East Coast Trip Day 3 – Lady Liberty


November 09, 2013

Dear friends, fans, and nosy neighbors, my run on sentences have gone on long enough! Here is a much briefer post about my next day in New York, it was also the day I reunited with my dad!

8:30 Dad rolls up in his old man car, the 5 series Beamer. Michelle is ecstatic, she claims she hasn’t ridden in a real car for months and months! 9:00 Statue of Liberty Park 9:30 Ferry to the islands, drink surprisingly good coffee in a cup. 10:00 Ellis Island. Find ancestors etched into monument, kind of a look-back-and-realize-how-far-we’ve-come moment.11:00 Statue of Liberty. Climb about 150 steps to the lookout platform on which she stands, lookout! Great views. Hard to see the statue herself from this close though, with her being directly above us and all.

12:00 French Fries 12:15 Ferry back 1:00 Liberty Park Cafe for lunch. Order an open faced pastrami sandwich with cheese. There was lots of cheese. 1:30 Drop Michelle off at a train stop so she could take the subway back to Brooklyn. 1:45 Drive with Dad through the town he grew up in, South through Jersey. Drive passed groves of autumn trees glowing in the setting sun. 4:00 Stop at Trader Joes. 5:00 Drive through Florence to see the small community he lives in now, I wasn’t expecting to see such quaint old houses and beautiful trees lining a winding river. Reminds me of Newberg, Oregon where I lived during my college years. 6:00 Arrive at his small apartment. Relax. 7:00 Bungos for pizza. 1 large buffalo chicken pizza and 2 beers please…

9:00 Goodnight Dad. 10:00 Goodnight moon.

A slideshow of the day:

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