Thanksgiving Leftovers for Breakfast – Turkey Sweet Potato Hash

<Thanksgiving Leftovers for Breakfast. Egg, Sweet Potatoes, Turkey

Disclaimer: This recipe is completely my own, but I was just so oddly hungry the morning after Thanksgiving that I forgot to take a picture of it (gasp!!) So I am borrowing an image from of a very similar recipe called “Daphne Oz’s Turkey Sweet Potato Hash” (click here to see it), and an image from, shown above, (found here). The rest of the recipe below is my own.

What to do with all those leftovers? Eat them of course! My family hosted the feast this year so we were left with all of the turkey, some stuffing, and my favorite: the yams! While we were going to have Thanksgiving #2 that night, I couldn’t wait and had to have some delicious leftovers in the morning as well. So what’s the best way to turn dinner into breakfast? Add egg!

Serving sizes: think 1 large spoonful of each per person, and 1 egg per person

  • eggs
  • turkey
  • yams
  • bread roll optional)
  • gravy (optional)

Heat up your skillet medium heat. Add turkey and yams. Crack an egg over it, I used one egg and one egg white. Allow egg to cook through, approx 2 mins. Serve with roll and gravy on the side (optional). Perfection in your mouth, just like last night but this time without the crowded room and prolonged wine buzz.

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Cooking a Victory Garden. $5, 5 Ingredients.


The simplicity of these 5 vegetables gives the term Victory Garden a whole new meaning! Grow one in your yard and never buy vegetables again! Or save time and effort because these vitamin packed plants are dirt cheap, generally ranging from $0.50 to $2 in price.Victory Garden

  • Onions
  • Mushroom
  • Mini Peppers
  • Broccoli
  • Tomato

Go to your local grocery store, farmers market, Trader Joes, whatever, and buy one of each of the above! Your total will be under $5 and you will chop them up and throw them in a frying pan with a blob of oil and a dash of salt and pepper. They will heat and caramelize, and you will eat them once the colors are vibrant and the onions are the same consistency as a worm. This entire process should take no longer than 10-20 minutes, depending on preference and speed of chopping.

These 5 ingredients mixed together make enough to serve 2-3 people, or serves just you for 2-3 days!

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