A Guide to Scarves in Movies and How to Get the Look

Guest Post on Inspired-Ground, by Lisa Loperfido

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Movies define eras. They are our segway into the times and cultures which in return define the world around us. It is already known that fashion in movies have an influence on fashion in real life, as seen in a previous post, but what about cinema fashion is so memorable? Is it the way the wearer embodies everything that the style represents? Or perhaps the way each piece helps define a look? In this case we will focus on… Click here to keep reading on Inspired-Ground!

5 Scarves Every Lady Must Have!

Guest Post on Lady M Presents, by Lisa Loperfido

Jessica Alba Scarf Style

Let’s be honest, you probably own a lot of scarves. They are one of the best accessories because of their style and versatility, plus they’re pretty. The beauty of the scarf is also due to their being the ultimate accessory to your wardrobe staples. … Take Jessica Alba for example; have you ever seen her NOT looking fabulous in a scarf? One of the most recognized scarf-wearing-celebrities knows how to make an outfit rock with the addition of… Click here to keep reading on LadyMPresents.com!

5 Ways a Pashmina Scarf Will Come in Handy

Guest post on Rizanoia.com, by Lisa Loperfido

5 Ways a Pashmina Scarf Will Come in Handy!

Is there such a thing as the perfect wardrobe accessory? Opinions vary here, but the scarf puts up a reasonable fight. You see, a scarf not only keeps you warm, stylish, and covered up; it is also a practical accessory to carry around and use whenever you find yourself in a fix… Click here to keep reading on Rizanoia.com!