East Coast Trip Day 4 – Philly Cheese State


November 10, 2013

philly cheese steak

8:00 Wake up on the floor of Dad’s apartment in rural New Jersey ready for a day exploring Philly, a city neither of us have been to. 9:00 Walk the chilly streets of Florence to grab a loaf of coffee cake to eat with our home-brewed coffee for breakfast. 10:00 to Philly! 10:30 Race up Penn steps, because if Rocky can, so can we!11:20 Explore Philly. 11:30 Get Philly cheese steaks. The restaurant was playing the Dog Whisperer in the background so of course my dad asked our server if he’d ever seen our episode: Hounds From Hell (watch here, start video at 17:45) The man claims to have seen and enjoyed it, how adorable. 12:00 Walk to Liberty Bell. Admire the tour groups. Walk around independence hall… in the footsteps of our forefathers, or even better Nicholas Cage 😉

 1:00 Walk through diamond distract. Walk back up Ben Franklin Parkway and take tourist photos of tourists taking tourist photos.

2:00 Head back to Jersey. Stop at target, surprise dad with all the great and cheap finds. 3:00 Home. Rest. Eat.

5:30 Make dad pancakes for dinner. 7:00 Watch Rocky. 9:00 Fall fast asleep (that’s 6:00pm PST btw lol).

My closing thoughts: I think I would like to rename the city, “the city of fatherly love,” because I had so much fun with my Dad, but then we would have to call it Philadadlia.

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