquor. As a lover of wine this was just fine. For those of you that don’t know, Matt Berninger of The National loves wine. It’s basically all he sings about – no joke. The picnic essentials prepared us for a great evening, and the show was absolutely spectacular.

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The National at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery

I seriously just had, what will go down in history as, one of the best nights of my life.

The NationalThe National – Live at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery! The National is one IS my favorite band. They are on tour with their latest album: Trouble Will Find Me (listen now – buy it today!) I admit to being a tad bit of a fangirl… stalking them on instagram and twitter, liking and commenting on their every post, but I really am a huge fan of the music!

The lyrics Matt comes up with are flawless, the way he forms words together some of the strangest word choices, words you’ve never heard strung together. But when sung out of his baritone and whiskery lips they make you melt. You don’t know whether to fist pump or cry, so instead we all resort to the notorious hunched-over-mic-fist-bang, (Matt’s go to move).

Then there’s the music. The Dessners and Devendorfs are instrumental geniuses, a band of brothers, to say the least. I’m no music nerd, I wish I could tell you about the beat count and the rhythm and how they chord progression is reminiscent of Beethoven’s 5th. But soft, my music knowledge truly ends at: “it has a good beat and you can dance to it.” So instead I will describe how it sounds, in my own words:

The Concert As Heard by Lisa: “And start. really good chords, really good chords, you should know me better than that, strumming of guitar, trumpet in background, and wait for it, i should leave it alone but your naaaaaa, and drums, and more great sounds, and more, and wait for it, and I SHOULD LIVE IN SALT, Naaaaa, adding drums, adding strums, bringing it back, the words just string together, his voice is so simple, like he’s just speaking, but with a low purr, forming words that melt into you. You breathe them in with your lungs and they linger. Like smoke. …I’m smoking in his songs. Now the drums are beating, and guitar, strum, strum, it’s Don’t Swallow The Cap! and drum, and drum, and drum, everything I love is on the table, everything I love is out to sea, and now a violin, where did that come from, and more, and harmony.”

The songs continued, view the set list here, each new song flooding us with excitement as we recognized the first chords, wine bottles in hand, dancing, shouting, singing along. The crowd was very cool with our enthusiasm. It’s not like we haven’t seen The National before, this was my 3rd time, Caitlyn’s 5th, Michelle’s 2nd… And there we were, this time together in the middle of a crowd, three very different best friends with the same obsession, rocking out, grabbing each other to make sure it was real, and loving (belting at times) every moment of every song. Of course Mr. November happened during the encore and we rushed deeper into the crowd as Matt did his rounds of crowd surfing, right on cue, always on cue.

Another perfect show, on a great day in LA. It took me a day to remember a day. Cliche – I know) but I was on the best kind of Bloodbuzz. 

“All the wine is all for us”

Scratch that, “all the wine is all for Caitlyn!” (unlike me, she’s a music guru, follow her on tumblr)

And the show:The National The National The National

Mr. November alter ego forming – hopping into crowd seconds later

The NationalThe National

Were you there? Have you seen them before? Are you also a crazed fan? Share your thoughts in the comments below!  Also follow me on instagram twitter and tumblr for future updates on music, fashion, and my life in Los Angeles – where the sun kicks out.

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Who What Wear – With The National | Los Angeles

Now I only think about Los Angeles when the sun kicks out (Pink Rabbits | The National)

Lucky for us the sun did kick out, just on time as we were in the city celebrating our favorite band’s movie preview! Here is a quick fix of what Caitlyn and I wore to the Mistaken For Strangers screening in Los Angeles.

City City Happy Hour

style style

Here I am in my “Loose Lips Sink Ships” t-shirt, inspired by The National‘s song Cherry Tree. This shirt is fitting because Mistaken For Strangers is a movie about The National, and Cherry Tree is such a great song, and Loose Lips Sink Ships is such a great saying. In this shirt I can do no wrong.  I’m also wearing a black blazer, denim shorts (cause it’s summer!) and suede booties.

style Style

Caitlyn is wearing her favorite polka dot skirt, also with booties and a tank top. A cute get up for any long summers day of sight seeing and obsessing over our favorite band.

Tshirt DIYDSCN0374

To make this shirt more comfortable I cut the sleeves off.  The art of cutting sleeves, as seen in my previous post “Rock Your Style” is in exposing the right amount of skin.  If you just clipped your shirt down the sides, you would expose too much skin in the front, and not enough in the back. That is why I first cut off the sleeves along the stitch line, then I turn the shirt around and trim out the back, dipping lower and towards the center and work my way up. Once you have the shirt on you can stretch out the opening with your thumbs to give it a natural looking finish.  And remember, this is your shirt – Rock it however you want!

Tshirt DIY


For more fresh updates on life and style, visit often!

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Mistaken For Strangers | Los Angeles

Don’t make me read your mind, you should know me better than that. It takes me too much time you should know me better than that. … I should leave it alone but you’re not right. I should live in salt for leaving you behind.

To fans, these are the best words to start anything with – anything. These words instantly warm my entire being. These words also graced our night last night, the night Caitlyn and I attended an exclusive screening of Mistaken For Strangers, a documentary by Tom Berninger, the brother of Matt Berninger, who is lead singer and “Rock Star” of my (and soon to be the world’s)  favorite band The National. Yesterday at the Grammy Theatre, we watched  the private screening as The Berninger’s, including Matt’s wife Carin, and other members of the production team watched with us. The night closed with a standing ovation and a Q&A where Matt and Tom were welcomed onto the stage and answered relevant questions like “how has your relationship as brother’s changed?”

Mistaken For Strangers is screening at Film Festivals across the globe, making rounds in North America, to New Zealand, and back. We were some of the lucky ones, but keep your fingers crossed that they release the film for a larger audience in the future! I don’t want to give too much away, but the movie was an impressive documentary that started as a focus on The National, but became something so much more when Tom’s own struggles began impacting the band. We are taken on a journey into the lives of the brothers and witness what it means to unconditionally love, we also get the much anticipated behind-the-scenes perspective into the lives of those we have been listening to and loving for years.

A few pictures to summarize our day of happy hour hopping, and The National…

Happy HourHappy HourHappy HourThe FarmLos Angeles StyleStokedReel to ReelReel to ReelBerningerBerninger InterviewCheese Platter

Come back for more updates on The National, and an exclusive look into where I got this awesome one-of-a-kind shirt inspired by The National. And for the moments until then – follow me on twitter @itsa_Lisa. For more of The National, follow the expert herself on Tumblr -Caitlyn/sadsongsforcatlovers.tumblr.com


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Loose Lips Preview!


Where am I going now!!?!??!

Hint 1:

  • Loose Lips Sink Ships

Hint 2:


Hint 3:

Hint 4:


…whew!!  What a great day! read all about it:

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