#1 Must-Have 4th of July Drink Recipe To Make This Summer

This patriotic cocktail is as delightful as it looks. Quench your thirst this 4th of July with this amazing Drink Recipe that I whipped up!

Must Have 4th of July Drink Recipes

You will need:

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Cause I Am An American Girl | As Seen on DIYREADY.com

Guys, not sure if I’ve mentioned it enough times yet, but I am a blogger over at DiyReady.comWhat’s that!? Yes, DIYREADY.COMWell for the fourth I was inspired to DIY my own little getup. So I begged my bosses to let me my bosses begged me to craft this little post for our loyal readers. CLICK IT:

make your own 4th of July Hat with @itsa_Lisa of itsaLisa.com | DiyReady.com

When it comes to dressing up for the holidays I like to keep it low key: thematic, but not over the top. So I opted for 2 classic American looks, and topped them with a sun-hat covered in an American Flag Scarf to pull the look together

Look 1: (above) I am wearing a LBD with a fancy ruffled slip. My “southern” or “at the races” look, if you will. (Now where’s my Mint Julep, Y’ALL!?)

Look 2: (below) A plain white tank, denim cutoffs, bikini top, and artfully placed aviators. My “west coast” look. Cowabunga.


make your own 4th of July Hat with @itsa_Lisa of itsaLisa.com

And WHERE oh WHERE did I get this FABULOUS AMERICAN FLAG SCARF!?!? Scarves.com, that’s where!


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Who What Wear | 4th of July

Screen shot 2013-07-05 at 11.06.01 AM

Screen shot 2013-07-05 at 11.05.52 AM

Happy Independence day Y’all!  Today is my favorite holiday.

I love it because: It is a nationwide holiday where we all go outside, ride bikes, swim, barbecue, eat, drink, be merry, celebrate our country, and at the end of the day we watch fireworks or set off our own.

I also love it because unlike other national holidays:  There is no stressful build up, no extreme forms of gift giving, no one has to feel excluded because the parties are often open invite, if you want to dress up- red white and blue/stars and stripes is super easy because these are naturally closet staples, and the food is usually potluck style so you just have to bring the one thing you’re good at and know people will like it.


I live in Huntington Beach, Surf City USA.  One of the best places to celebrate for good reason. They close off Pacific Coast Highway and have a 5k run, followed by a parade.  Festivities occur downtown all day, the streets become covered in bikes and lemonade stands, and the day ends with a firework show over the famous Huntington Beach Pier. Admission is free, most people arrive on bike, and a large majority of the city ends up attending so you are guaranteed to run into old friends.

I spent my day doing the above, sharing the day with friends and family, remembering that we live in a great place, and are part of a great country.


My good friend Lauren dressed up like our flag and I was obsessed with how adorable she looked, let’s call it The American Flag Undone – her shirt being the stripes and her baseball cap being the stars. We both sported the American favorite: denim shorts and white tennies. I love my chuck taylors and wear them any chance I get. While Lauren’s bold outfit was very statement making, I went a little more subtle and tied up an American flag handkerchief in my hair.  I think she wore it better.

A few more pictures of our day in Surf City. America, we salute thee!


Cheers to Bloody ‘Merica!


Biking Down PCH.


Going on stage, Lauren answers Huntington Beach themed questions right and wins a t-shirt.


Lounging by the pier.

Fireworks Huntington Beach

Our view of the show.

Gotta love Huntington Beach. ❤

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Celebrate with Red White and Blue Watermelon Cake!

Happy Independence Day! I have a feeling you are preparing for a long day of outdoor gatherings and potluck munching, coming up this Thursday. Among the Hamburgers and Apple Pie, your body might also crave something a little healthier, but a platter of fresh fruit is so last year. I present to you a new solution:


The Watermelon Cake!

Easy enough to make in an hour, healthy enough that you can indulge and feel guiltless.

What you need:

  • Red  – Watermelon, Strawberries
  • White – Cool Whip
  • Blue – blueberries
  • Festive! – sprinkles, or anything else lying around your kitchen.. chocolate? white chocolate? almonds? pineapple?

What to do:
Cut watermelon in half, set one half aside and place other half on work areaDSCN9701

Shave off rhine with a knife, start from the top of the curve and work your way down, follow the curve of the watermelon.


Discard rhine and observe how watermelon looks like raw meat, gross. Forget I said that.  Remove excess moisture from outside of watermelon with paper towel, this will help the whipped topping stick better.

add coolwhip

Cover the watermelon in cool whip.  I used a spreader, (if you do not have a spreader a spoon will work). Start from the top and allow whip to drip down the sides, this will give you a clean glazed look.  Continue until watermelon is covered.

watermelon cake blueberries

Sprinkle blueberries on top of mound, let blueberries fall from the top and stick to the sides.

Watermelon Cake

Line base with sliced strawberries.

Watermelon Cake

Sprinkle on extra decoration, I used blue sprinkles and yellow edible glitter flakes.

Watermelon Cake

Refrigerate or serve right away.

Tell your guests you brought a watermelon cake and watch their surprise as they realize you really did bring a cake made from a watermelon!  Enjoy

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Watermelon CakeCelebrate with Watermelon CakeWatermelon Cake with Coolwhip

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