Just Add Glitter | DIY Frame Craft

gild it

This craft is so simple, hard to mess up, and a good time! I made it up myself when the need came to add a bit of glam to my all-black creations.

For those of you who don’t know, my favorite color is black, and my decorating go-to is black with pops of texture and color. The gold flakes serve this purpose. I ordered them from Amazon for about $5. The bottle is large and they will last you a very long time.

frame diy 4You will need:

*Mod Podge can also be made by mixing equal parts Elmer’s glue with water, in a cup

The instructions for this project are  basic, and as follows:

Acquire your frames. (I purchased these from Ikea many years ago they were probably $1 for 3.) You can get frames anywhere, a favorite place of mine is any dollar tree, 99cent store, or a thrift/consignment/antique shop. Frames are easy to come by. Please do not buy the $15 version anywhere… that is a waste of money and resources. A used frame works just as well as a new frame.

Decide what color to paint the base, unless you are already happy with the color of your frame. I chose black for obvious reasons. White would look marvelous perhaps as a wedding gift! Silver or dark blue also pair nicely with gold.

Now that you’ve figured out the frame and base color, here comes the fun part! 

frame diy

First, remember to remove the glass and image inside, right now you should be working with just the frame. Also make sure any paint color you applied is dry.

frame diy 3

Second, on a separate plate, bowl, or cup, pour out about 2 tbsp of mod podge and shake out some glitter flakes onto of it.

frame diy

Then, take your clean paint brush, dip it in the glue/glitter mixture, and paint your frames. The glue will appear white but dry clear.

frame diy 2

Continue adding the flakes to your project until you are happy with the amount. The glitter will naturally separate itself and disperse among your work in a various and skewed pattern. The natural look is desirable here, it might resemble the night sky or my favorite: Galaxy Granite.

Wait for your frames to dry, then attach the glass and pictures! Hang them up or give them to your friends! You have now gilded your photos. Job well done.

Here’s a preview of the frames in my own space.

art collage

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gilded frame diykeep calm add glitterglitter frame diygild it
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I Love Dogs


Found this on Pinterest.  It will be mine. Because I LOVE DOGS! (and I love sewing).

I am adding this pillow to my project list.

Which also reminds me of all my other pillow projects!

Time to get sewing…


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DIY Plant Hanger Craft | How to Hang your Pothos Indoors

hanging plants DIY

I’d like you to meet my new roommate, “Mr. Pothos.”

After a long four years away at school I got used to having roommates around.. or at least having any one around! But this baby bird flew back to the empty nest I once called home (my two brothers have both moved out). Being an only child in a large house felt strange so I decided I needed a new roommate. And this is why I adopted Mr. Pothos, my pothos plant.

He breathes fresh air into my life for many reasons. Obviously because he’s a plant, but he also provides a pop of brilliant green which matches my emerald accent walls, and it is comforting having his quiet presence hanging at my bedside.

To make this plant hanger you need:

  •  fabric scissors
  • an old curtain, or sheet, or dress, or tshirt, or pillow, or blanket,
  • a plant in a pot

Follow these steps:

cutting fabric

Step 1) Begin by cutting your fabric into strips.  Any woven fabric (not stretchy) is tearable, which will give your look a raw finish.  To do this, snip away at the top in a row, leaving about 2 inches between cuts. Then tear it down until breaking point! (I also recommend doing this step any time you need to relieve stress, tearing fabric does wonders for my nerves #fashionproblems).  If you are using a jersey, (stretchy) make sure the strips are wider and you will not be able to tear them, so cut in a straight line and stop snipping once you have at least 4 feet.


Step 2) Now that you have your long strips of fabric you get to make your nest. Starting from the bottom and work your way up. The first step is tying all your strips in a big fat knot. I gathered 20 long strips together for my hanger because my fabric was so thin, choose your number accordingly, any even number between 6 and 20 will do.

Plant Hanger DIY

Step 3) Take all of your strips, and start tying! The initial star shape is made from grouping 4 strips together into 5 groups, tie 2 and 2 together… you’re a star!

Plant Hanger DIY

Step 4) Now we continue our web. Keep tying 2 and 2 together, this picture above is 4 knots deep which resulted in 6 final points that I gathered together at the top.

Plant Hanger DIY

Step 5) Place your plant in the center of the web and hang! I trimmed all the extra fabric hanging below the plant into thinner and staggered strips to give it a loftier appearance.


I hung the plant from my ceiling in the corner of my room next to my bed. I did not want a plant crashing down on me as I slept nor did I want it leaving a pile of soil everywhere… so in order to test the strength of my wall hook I stuffed a carryon with shoes and hung it from the ceiling overnight. Since the weighted carryon did not come crashing to the floor, I knew my plant would be safe.

Now I water Mr. Pothos weekly and have been enjoying watching him grow. He has been a quality companion all summer. My future plans include bringing in more roommates, My goal is to have an entire plant family by the end of summer! (AKA a hanging garden). HANGING POTHOS

More fun facts:

The fabric I used was from sheer silver curtains I purchased from ikea ages ago. These curtains have been a decorative part of my room for the past 10 years – I have used them as drapes, bed skirts, a canopy, and now this! I love the sheer and subtle color, it gives my room a silky and airy feel, and the shiny silver adds a touch of luxury.

The pot I placed my pothos in is a custom ceramic bowl made by my friend Charles Allen. He is an author and artist from my graduating class at George Fox University. I look forward to hearing even more about his successes in the future!

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hanging plants DIY plant hanger DIY HANGING POTHOS

How to Update Your Space with Outdated Art

Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 10.00.00 PM

I found this fantastic poster of Velvet Underground album art drawn by Andy Warhol.  Andy Warhol is my favorite artist,  Velvet Underground is a terrific band, I love lips, and old coke glasses… how could I say no?

I wanted to frame it, but not with your typical college frame, I needed something more.

Since I am always on a budget I first sought out frames at Hobby Lobby. Ugly metal frames were going for about $20, I bought one and realized it was too small once I got home.

This is when I realized I was going about it all wrong, I needed a quality frame for my work.  So I went to the Goodwill with a tape measure and searched for art work in frames large enough to hold my Warhol print.  I wanted a metallic polished frame to fit my room, because my favorite colors (or lack of colors) to work with are black, white, and shiny.  Shopping for a frame is similar to shopping for a house: pay no attention to what is inside of it!  Only look at the BONES, the structure that is holding it together.  I came across this metallic and black number for $13 and bought it on the spot.

I look it home, took it apart, painted the matts black, and put it back together.  It took all day (granted I was photographing and video taping along the way) but I am so happy with the result!  Hard work pays off. And I barely paid a thing!

You can watch my video to see the entire process, and check out these pictures below.

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 update outdated artupdate outdated art 2

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Who What Wear | 4th of July

Screen shot 2013-07-05 at 11.06.01 AM

Screen shot 2013-07-05 at 11.05.52 AM

Happy Independence day Y’all!  Today is my favorite holiday.

I love it because: It is a nationwide holiday where we all go outside, ride bikes, swim, barbecue, eat, drink, be merry, celebrate our country, and at the end of the day we watch fireworks or set off our own.

I also love it because unlike other national holidays:  There is no stressful build up, no extreme forms of gift giving, no one has to feel excluded because the parties are often open invite, if you want to dress up- red white and blue/stars and stripes is super easy because these are naturally closet staples, and the food is usually potluck style so you just have to bring the one thing you’re good at and know people will like it.


I live in Huntington Beach, Surf City USA.  One of the best places to celebrate for good reason. They close off Pacific Coast Highway and have a 5k run, followed by a parade.  Festivities occur downtown all day, the streets become covered in bikes and lemonade stands, and the day ends with a firework show over the famous Huntington Beach Pier. Admission is free, most people arrive on bike, and a large majority of the city ends up attending so you are guaranteed to run into old friends.

I spent my day doing the above, sharing the day with friends and family, remembering that we live in a great place, and are part of a great country.


My good friend Lauren dressed up like our flag and I was obsessed with how adorable she looked, let’s call it The American Flag Undone – her shirt being the stripes and her baseball cap being the stars. We both sported the American favorite: denim shorts and white tennies. I love my chuck taylors and wear them any chance I get. While Lauren’s bold outfit was very statement making, I went a little more subtle and tied up an American flag handkerchief in my hair.  I think she wore it better.

A few more pictures of our day in Surf City. America, we salute thee!


Cheers to Bloody ‘Merica!


Biking Down PCH.


Going on stage, Lauren answers Huntington Beach themed questions right and wins a t-shirt.


Lounging by the pier.

Fireworks Huntington Beach

Our view of the show.

Gotta love Huntington Beach. ❤

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