Who What Wear – With The National | Los Angeles

Now I only think about Los Angeles when the sun kicks out (Pink Rabbits | The National)

Lucky for us the sun did kick out, just on time as we were in the city celebrating our favorite band’s movie preview! Here is a quick fix of what Caitlyn and I wore to the Mistaken For Strangers screening in Los Angeles.

City City Happy Hour

style style

Here I am in my “Loose Lips Sink Ships” t-shirt, inspired by The National‘s song Cherry Tree. This shirt is fitting because Mistaken For Strangers is a movie about The National, and Cherry Tree is such a great song, and Loose Lips Sink Ships is such a great saying. In this shirt I can do no wrong.  I’m also wearing a black blazer, denim shorts (cause it’s summer!) and suede booties.

style Style

Caitlyn is wearing her favorite polka dot skirt, also with booties and a tank top. A cute get up for any long summers day of sight seeing and obsessing over our favorite band.

Tshirt DIYDSCN0374

To make this shirt more comfortable I cut the sleeves off.  The art of cutting sleeves, as seen in my previous post “Rock Your Style” is in exposing the right amount of skin.  If you just clipped your shirt down the sides, you would expose too much skin in the front, and not enough in the back. That is why I first cut off the sleeves along the stitch line, then I turn the shirt around and trim out the back, dipping lower and towards the center and work my way up. Once you have the shirt on you can stretch out the opening with your thumbs to give it a natural looking finish.  And remember, this is your shirt – Rock it however you want!

Tshirt DIY


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What I bought at Cotton On

See Video


Cotton On has the best sales and the fastest shipping!

I abused their spend $45 and get free shipping deal and was delivered 9 beautiful articles of clothing.  I am a very lucky shopper.

black black style style

(A selfie shoot, inspired by Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face)


DSCN9991the Desert Boot

black fashion

Black Ensemble

All items purchased on Sale at Cotton On

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10 Cool All Black Outfits

Lately I’ve been obsessed with Pinterest. It’s a perfect excuse to gather all the things you love in one place without having to buy them. (Until one fateful day where maybe you can!) Feel free to follow my style, design, food, etc.

Being a very organized person, I enjoy being able to find something I like and categorize it in a public file that myself and others can always go back and make reference to. Being a habitual shopper, I also enjoy Pinterest as a place to store my “wants & needs”, so I can go back and compare them. Sometimes just knowing its presence exists on my Pinterest is enough and I do not need to purchase it.

keep it classy

Now that you know the inner workings of my brain, I would like to display 10 of my favorite pieces, these are from my board Black is Black These are beautiful black clothes that I will probably never have, but nothing is stopping me from pinning them! See bottom of page for sources.

10 Cool All Black Outfits Via Pinterest

Black YSL | 10 Cool All Black Outfits

10 Cool All Black Outfitsblacksillhouette

Black from PolyvoreBlack Dress |  | 10 Cool All Black Outfits10 Cool All Black Outfits10 Cool All Black Outfits10 Cool All Black OutfitsBlack Tats | 10 Cool All Black OutfitsBlack Pants | 10 Cool All Black Outfits

1) YSL 2013 2) @itsa_Lisa 3) Sillhouette 4) Polyvore 5) LBD 6) Style 7) BlackOut 8) Ace of Spaids 9) Black Sleeve 10) Pants


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Scary Monster Summer Scarf

Summer Scarf

I love summer.  Because It’s an excuse to wear summer scarves every damn day.

summer scarf

The summer scarf, or my particular favorite: the Marc by Marc Jacob’s Scary Monster Beach ThrowDSCN9857

I found this throw at the Marc by Marc Jacob’s store in Los Angeles last summer.  I have a feeling it was limited edition because I have searched for it dozens of times since then and can never find it.



This particular  “beach throw” is a light weight cotton that can be used for anything.  I wear it in my hair as an accessory, I wrap it around me as a shawl, I tie it around my neck as a scarf, I lie it on the ground as a blanket, I wrap it around my body as a baby pappoose, and sometimes I drape it over a table as decoration. The possibilities are endless, and it looks super cool. Totally my style. Black with thin artistic lines that shape happy monsters hanging out at the beach.

summer scarf

Monsters just want to have fun.

Scary Monster at the BeachScary Monster at the BeachScary Monster at the BeachScary Monster at the BeachScary Monster at the BeachScary Monster at the BeachScary Monster at the BeachScary Monster at the Beach

It is summer after all, if Monsters can go to college (Monsters U) I think they’re also quite welcome at the beach!

summer scarf

Enjoy your summer everyone!  Stay safe with all those monsters crawling around, but not too safe – what’s summer without a little danger, am I right?

Live a little! I would love to hear  your thoughts below, what’s your favorite summer scarf and why?


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