Local Waves Make Crashing Headlines

The Waves of Huntington Beach

photos taken 1/24/14 – iPhone5s – processed with vscocam.

The swells have been rather impressive lately. “Totally tubular” as us colloquial-locals might say. Watch the live surf cam here on surfline!

Reporters at abc claimed “beaches are seeing extremely high surf Friday, and many are taking advantage of epic swells.” dude, EPIC. These particular waves are the result of an Alaskan storm headed south. In Huntington they reached 10 feet, and in Seal Beach they were even more extreme. As OC Register puts it, these are “long-interval waves, forming about 1,200 miles away near Hawaii.”

An awesome side effect of these swells ((aside from high-level risk and the reward of exhilaration)) was a charity event that Seal Beach held: “Morgan’s Wave of the Day Invitational” Pro surfers only, winner receives $2000, $250 reserved for best wipeout. Please enjoy this nail-biting video…

Holy Shit. I am thankful I live in an awesome place with famous surf, but I’m also thankful I do not surf. Why not? I don’t know, something about the cold, wet, and unpredictable oceanic abyss makes me nervous… what do you think?

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Our Last Christmas | #PhotoSpread | 12/25/2013

hashtag christmas | itsaLisa.com#Christmas

christmas lens flare | itsaLisa.com#LensFlare

christmas in california | itsaLisa.com#California

christmas romance on the piano | itsaLisa.com#Parents

Sahzi the happy Belgian Tervuren on Christmas Day | itsaLisa.com#HappyDog

the living room on xmas day | itsaLisa.com#MerryChristmasYaFilthyAnimal

Christmas gifts for men | itsaLisa.com#GiftsForMen

She always wanted a Kachina Doll | itsaLisa.com#aDollyforSue

Anne Klein watch love | itsaLisa.com#Bling

Christmas Dinner wine. Gonna need more than that | itsaLisa.com#RedRedWine

pinky out | itsaLisa.com#Cheers

Sahzi Dog in a Christmas Bow| itsaLisa.com#MerryChristmas from the Loperfidos, and Sahzi.

It was a very peaceful day of giving, feasting, and friendship. Poor Sahzi was exhausted by the end of it. This was our last Christmas in the giant house of Huntington Beach. My parents are selling and I am still in search of a real home and a real job. We all have exciting and changing futures ahead, and I have no idea where we will each be next year… but you know I’ll keep in touch. 😉

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5 Practical Things to Know About Visiting New York and 1 Video!

East Coast Trip Travel Log, continued

You’ve read my blog, you’ve seen my instagrams, you’ve liked my tweets. Last but not least is my video!!! A summary of my travels, and fun facts I made up whilst exploring. Do enjoy, and I apologize for any horrible accents.

I would also like to take the time to offer some realistic advice, as well as a review on how I survived 6 days with just a carry on, as mentioned in my first article: New York Ready.

Fun Facts & Advice:

  1. Carry around a charger  because your phone will never have enough batteries. Try to find a restaurant with available wall outlets whenever you stop to eat. If you become desperate I recommend finding a McDonalds. That way you can only spend a dollar on a coffee or snack, and feel much less guilty while taking all the time you need to charge your phone. Check for outlets before you order.
  2. Download the apps you need before your trip. I recommend yelp and any transit app. Check out nycgo.com’s excellent list of apps here. However, cell service underground rarely works. So be sure to pick up a map before you enter the metro system.
  3. Buy a week long Metro Card! This will save you money! Think about it, you can buy a bottomless 7 day Metro Pass for $29, or pay $2.50 a swipe for the few days you will be there. So if you swipe more than 15 times the card will pay for itself! And trust me, you would rather have the liberty of traveling on the subway whenever and wherever you need to, instead of worrying about saving your swipes. Especially since you are probably site-seeing throughout the city, and as a visitor you are also prone to getting lost which means you will probably be hopping on and off even more often. (trust me – it happened to me and I wish I had the 7 day pass).
  4. Get Dr. Scholls! My feet were killing me by the end of the trip. Please be kind to your feet and treat them to a foot cushion or gel inserts. There is a lot of walking and standing in the city, and if the subway is crowded you may not even get to sit down while in transit.
  5. Carry cash. There are enough banks and ATMs scattered throughout the city so it won’t be a huge inconvenience if you need cash, but having a range of assorted bills in your wallet never hurt nobody. Most street vendors only take cash, so if you want to know how that authentic and famous cart food tastes, get some bills. But hold onto it tight, this is a city known for its pick-pockets!

And how did it go, my wearing all black and all?

Absolutely wonderfully! I had two black pants that I alternated between each day, jeans and leggings, and I wore the same black jacket every day. Other than that the only thing I ever really changed was my shirt and my scarf choice. I was so comfortable, always matched, and always looked in style. I also enjoyed wearing my hat because it kept my head warm and I didn’t have to worry about my hair. It’s my signature look which New York helped solidify. I also got some compliments on the street, and in a few designer stores. Not trying to brag, but every girl likes a compliment or two. And when you’re in a trendy shop and people start asking you where you got an item you’re wearing – or asking if you work there… what can I say, it’s the best kind of flattery. Especially for a fashionista like myself. 😉

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Radiant Orchid | Pantone’s Color of the Year 2014

Pantone Color of the Year 2014 Radiant Orchid

The new color of the year was announced by Pantone on December 5 to be Radiant Orchid!

“A beautiful blend of Radiant Orchid blooms with confidence and magical warmth that intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination. It is an expressive, creative and embracing purple—one that draws you in with its beguiling charm. A captivating harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid emanates great joy, love and health.” Read Press Release

This gorgeous new color excites me for 3 reasons. 1 because Pantone made a marvelous choice. 2 because I like making accurate trend reports, and I said to myself a few days before the reveal “I have a feeling the Pantone Color of the Year is going to be something purple-pinky.” And most importantly, 3 because these colors are beautiful and I can’t wait to accessorize with them.

You will observe that I prefer a deep magenta and soft lilac, but I think the Radiant Orchid does well in encompassing the whole purple toned spectrum. I have rounded up some of my favorite products, fashion, decor, and photos inspired by Radiant Orchid on my Pinterest, you can view them here on my Pinterest board, Pantone Color of the Year! (and don’t forget to follow it) 😉

Stretchy Headbands | Scarves.com

I would also like to give a special shout out to Scarves.com who sells radiant orchid headbands (shown in “The Chelsea” above). Here are 3 reasons why I love them (since I’m on a number kick). 1 You can wear these stretchy headbands like 50 different ways: click here or on image above to find out how! 2 The orchid is a terrific color that also looks good on everyone. 3 because they are only $5! That’s so cheap! Click here to shop it!

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East Coast Trip Day 6 – Autumn in New York


November 12, 2013

Today is my last day to explore the big city. I’m trying to think of what I have not done, what I might have time for, but also what my poor tired feet can handle. One thing’s for certain, I have to make it to the David Zwirner Gallery because my instagram feed has been blowing up all weekend by superstars like Refinery 29, ManRepeller, and Marie Claire, who were posting about the “I Who Have Arrived in Heaven” experience. Let the adventures begin…

8:30 Snow!! It’s snowing in the city! It didn’t stick, but the air was glimmering with wandering snowflakes. This was Michelle’s first time seeing snow fall, her first thoughts: “where’s the fire?” Said like a true Californian. 9:30 Drop Michelle off at the subway, stay in Brooklyn with her Metro Card in hand. 9:45 Breakfast at Crosby, a clean crisp and cool hipster cafe. Devour a chocolate croissant and sip green tea. Witness a car accident, a car hitting an ambulance accident.

10:30 Go to Williamsburg. 11:15 Shop around. 11:45 Grab a blueberry tea because it smelled amazing. 12:30 Subway into Manhattan. Need mo’ money, stop at Bank of America. 1:00 Macarons!!! From Macaron Cafe . I had to do it, and they were each delightful. I went with a berry, a pistachio, and a salted caramel. 1:20 Find David Zwirner gallery to see the Yayoi Kusama exhibit. Mesmerizing! “I have arrived in heaven.”


1:50 Eat chicken kabob. 2:00 Go to china town. 2:30 Get dumplings for lunch/dinner[/linner?]. 3:00 Say bye to Michelle.

3:30 Take subway to JFK. Did not get lost. 6:30 Leave 😦

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So that sums up my trip, kind of anticlimatic. I was running out of steam by the end, so this ending is appropriate. However, you will be glad to know a New York video is in the works. Also stay tuned for a style report, or at least a stylish retort. Thanks for following!

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Fun Facts – 5 Practical Things to Know About Visiting New York and 1 Video!

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