A Trip to the Zoo (and a Brief Life Update)

Gotta love San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park. I have been visiting this marvelous place since I was a little girl, and over the weekend I went with my family to celebrate my Mother’s Birthday, Easter, and to spend some quality time together before my parents moved away. My brother and I walked around the park nostalgically noticing all the playful details scattered about for kids to play in. A fox den crawl space (how did we ever fit in there?) A giant brass log (and how did we manage to never bang our heads?).

I have fond memories of my childhood, and while that is now a thing of the past, I’m happy to be moving on, and am so excited for my future. For those of you who don’t know, I just moved out on my own and I just landed an amazing job (more on that later). So as of this same weekend, I am 100% supporting myself financially, it is rather liberating in an awesomely terrifying way. I’m ecstatic, really. I also hope the best for the parents, as they continue their retirement journey into Arizona along with all our little critters.

As we move forward, I plan to focus on the new, not the old… (Isaiah 43:18-19). But most importantly in this, I know I am not alone and will never be alone, because a Greater Power is out there watching over me. I owe it all to that which I can’t even fathom. What I do know is to honor those who gave me life, always express love and kindness, and never take anything for granted.

San Diego Safari Park Hot Air Balloon | itsaLisa.comGiraffes in the wild | itsaLisa.com flamingos in the wild | itsaLisa.com

San Diego Safari Park Animal Banners in the entryway | itsaLisa.com

XOXO @itsa_Lisa

(family at the zoo)

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AMAZING Footage of Dolphins and Their Babies in The Wild

Some of you might be familiar with that whale watching video (found here) which went viral last week. It was filmed by the very same group that took me on my own spectacular whale watching adventure in Dana Point, Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari: DolphinSafari.com.

They took us on an exhilarating tour along Orange County’s coastline. First we followed a gray whale on its lonely migration north, then we found this pod of stampeding dolphins. It was too cool for words, so I made a short video instead. Can you spot the babies swimming with their mamas?

Help save the whales with Captain Dave through their charity organization: TheCareTakers.org.

Dolphins in the Wild | itsaLisa.comDolphins in the Wild | itsaLisa.comDolphins in the Wild | itsaLisa.comCaptain Dave's Dolphin Safari | itsaLisa.com

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Local Waves Make Crashing Headlines

The Waves of Huntington Beach

photos taken 1/24/14 – iPhone5s – processed with vscocam.

The swells have been rather impressive lately. “Totally tubular” as us colloquial-locals might say. Watch the live surf cam here on surfline!

Reporters at abc claimed “beaches are seeing extremely high surf Friday, and many are taking advantage of epic swells.” dude, EPIC. These particular waves are the result of an Alaskan storm headed south. In Huntington they reached 10 feet, and in Seal Beach they were even more extreme. As OC Register puts it, these are “long-interval waves, forming about 1,200 miles away near Hawaii.”

An awesome side effect of these swells ((aside from high-level risk and the reward of exhilaration)) was a charity event that Seal Beach held: “Morgan’s Wave of the Day Invitational” Pro surfers only, winner receives $2000, $250 reserved for best wipeout. Please enjoy this nail-biting video…

Holy Shit. I am thankful I live in an awesome place with famous surf, but I’m also thankful I do not surf. Why not? I don’t know, something about the cold, wet, and unpredictable oceanic abyss makes me nervous… what do you think?

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Our Last Christmas | #PhotoSpread | 12/25/2013

hashtag christmas | itsaLisa.com#Christmas

christmas lens flare | itsaLisa.com#LensFlare

christmas in california | itsaLisa.com#California

christmas romance on the piano | itsaLisa.com#Parents

Sahzi the happy Belgian Tervuren on Christmas Day | itsaLisa.com#HappyDog

the living room on xmas day | itsaLisa.com#MerryChristmasYaFilthyAnimal

Christmas gifts for men | itsaLisa.com#GiftsForMen

She always wanted a Kachina Doll | itsaLisa.com#aDollyforSue

Anne Klein watch love | itsaLisa.com#Bling

Christmas Dinner wine. Gonna need more than that | itsaLisa.com#RedRedWine

pinky out | itsaLisa.com#Cheers

Sahzi Dog in a Christmas Bow| itsaLisa.com#MerryChristmas from the Loperfidos, and Sahzi.

It was a very peaceful day of giving, feasting, and friendship. Poor Sahzi was exhausted by the end of it. This was our last Christmas in the giant house of Huntington Beach. My parents are selling and I am still in search of a real home and a real job. We all have exciting and changing futures ahead, and I have no idea where we will each be next year… but you know I’ll keep in touch. 😉

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The Motorscooter Diaries | The Pumpkin Scooter

Motorscooter Diaries | The Melodramatic Life of a 2 Wheeler

The Pumpkin Scooter

I wanted to scoot to work, but it was raining. So I thought I could take the bus, and maybe a coworker would help me home. So I was walking to the bus stop, but the rain was clearing. So I turned around and walked back. I wanted to use this extra hour of time to go grocery shopping. After I got my groceries it was raining again. Great.

I scooted to work in the rain. It didn’t bother me. My face mask was covered in rain drops but I saw right through them. I wiped away the rain with my leather glove at stop lights. I made it, alive.

After a long 9 day work week I was excited to party with my friends that night. We were celebrating a birthday in Long Beach. I got off at 9:30 and scooted home.  But my scooter never made it home. All this extra driving for work ran my gas tank empty. I was dumb and forgot to pay attention to the numbers. (My gas gauge is broken so I watch the odometer). It stopped running about 1.5 miles from my house. Some could say this was my Cinderella story, this was the clock striking midnight, this was my scooter turning into a pumpkin, and this was my magical evening ceasing to a halt. I ditched the pumpkin scooter and walked home. I had no one to call for help, they were all in Long Beach. I made soup and fell asleep watching SNL with my dog.

A moral lesson, as told by Board Games.

I took a chance, and I’m glad I did. I now know to watch my odometer more carefully. I also know scooting in the rain is possible, but don’t worry folks I will still be careful.

This has been, The Motorscooter Diaries | The Melodramatic Life of a 2 Wheeler.

*Update, a friend helped me get my scooter the next day. It was just the gas. And now I owe my own 1 gallon gas canister, cool. Glad that’s over. Thank you Amy!*

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