Indiana Jones Inspired Fashion

Some call it tomboy chic. I prefer Indiana Jones chic. What would Indiana Jones wear? A big hat, scruffy scarves – maybe a hanky, leather, a basic shirt, killer boots. As the world’s greatest action adventure hero, the man chose those clothes for a reason; and so should you! Add your own flair to his classic look and make it your own! At least that’s how I’ve been feeling fashion-wise lately.

Below you’ll see some IJ inspired looks, with their own touch of femme fatale. 

wear anything Madewell

caroline de maigret for Madewell

add a hat

tomboy chic -

a touch of leopard, a touch of plaid

black with classic accessories |

make it sporty

tomboy chic |

Saint Laurent Runway

some closets just make sense.

photos sourced from my Pinterest board “Fashion Please”

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