Best of Dwell on Design 2013 Day 1

Dwell sign

As mentioned in my previous post, I spent my weekend at Dwell on Design! A venue for me to do my favorite things: Talk to strangers and talk about design.  Above you see my lonesome self posing like a dork.  More importantly, please notice the free tote bag dangling from my arm and overflowing with free things!

What is Dwell on Design? Here, I copy/pasted this from their site for you:  “Dwell on Design, America’s largest modern design event, returns to the Los Angeles Convention Center June 21-23, 2013. Curated by the editors of Dwell magazine, the three-day celebration brings together the best and brightest products, services, and thought leaders in modern design today for a series of conversations,demonstrations, tours, and more. ” –

Enough with the introductions,  I will now share personal highlights from the first day with you.  Friday June 21, 2013.
As soon as I stepped through the door inspiration filled me, The first exhibit that caught my eye was a fireplace, as you can see from my first tweet of the day.
Some people might argue that modern homes are “too cold” if this is an issue, you obviously do not have a Spark Modern Fire.  Built directly into a wall, these fireplaces serve a dual function of looking awesome and warming your home.
Speaking of warming…  The women working the Spark exhibit pointed at a bench across the way and casually demanded I sit in it.   Obediently, I soon discovered the Helios Lounge, by Galanter & Jones, has a surprise inside.
Helios Lounge Dwell on Design 2013
Heat!  The bench instantly warms you, all of  you. Like that relaxing feeling of sitting in a jacuzzi -but without ruining your hair and makeup!  Or that satisfying sip of hot cocoa -but without burning your tongue! Or that intimate touch of a warm message after a long day -but you don’t have to unrobe and pay lots of money!
I could go on, but you get the point. The chair is warm, and it warms you in the most comforting way.  Do not be mislead by its appearance of an old bathtub, it does come in other colors. The comfort factor is also a given, you could ask why there are no seat cushions, but then again you would never ask why a Jacuzzis does not have seat cushions.  If you are still not sold, remember Holly Go Lightly had a bathtub sofa and she is more fabulous than any of us combined.
Holly Golightly Bathtub Sofa
My next stop was at the fountain of faucets, by BRIZO.
Brizon Dwell on Design 2013 Chandelier
This exhibit drew me in with their magnificent chandelier, but I lingered because I was so impressed with the new Touch Clean Technology.  You might recognize this TV commercial by Delta Faucets, a sister company to Brizo.
The touch technology truly works, making cooking for the fab at heart all the more sensational.  Speaking of fab, is this booth not screaming it? Bravo Brizo, if I were an exhibit judge (which there should have been) you would have placed.
Brizo Dwell on Design 2013
The last part of my day consisted of several seminars for designers of all trades and places in life.  I chose to sit through the Business of Design, where guest speakers like the talented interior designer Kerrie Kelly  discussed how new technology has led to changes in the industry.
Kerrie’s 30 minute seminar was very amusing.  I loved it because I’m on board with this new technology. However, many of the designers who are not as familiar with these changes seemed uneasy and nervous.  It is true, social media platforms can be time-consuming and very intimidating!  The common question being “who has time to update all of these platforms all of the time AND get their own business done!”
Social Networking Pillows
I will spell out a few helpful points for you now (for more tips look forward to How to Keep Up To Date Online, coming soon)
Quick Tips for sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, …
  • It is better to NOT have an account than an account that is NOT up to date
  • Start with 1 or 2 accounts, add more when you are ready
  • A post only takes a few seconds once you learn how
  • Post throughout the day, as you work.  A 2 minute posting-break every hour or so is worth the trouble
  • Your audience loves to hear from you behind the scenes.  This is why they choose to follow you!
  • The wider your audience – the more exposure you have – the more business you will get.
Kerrie Kelly mentioned a few of the pointers listed above, she also reminded us that another great way to grow business is to promote each other virtually!  I have hyper-linked to the companies mentioned above for your convenience, and because I admired their work and want them to benefit from my interest.  Links and mentions are a free form of advertising.  Just like “retweeting” on Twitter, “sharing” on Facebook, or “repinning” on Pinterest.  All of these actions help you express your thoughts, as well as promote the thoughts of the original source. Sharing is caring.
La Skyline
This concludes Day 1 for me, you probably have no interest in my amazing 3 course dinner at the ROCK’n Fish Restaurant consisting of jambalaya, creme brûlée, and Raspberry Martinis with friends I ran into from the Oregon ASID Chapter… or how my car died while I was driving into LA the day before and I never made it to a special private gathering but instead my best friend who lives in Westwood saved me and we spent the evening in Little Tokyo exploring a miniature clay village brought to you by Urs Fischer at the MOCA. Or How I drove my Mother’s car back into Compton to sell my recent-piece of junk for $300. No, I don’t want to trouble you with these inconveniences that speckle my life. But I will add that without downs we couldn’t have ups.  I’ve been through a lot of misfortunate events this past year, but I remind myself that these mishaps are only temporarily slowing me down.  In the grand scheme of things I am thankful for my health, supporting friends and family, and the ability to see light at the end of tunnels.  I wouldn’t have traded this weekend for anything else, although having a car would be nice…. But that is why I aim to stay positive, the little things will solve themselves.
If you would prefer play-by-plays of my chaotic life (built in with blasts of inspiration), I recommend you follow me on Twitter @itsa_Lisa. I guarantee not to bore.

Designspiration! How to show character in your space for FREE

Screen shot 2013-06-10 at 1.27.30 PM

This is Slotholomew.  I adopted him at the San Diego Zoo a few years ago and he has followed me around ever since.

Call me lame for having a stuffed toy sloth that I tote around, but don’t we all have that special novelty that makes us happy despite how ridiculous it might be?

Dig up that cherished toy and display it in plain sight for everyone to enjoy!  I paired mine with an old silver bowl that was hiding in storage.  Now they can both be admired! This also brings forth a fresh, FREE, and very simple conversation starter to your space, as well as a happy reminder to BE YOURSELF. Don’t hide who you are to appeal to others, any room in your home or workspace can afford personal flair, when performed subtly.  Flaunt your style in these small ways and make your space your own.

These elements are what take a space from ordinary to extraordinary.

Slotholomew is thankful for the special treatment, and I know my friends appreciate the notion as well.  They recognize that I take my interior design practice very seriously, but am also not afraid to have fun by personalizing a space with simple pleasures.

Other ideas include

  • Perching 1, 2, or 10 of your favorite beanie babies next to a favorite book on the bookshelf
  • Tie handkerchiefs together end to end and drape them over your headboard or use them as a window valance.
  • Toss your plentiful sunglass collection into a nice bowl on the end table
  • Perhaps you have tons of empty lipstick tubes? Shove them into an empty wine bottle and treat it like art on a dresser or shelf in your bedroom.

If you happen to be more manly you can always

  • Shove your old army men into an empty handle of Jack (à la the lipstick tubes)
  • Hang up that Superman cape on your towel rack in place of the hand towel you will never use.
  • Stick the light saber in the umbrella stand next to your umbrellas and oddly shaped walking sticks
  • Place the baseball your dad caught for you at your first big league game inside the same bowl you put all your change or keys in.  There is nothing wrong with some weathered leather sitting pretty on your fine dimes and drives. Anything is better than where it was before: collecting dust in the shoe box under your bed.

You see how simple this is?!  Breathe life into your space with these subtle touches that will make you smile and let your character shine through in style.

(( On the contrary, if you have an old something that you will never use again or do not wear and cannot think of a creative solution, trash it or give it away! Enough with the clutter! ))

Antiquing! What are we thinking?

mini gramaphone for 45rpm records

Mini gramophone.  Plays 45rpm records.  Its small size would make a great gift for your record collecting friend, or really for anyone who loves music.

You have just found buried treasure, X marks the spot, you have uncovered a beautiful gem that will become yours and no one else’s.  These are feelings experienced while antiquing, thrifting, vintage shopping. As Macklemore says “One man’s trash, that’s another man’s come-up.”  We love the thrill of the hunt and having something that no one else has.  That was the hipster mind set, but since hipster has become mainstream.  Now that mindset is blurred among the population as a whole.  Do I sound pretentious?  good.

The true “stylish” as I shall call them, now have to dig harder and deeper to find what will become completely their own.

we found a polaroid, I took a polaroid

Molly and the Polaroid.  As Macklemore might say, “we found a Polaroid, I took a Polaroid.”  My friend Molly loves photography, and when we came across an old Polaroid camera with a case and filters included, it was a very tempting buy.  Instead we just played around with it.  I used the warm filter it came with to take this Instagram… an artistic observation of Instagrams antique filters vs. the real deal.  This is not Kelvin, this is real life.

I went antiquing in the city of Orange the other day.   Talk about a walk down memory lane…

It was hard walking past a single row without nostalgically thinking “that looks like my grandmas” or excitedly proclaiming “we used to have that in our cupboard!”  …along with all the other antiquers beside me.  These memories are comfortable reminders that our ancestors lived in material worlds too.  Comforting, because we remember our generation isn’t the only greedy one.  Why do we care so much about material goods?  Because they’re pretty?  Because it’s cool?  Because it makes you feel better about yourself.  I’m just as guilty as anyone else.  I love my shit!  Humans love their shit!

Another great thing about antiquing is how we are re-purposing goods.  Our purchases do not add to the amount of products floating around in the world, instead they simply relocate possessions from one hand to another. We are recycling goods, which is another popular thing to do in this day and age, thank God.  I would much rather buy something old and used, instead of the many items out there that are made purposely to look vintage. (We should try our best to keep from adding to the material consumerism, or if you must, buy local and support your neighbors instead of the masses!)

Vintage Pink Sewing Machine

Vintage Pink Sewing Machine.  My ideal find would have been an industrial machine built into a desk, but this pretty in pink Sears machine is just wonderful.  A perfect gift for a lover of sewing, fashion, pink, or all of the above.  Not a perfect gift for someone who wouldn’t appreciate the fact that it only has a few stitching options.  Sorry ladies, you cannot program your own monogram into it, but I guarantee it still functions and will continue to function forever.

Below and to the right are some of my favorite findings. I couldn’t afford them (except that GORGEOUS dress shown at the bottom, so instead I just took pictures) please enjoy the antique filter used, taken on an iphone 4, I really need to start carrying around a camera.   There I go again… more materials please!

These were all found at the Antique stores in Orange, aka “Old Town Orange”, aka “The City of Orange”, aka “The Orange Circle.”  If you live in the Southern California area and love antiquing I highly recommend this strip.  You really can’t pass two shops without running into another antique store.  Even between these shops are quality restaurants and boutiques, also ideal for anyone who enjoys “that special and unique find.”

Eat at Haven Gastropub if you’re into delicious brews in a hip environment, or if you’re a non drinker Old Towne Grinder serves rare and obscure bottled soda.  Stop at Cafe Lucca when you need a break for superb italian gelato.

light up glove

light up globe.  I’ve seen these on pinterest and I love them.  I was surprised to come across this one.  I didn’t realize it was a thing back then.  I absolutely love it.  Great gift for a world traveler, or maybe someone who needs to “see the world through a new light” wink wink.

If you love antiquing, have been to The Circle, or know of any worthwhile locations to go antiquing, I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Vintage Lace Slip, #selfie

Vintage Lace Dress.  This beautiful dress was most likely a slip or nightgown from the 70s because I have never heard of anyone wearing anything this see through in public before 2010 when this fabulous see through trend began.  But what do I know?  I’m a 90’s kid.