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Playlists: My So-Cal[led] Fall

fall playlist

Guest post by Caitlyn Connors (find her on tumblr)

So yeah, it’s fall. The season that connotes trees showing off and turning colors or something and then dumping their leaves onto lawns so people have to rake them up, I think.  People captioning their selfies with SWEATER WEATHER 😉 even though it’s probably 80-degrees out. Here, we know it’s fall because of the pumpkin spice lattes that spam our instagrams and oh look, football is back on tv and people are pretending to care about the Dodgers. ANYWAYS, a friend of mine that hails from the east-coast made a playlist that had some serious chill-weather jams on it, but I just couldn’t relate seeing as the Santa Ana winds whipped up a 100-degree scorcher just last week. I’m pretty sure Lisa is still going to the beach (I wouldn’t dare, my skin would probably sizzle or sparkle or whatever vampire’s skins are doing these days), so I’ve come to the conclusion that here, summer stretches until like, late October and there isn’t any use in fighting it.  Needless to say, I still require some tunes to try and offset the 405-traffic induced anxiety or to accompany me on the more pleasurable PCH cruises. So I concocted this mix of songs that aren’t like, YAY SUMMER but still have a warm, cozy vibe to them.  So this is it, My So-Cal[led] Fall playlist. Mazzy Star will cool you right down with her aptly titled ‘California’ fresh off her first album in 17 years, Seasons of Your Day. PAWS are a delightful poppy-punk trio from Glasgow that will get your juices a-flowing and your heart a-pumping.  ‘A Heavy Abascus’ is one of my all-time favorites from The Joy Formidable, adorned with MBV-scuzzy guitars and soothing vocals.  I couldn’t resist throwing in ‘Halloween All Year Long’ by The Orwells, plucky Chicago punks fresh out of high-school (who, by the way, put on a very entertaining live show, A+ would recommend).  Mac Demarco will charm your pants off with his lackadaisical guitar strummin’ and his gap-toothed grin. I also added a fancy little version of ‘Sovay’ by the beauteous Andrew Bird that hearkens back to his Fingerlings days (and we are still trying to figure out how to score tickets to his winter-time “Gezelligheid” performance, hmu if you’ve got the scoop).  Yeah so anywho, there’s those and a lot more on this playlist! Let me know what you think (or if you think I left anything out). If you bug me enough I’ll probably whip up another seasonal playlist real soon.