How to Make Your Birkenstock Sandals POP!

sky blue sandals for summer! #DIY

I painted my Birkenstocks¬†sky blue for summer. ūüôā Why did I do this?

Because originally they were taupe nubuck which reminded me too much of human skin, and I didn’t really want to wear flesh on flesh. ((They didn’t look awful,¬†but I just wasn’t having it.)) And being the¬†savvy thrift¬†shopper that I am, I literally found these shoes for $2 at a shop in Oregon¬†(thank you Newberg Friends), so if something went wrong while painting them, I had nothing to lose (yet¬†so much to gain!)

How to Make Your Shoes Pop! Tutorial:

All you need is these 3 essentials:

  • 1 giant blob of happy colored¬†paint
  • 1 pair of boring old¬†shoes (find them at a THRIFT store (Helloooo Salvation Army, Goodwill, or your local thrift)!
  • 1 ordinary paint brush

Now sing along with me while I¬†color my world with the chaos of trouble¬†‚ôę‚ô™

sky blue sandals for summer! #DIY

One, Two, Paint the shoe.

sky blue sandals for summer! #DIY

Three, Four, Paint some more. 

sky blue sandals for summer! #DIY

Five, Six, Clean up shit.

sky blue sandals for summer! #DIY

Seven, Eight, They look great! 

sky blue sandals for summer! #DIY

Now you’ve got fancy fresh feet to just in time for¬†summer! Let me know how your own pair turned out in the comments below. ūüėČ You know you want to.

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AMAZING Footage of Dolphins and Their Babies in The Wild

Some of you might be familiar with that whale watching video¬†(found here)¬†which went viral last week. It was filmed by the very same group that took me on my own spectacular whale watching adventure in Dana Point,¬†Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari:¬†

They took us on an exhilarating tour along Orange County’s coastline. First we followed a gray whale on its lonely migration north, then we found this pod of stampeding dolphins. It was too cool for words, so I made a short video instead. Can you spot the babies swimming with their mamas?

Help save the whales with Captain Dave through their charity organization:

Dolphins in the Wild | itsaLisa.comDolphins in the Wild | itsaLisa.comDolphins in the Wild | itsaLisa.comCaptain Dave's Dolphin Safari |

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A Guide to Scarves in Movies and How to Get the Look

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1. Have you ever been in a hurry to get to work, but your clothes are all soiled from endless nights of partying with no time to launder in between? Throw on a scarf! A big loop-de-loop will cover that red wine right up.

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