Farmville reaches Orange County | OCFair2013

Ladies and Gent’s the Fair is back in town.  Before you dive into all the deep fried goodies, don’t forget to take a stroll through cowtown and say hi to all the fine livestock that has yet to be tossed in the friar. Yes this livestock is alive and well, being cared for by the young cowhands frolicking about in their country get-ups.  This is the California we don’t often see in Orange County, but a lifestyle worth visiting.  While you’re there stop by the Pig Races, Cow Milking, and Camel Exhibit, (and please wash your hands on your way out).

OC Fair OC Fair OC Fair OC Fair OC Fair OC Fair

What’s Eatin’ at the Fair? | OCfair2013

“Come and Get it” at the Orange County Fair

I am a healthy eater – something I try to hold true in all dining circumstances.  While my diet does not have the extreme restrictions that a gluten-free or vegan person might, I still try to steer clear of over processed and fried foods. The fair is a breeding ground for fatty foods. And as any dietician might add: indulge (in moderation!) And Live your life! Being a healthy eater does not mean living under a rock. Keep in mind there are plenty of healthy options at the fair to choose from.

For example, corn husks are delicious, a vegetable, no gluten or nothing. They fill you up, take a while to eat, and you can add your own fixings which makes the whole process of eating them even more enjoyable. I also saw a booth selling fresh fruit – another great healthy appetizer. 

Be wise when you look around.  Maybe a bite of a friends fried oreo is wiser than getting your own personal serving. Or perhaps you could split the chocolate covered bacon. Money saving advice: bring in your own water and snacks, and splurge on one item. Share with your friends so you can all enjoy the flavors without emptying your wallets.Fair Food Fair Food Fair Food

Fair Food Fair food Fair Food Fair Food Fair food Fair Food Fair Food

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Opening Day at the Fair | OCFair2013

The Orange County FairNestled where the 405 meets the 55 meets the 73 in Costa Mesa, a land where platforms meet walking shoes, palm trees meet corn stalks, beer gardens meet squash gardens, organic meets deep fried, and reggae meets bluegrass.

If Southern California wasn’t diverse enough, you’re in for a hoot and a holler when you enter the overcrowded and overpriced fairgrounds which we know and love, and choose to go back every single year.

The following photos embrace the outside atmosphere of opening day.  Come back for more, I will be posting all week!

OC Fair OC Fair OC Fair OC FairOC Fair OC Fair OC Fair OC Fairand my favorite candid, angry cotton candy is angryOC Fair