Now Trending: Folding Furniture! Dwell on Design 2013

Viva Los Angeles! I was up and ready with the sun, it was another gorgeous day in downtown LA and I knew the Dwell on Design trade show was as anxious as I was to see the latest trends in modern design this year!  DSCN9365

Though unexpected, Foldable furniture was trending this year. Furniture that folds. I am not used to “foldable” being a modern luxury selling point.  Perhaps a terrific idea, as it makes shipping and storage more convenient, but the luxury factor perplexes me.  However, I will admit they were cool, and cool is an important selling point.

The Spooning Armchair is a magnificent origami feat, or as I should say “ori-polypropylene.”

Spooning Armchair

Even the small Rhino Horn Ottomans are designed to withstand up to 300 pounds. The Paper Bird Armchair (left) and Alcove A la Coque (right) are all a part of the latest collection designed by the talented Roy Kesrouani.  I totally dig this dynamic cardboard aesthetic, but what I’m also ogling is the typeface that Roy designed.  See the alien-esque script in the background?  That reads “Spooning Chair” A close up: Spooning Armchair textI love the play with the fixed angles and triangles, it speaks to the complex design and unique geometry that went into making these pieces.  I’m no graphic artist so I should stop talking before my foot ends up in my mouth, but as a designer and experienced paper-folder I was impressed by his skill.

The other folding furniture, rightfully named “Folditure” was even more quirky, being Luxury folding furniture with a duo function as art. Yes, art.


I asked the woman at the booth “so if you had this in your home, how would you use it?” She said “I would hang it on my wall” Ladies and gentleman, I give you art furniture! Don’t let the pieces make a statement in your room, let them make a statement ON YOUR WALL!!!  Yes I am being sarcastic, but I do not completely disagree.


If I lived in a luxury studio apartment the idea of having extra furniture on display as a conversation starter is enticing. It lives to the minimalist standard.  However I don’t think I am at that level yet. Interior Designers are aware of the furniture riddle “What to do with folding furniture when it is not used,” and “hang it on my wall” is not the expected answer, but I am accepting. Imagine the amazement when my dinner guests realize the chair they are perched on was indeed hanging on my wall earlier that day!  The pieces do look incredible, this image from their website (right) does the design more justice.

I saved the best for last.  Clei’s exhibit spoke perfectly to a studio apartment, or any apartment whose aim is to maximize space and function.

Resource FurnitureI liked these folding furniture pieces the most because of their practical application.  The people at Resource Furniture | Space. Reinvented. have truly reinvented space. Each piece has more than one purpose, and aims to help all types of families and lifestyles in their function.  This video below (7 million+ views!) explains the idea.


Perhaps the folding furniture is most ideal for people who function in small spaces, but luckily for everyone else, these pieces also have aesthetic value and represent a whole new market that beckons to both our wants and needs!

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Antiquing! What are we thinking?

mini gramaphone for 45rpm records

Mini gramophone.  Plays 45rpm records.  Its small size would make a great gift for your record collecting friend, or really for anyone who loves music.

You have just found buried treasure, X marks the spot, you have uncovered a beautiful gem that will become yours and no one else’s.  These are feelings experienced while antiquing, thrifting, vintage shopping. As Macklemore says “One man’s trash, that’s another man’s come-up.”  We love the thrill of the hunt and having something that no one else has.  That was the hipster mind set, but since hipster has become mainstream.  Now that mindset is blurred among the population as a whole.  Do I sound pretentious?  good.

The true “stylish” as I shall call them, now have to dig harder and deeper to find what will become completely their own.

we found a polaroid, I took a polaroid

Molly and the Polaroid.  As Macklemore might say, “we found a Polaroid, I took a Polaroid.”  My friend Molly loves photography, and when we came across an old Polaroid camera with a case and filters included, it was a very tempting buy.  Instead we just played around with it.  I used the warm filter it came with to take this Instagram… an artistic observation of Instagrams antique filters vs. the real deal.  This is not Kelvin, this is real life.

I went antiquing in the city of Orange the other day.   Talk about a walk down memory lane…

It was hard walking past a single row without nostalgically thinking “that looks like my grandmas” or excitedly proclaiming “we used to have that in our cupboard!”  …along with all the other antiquers beside me.  These memories are comfortable reminders that our ancestors lived in material worlds too.  Comforting, because we remember our generation isn’t the only greedy one.  Why do we care so much about material goods?  Because they’re pretty?  Because it’s cool?  Because it makes you feel better about yourself.  I’m just as guilty as anyone else.  I love my shit!  Humans love their shit!

Another great thing about antiquing is how we are re-purposing goods.  Our purchases do not add to the amount of products floating around in the world, instead they simply relocate possessions from one hand to another. We are recycling goods, which is another popular thing to do in this day and age, thank God.  I would much rather buy something old and used, instead of the many items out there that are made purposely to look vintage. (We should try our best to keep from adding to the material consumerism, or if you must, buy local and support your neighbors instead of the masses!)

Vintage Pink Sewing Machine

Vintage Pink Sewing Machine.  My ideal find would have been an industrial machine built into a desk, but this pretty in pink Sears machine is just wonderful.  A perfect gift for a lover of sewing, fashion, pink, or all of the above.  Not a perfect gift for someone who wouldn’t appreciate the fact that it only has a few stitching options.  Sorry ladies, you cannot program your own monogram into it, but I guarantee it still functions and will continue to function forever.

Below and to the right are some of my favorite findings. I couldn’t afford them (except that GORGEOUS dress shown at the bottom, so instead I just took pictures) please enjoy the antique filter used, taken on an iphone 4, I really need to start carrying around a camera.   There I go again… more materials please!

These were all found at the Antique stores in Orange, aka “Old Town Orange”, aka “The City of Orange”, aka “The Orange Circle.”  If you live in the Southern California area and love antiquing I highly recommend this strip.  You really can’t pass two shops without running into another antique store.  Even between these shops are quality restaurants and boutiques, also ideal for anyone who enjoys “that special and unique find.”

Eat at Haven Gastropub if you’re into delicious brews in a hip environment, or if you’re a non drinker Old Towne Grinder serves rare and obscure bottled soda.  Stop at Cafe Lucca when you need a break for superb italian gelato.

light up glove

light up globe.  I’ve seen these on pinterest and I love them.  I was surprised to come across this one.  I didn’t realize it was a thing back then.  I absolutely love it.  Great gift for a world traveler, or maybe someone who needs to “see the world through a new light” wink wink.

If you love antiquing, have been to The Circle, or know of any worthwhile locations to go antiquing, I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Vintage Lace Slip, #selfie

Vintage Lace Dress.  This beautiful dress was most likely a slip or nightgown from the 70s because I have never heard of anyone wearing anything this see through in public before 2010 when this fabulous see through trend began.  But what do I know?  I’m a 90’s kid.