Things to do when it’s summer, or almost summer, or whatever.

Endless Summer | Paddle Boarding Huntington Beach (

When you live in a place as beautiful as this, summer comes and goes… but not really. So what do you do during the “off-season?” Whatever you want, because it’s still a great day.

This weekend we went Stand Up Paddle Boarding, and where’s a good place to try it? Huntington Harbour of course, mainly because if you get lost, you can probably ask a neighbor passing by on a Duffy for help and they’ll pull you in. It’s not like I would know from experience, but the thought crossed my mind a lot while our paddle speed was less than or equal to the speed of the current….

So go make the most of the weather, grab some friends, put on whatever you won’t mind getting wet ( you know – just in case ) and get out there! In case you were curious, I took these photos with a waterproof camera ( The Nikon Coolpix AW100 – love it ) and NOT my phone, because that would have been real dumb.

So here’s to another great adventure by the weekenders! What did you do with your #SundayFunday?

XOXO @itsa_Lisa.

SUP HB | Stand Up Paddleboarding Huntington Beach Surf City USA (

turnt down.Turnt Down For What | Huntington Beach Surf City USA Life

SUP Huntington Beach | Stand Up Paddleboarding (

*am I saying it right??* #whitegirlproblems

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iPhone 5 Cases (aka) 5 Hot New Looks for Summer

Since summer is around the corner, let’s crank up the heat and find an iPhone 5 Case worth putting the sunscreen on for! (That’s #WhiteGirlProblems for “going outside”).

Pink Cocktail iPhone 5 Case (Victoria Secret) | New hot looks for summer that will keep your phone safe, on

Wake up your spirits with a Pink Drink iPhone 5 Case (found here on Victoria Secret)Because no one can say no to Drinking Pink Rabbits… You know what I mean? Here’s looking at you The National! #cheers 

Pineapple iPhone 5 Case with Sunglasses (PINK) | New hot looks for summer that will keep your phone safe, on

I’ve always wanted a Pineapple iPhone 5 Case. (Found here on Amazon). Nothing says summer more than a sweet juicy pineapple; especially when it’s wearing sunglasses.

Pineapple iPhone 5 Case (Asos) | New hot looks for summer that will keep your phone safe, on

While we’re in the market for pineapple, I also found this Silicone Pineapple iPhone 5 Case. (Found here on Asos). Their tropical vibe will always bring me back to my enchanting summer in Costa Rica. Pura Vida Baby!

Hello Sunshine iPhone 5 Case (Rifle Paper Co) | New hot looks for summer that will keep your phone safe, on ;)

A simple greeting can make or break a day, say Hello to the Sunshine and kiss the cold goodbye with this Gold Embellished iPhone 5 Case. (Found here on Rifle Paper Co).

Gold Glitter iPhone 5 Case (Etsy) | New hot looks for summer that will keep your phone safe, on

Or become one with the sun and sand with this Gold Glitter iPhone 5 Case (Found here on Etsy). It’s hand-made just for you, ya beach babe.

So now that you’re as stoked for summer as I am, which of these cases would YOU wear?…

…Walking around in our summertime clothes?…
…Nowhere to go when our bodies glow?…

And Queue music! *hit play* ((Summertime Clothes | Animal Collective))

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Make these Delicious Spring Rolls from Scratch

Make your own Spring Rolls, follow this simple recipe for a healthy snack|

My father and I were craving some fresh and healthy food, and since we are a fan of shrimp and Vietnamese cuisine, spring rolls were the obvious choice! I used this recipe on because it looked simple and easy, it was:

Shrimp Spring Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce Recipe

You can click the link above for details – I don’t want to plagiarise. However, I will share some secrets I learned while making them! Read this guide before you get started:

these are the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little spring rolls |

  • Buying ingredients at your local H-mart or asian market will save you money. I wish I’d known this secret years ago, but it’s true… groceries are cheaper at the foreign grocer! If your town has one, I highly recommend stopping in.

An Easy Way to Make Spring Rolls |

  • Only soak 2 rice papers at a time in a plate of water. Soak them as you go: when you take one out put a new one in. This will give you enough time to make a spring roll while the new rice paper softens.

spring roll filling, lettuce carrots, and bean noodle |

  • Here is a mistake we made… The directions insisted we combine all the vegetables with the cooked bean thread noodles. – First off, we probably should have “finely shredded” the veggies a little better, and by better I mean we should have actually done it. – Second, the noodles just didn’t combine with the veggies well. One was raw and dry, the other sticky and lumpy, so I don’t know why that’s a good idea? – Anyways,  keep them separate and just grab a small portion of both to place inside the roll. A “good portion” will fit between your thumb and two fingers, no more than that or the roll won’t close.

Use this techniqe when rolling your spring roll to make it prettier |

  • To make your spring roll look prettier, roll it like this:
    • First place the filling at the bottom of the wrap, give it one roll.
    • Then lay out the mint leaves, cilantro, and shrimp
    • Wrap the sides in and roll it all the way up.

The best sauce you will ever taste - Spicy Thai Peanut Sauce | easy recipe on

  • This is the best peanut sauce you will ever taste! (Photo is of the ingredients before they were mixed together.) We had to use chunky peanut butter because that’s all we had, so it looked kiiiiiindof lumpy. But the taste was AMAZING. Luckily I had leftovers and I ate it with everything until, sadly, I ran out.  So my tip to you would be to make extra Thai Peanut Sauce and put it on everything. Examples include: apples, celery, PIZZA (seriously, try it), chips, sweet potato fries, spring rolls (duh), …

Homemade Spring Rolls | easy healthy recipe on

  • Lastly, here’s a serving suggestion. Aren’t they pretty!?

My Dad and I had a good time making them, it was worth the effort. He doesn’t think so, but he thinks all cooking should take 10 minutes or less. That’s how fast it’s done at the restaurant right? (WRONG). Whatever Dad, thanks for your help, I guess. (He secretly loved it).

Good luck on your own folks, I hope this helped! Once again, here’s the recipe from the Food Network. Please leave your thoughts in the comments… do YOU think it was worth it?

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