Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye

Screen shot 2013-06-09 at 5.36.19 PMIn 1995 Disneyland joined forces with Indiana Jones and his crew to uncover The Temple of the Forbidden Eye, an ancient temple full of secret passages, booby traps, and near death experiences which occur approximately every 20 seconds.  Luckily Indy himself is present in this temple to help save us from impending doom, but without him or the capable driving skills of any park guest sitting in the driver seat, Disneyland would actually be the saddest place on earth.

When the temple first opened to tourists in 1995 decoder cards (pictured above) were given to visitors at the beginning of their journey as a means of warning them about the dangers ahead.  The cards offer a key for reading Marabic, a language that has only been found to exist in this 2 acre plot of land where the ruins of The Temple of the Forbidden Eye were excavated. It is noted that the writing inscribed on the walls offers practical advice on how to make it out of the temple alive.  For more information, I recommend you read this detailed journey of one mans experience in the ruins; “How to Survive Disneyland’s Indiana Jones Adventure

The grand opening of Indiana Jones and The Temple of the Forbidden Eye occurred during Disneyland’s Forty Years of Adventure campaign.  I tried and failed to find a video with the theme song Disneyland adopted that year, it went something like “Forty Years of Adventuuuuure, Forty Yeeeears of Fuuuuun!!!!”  This theme had completely slipped my mind until my mom showed me these decoder cards and we both started singing it. This could have been a “you had to be there” moment, more importantly 1995 was a significant year in Disneyland history, and not worth forgetting.  For more proof of this ghost memory, I hope you can admire my Disneyland Passport from 1995 (pictured below). I would have been somewhere between the ages of 4 and 5 when I used this, I have photographed it next to the decoder for your convenience, so you can see how the Marabic language is read.

Screen shot 2013-06-10 at 9.39.46 PM

The background reads “FORTY YEARS OF ADVENTURE.” I have added words and circles to show you how I came to this conclusion.  The writing is such that if you are slightly familiar with the characters, and squint, you can almost read it as English.  Who knows, maybe our history has it wrong, maybe the English alphabet came from Marabic. It might take another 40 years to uncover any more clues.  Until then, enjoy the adventure, I dare you to discover as many secrets of the ruins as you can, the hidden Mickeys and booby traps are indeed still there.  The writing on the wall is practically begging to be read. Keep in mind that the longer the line is the more time you have to prepare yourself for survival.  Don’t be afraid to skip the fast pass altogether and bring your decoder along instead!  (save the image to your phone for easy access).  Your friends and family will thank you, and so will the people standing around you in line who were probably very bored (and scared!) until you came along to share this good news.