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lacee de grasse

Miss Lacée De Grasse is one of the best people I have met in a while. Is that rude to say out loud? Oh pish posh, I’m saying it anyways. Continue reading

Fabulous Fashion that does not compromise Form and Function – The Summer Design Series Event

An event featuring women, design, fashion, AND a healthy lifestyle? Don’t mind if I do!

Tuesday night I had the honor of attending Ron Robinson and Summer Design Series event, held at his shared Fred Segal’s Melrose location.

Ron Robinson Summer Design Series | itsaLisa.com

Fred Segal’s shop is simply fabulous,

both on the outside and the inside. From their famous vine-clad exterior walls that line the front to around back where you find Mauro’s italian cafe with punchy chairs and a buzzworthy crowd. (No Kanye this time). Then you step inside through a maze of boutique collections merchandised by the just-as-fab crew. Ok maybe I’m being overzealous, I just moved to LA and haven’t hung out in this “LA scene” much, or maybe it’s because my coworkers are all straight… Either way, can’t you tell I need this atmosphere of eccentricity back in my life?

fred segal | as told by itsaLisa.com

The event offered free vegetable juice, and free vegetable crackers dipped in a vegetable sauce, oh, and free veggie pizza! Mmmm. Disclaimer: the crust definitely tasted like cardstock, so I can confirm the menu was Gluten Free. *clink* Bottoms up!

watermelon tomato juice at fred segal | Cheers @ itsaLisa.com

So while balancing all things vegetable, and iPhone, in my 2 hands, I managed to snag some photos of the merch and the friendly designers who were sporting their goods. (AND I didn’t get tomato on anything.)

live the process and body by simone at fred segal | itsaLisa.comlive the process at fred segal | itsaLisa.com

Designers and friends, Robyn Berkley of Live the Process (@livetheprocess) and Simone de la Rue of Body by Simone (@bodybysimone),

sport their own chic activewear lines while representing how a healthy lifestyle can still mean a luxurious one. Want the secrets to Simone’s own rockin’ bod? Get started here.

Also, I am in love with this Live The Process Hooded Cape.  live the process hooded cape | more on itsaLisa.com Anybody want to help a poor girl out?

Nesh NYC at Fred Segal | itsaLisa.com

Next up we have Bree Chambers of Nesh NYC (@neshnyc) and friend Nicole Sciacca of Hustle & Flow Fitness (@hustleflowfit).

Nesh NYC was definitely my favorite line of the night. Chambers flawlessly forms monochrome tones into sleek sporty shapes that perfectly hug and drape the body in an effortlessly chic way. Perfect for yogis going straight from asante-sana-squash-banana to nya-seven-ya. Or you know, for me, the girl who walks to work and lives in DTLA. Also, this is a thing: #NESHING. #loveit

Here’s one of me eyeing that silvery silver leotard. But I mean, just look at my own outfit… I belong in these clothes, no?

lifestyle blogger Lisa Loperfido eyes the Nesh NYC sporty chic apparel at Fred Segal Melrose | itsaLisa.com

We, the designers and I, discussed the difference of East Coast and West Coast style. Out here activewear is part of our wardrobe staples. What I am wearing is perfectly acceptable for work garb, granted I might need to throw on a chic blazer for a board meeting. While this is the norm for us socal-locals, those glammed out New Yorkers are just starting to adopt our laid-back trend way of life. Here’s a little hint upper-east-siders: well-cut leggings + effortlessly draped silhouettes + simple accessories = YES PUHLEASE. You can thank me later.

To cap off the event,

here’s a photo of Lauren and I being typical girls Social Media Girls. (Aka an excuse to be on your phone during events.) #sorryboutit. As captain of my own fashion blog, I do have a legit excuse ;).  And Lauren Machernis (@LaurenMarlene) PRs for Ron Robinson (@RonRobinson) and promptly posted on his SMs throughout the affair – which you should totally check out! Read more from her side of the event here on Ron Robinson’s blog: stylObjects.com.

social media girls | itsaLisa.com

Thanks for Reading! There are even more fashion events coming soon – so stay tuned. ❤ You know you love me. XOXO LL 😉 …Now who wants to go play soccer?

SOCCER IS FASHION | itsaLisa.com

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The PSL just got BETTER! Here’s Why

By Lisa Loperfido November 4, 2013. Reblogged from SparkleandFuzz.com, view the original post here.

PSL Fall Outfit

Pumpkin Spice Lattes embody the season of autumn in a cup. We eagerly await them all year and finally, in the fall, we get to enjoy their frothy spicy goodness! To celebrate the deliciousness of this popular autumnal drink and the joy it brings, I have come up with an outfit inspired by this beautiful season and the trending “PSL” (an acronym made famous by Starbucks). Now presenting: the most comfortable thing you will wear all season: the Plaid Shirt, Scarf & Leggings outfit, aka The PSL. This effortlessly casual and cool look is easy to achieve and is just as addicting as the Pumpkin Spice Latte that inspired it.

plaid shirt provides a perfect dose of autumn to this outfit. Pop on a warm plaid shirt, or perhaps your man’s flannel for an extra comfy fit. Whatever style you choose to wear, be sure your plaid is long enough to cover your rear when you stand up and always choose the softest fabrics you can find to achieve maximum coziness.

The scarf will add flavor, just like the “spice” in a PSL! Try something sparkly and glam, or maybe a chunky knit. A scarf makes a statement, so pick something that goes with your current mood. You can choose from a variety of fall scarves on Scarves.com.

Leggings bring that extra layer of comfort; wear a nice thick pair. You will never go wrong with a basic black style, but now that leggings are available in so many different styles and materials you could rock a faux leather, or perhaps ones with paneling detail.

To complete this ensemble, just add a cute pair of shoes and do up your hair. This casual look can be dressed up or down based on your shoe of choice. A pair of boots will do perfectly for leaf-stomping and farmers-market-meandering. For hair, a large bun worn on the top of the head is a simple way to appear both relaxed and put together. You can also wear your hair down in soft waves for an effortless windswept look. When all else fails, loosely braid your hair to the side and let it fall over your shoulder. Bonus Hair Tip: You can quickly take these hairstyles from day to night. The bun and the braid will give your hair that soft wave look just by wearing them all day and then taking them out and gently tousling.

For more inspiration, check out Starbucks’ website: PSL.Starbucks.com. They’ve sparked a revolution! They’re the ones that coined “PSL,” and I think there’s a deeper reason why the acronym (and the drink it represents) has become so popular. You see, P.S.L. resonates so much with people because it has come to represent the entire spirit of autumn. It represents the changing of seasons, knowing the holidays are coming, the anticipation for cold months in bundled clothes, family gatherings, festivities with friends, and, yes, most importantly, the endless orders of the PSL drink. Now that you are wearing your very own PSL outfit, you’re in the perfect gear to enjoy all that fall has to offer. Now go grab yourself a delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte and enjoy!

This content was originally posted on Sparkle & Fuzz, a Damsel’s guide to Life, Lust, Love, and Fashion where I am a part-time writer. If you like what you see be sure to leave comments and share it with your friends!

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My Fall Fashion Update

It is finally fall! I really am dying to wear scarves and boots and tights… but here in California it’s still a scorching 80 degrees outside. My office is air-conditioned, but I can’t bare the idea of tights in that kind of heat. So here you see outfits that express the slow transition between summer and fall.

My fashion includes neutral elements combined with classic closet staples, stripes, and lots of black white and gray with a few color pops. I like being consistent and I do not like looking girly. I prefer wearing basic elements and adding color and character through an accessory, which is often something as basic as lipstick. I also ride a scooter and must be mindful of what I can wear while I ride. My leather jacket is a perfect fit, and my skirts are tight so they will not blow in the wind and cause drag.

Here is a small gallery of some outfits I have worn. Photos taken by me with an iPhone 4, posed in front of a large mirror in my room. If only I had a better camera and someone to help me take nicer photos… Sigh, this will do for now.

Color Pops!

summer style in blackpink popblack and yellowblack and yellow

Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow.

black and yellowblack and ellowblack and yellowblack and yellow

Black with brown shoes.

stripes and leather with leopard shoesblack romperyellow white and blackneutral colors

Black and white, add stripes, add texture.

black and whitestripes and black leather fashionstripes and black outfitinfinity scarf as a pop of color


wool floppy hatpixie hairpixie and headband

Here you see a hat, an ear cuff, and a headband… The headband is my signature piece, I love headbands because they give character to my rather plain ensembles.

Once again, I apologize these aren’t better quality, the dream is in the making. You can help me achieve my dream of high quality photo shoots to share with my followers by subscribing to this blog, leaving comments below, and connecting with me… 😉 

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Tattoo ideas inspired by Charley Harper

It is time I cover myself in ink, don’t you think?

After many years of thinking about it, I’m finally taking a step further and have started to draw up some plans. I did some online research, sought out photos, and performed some work on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop helped me create the looks you see below.


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The Best of the VMAs | Shailene Woodley in Emilio Pucci

The 2013 VMAs will forever be remembered as the Miley Cyrus spectacle. When will that girl grow up? I am rooting for her! She is still very young you know…


MTV is a dirty place, I am a little perplexed why everyone is so offended… I know it’s an awards show… but look at MTV! All of their shows are the antithesis of classy, not sure why people thought the VMAs would be any different.

The VMAs were also a brief reminder of why movie stars are movie stars and singers are singers. Because they are good at what they do.  The only talented award-presenters during the VMAs were our stars JGL and Jimmy Fallon, because that is what they do! Act! Speak to a viewers! The singers on the other hand found themselves tongue-tied and painful to watch. Because they are not paid to be eloquent, their talent comes from making the music and lyrics. At least that’s my reasoning, but what do I know, I can’t act or sing…

Other than raving on about how cute Justin Timberlake is and how much I love Katy Perry and am so proud of that California girl for taking over the world. I want to mention Shailene Woodley, that gorgeous young actress wearing the Emilio Pucci Crop Top and Fringed Skirt combo (Emilio Pucci Resort 2014). You might recognize Shailene from the Secret Life of an American Teenager, but now she stars in a Hunger-Games-esque movie, Divergent, coming out March 2014.  


I love that hemline, the inverted V. I have now scoured the internet searching for a name of that hemline, but the best I could find was “mini skirt.” So keep in mind that while it is a miniskirt… I am going to give it my own name, “The Inverted Triangle” …or “The Classy Loin Cloth,” if you will.

She looked so hot and has inspired me to sew my own version. In black of course. Let the sewing projects begin!


photosource: vogue.com

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