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Guys, not sure if I’ve mentioned it enough times yet, but I am a blogger over at DiyReady.comWhat’s that!? Yes, DIYREADY.COMWell for the fourth I was inspired to DIY my own little getup. So I begged my bosses to let me my bosses begged me to craft this little post for our loyal readers. CLICK IT:

make your own 4th of July Hat with @itsa_Lisa of |

When it comes to dressing up for the holidays I like to keep it low key: thematic, but not over the top. So I opted for 2 classic American looks, and topped them with a sun-hat covered in an American Flag Scarf to pull the look together

Look 1: (above) I am wearing a LBD with a fancy ruffled slip. My “southern” or “at the races” look, if you will. (Now where’s my Mint Julep, Y’ALL!?)

Look 2: (below) A plain white tank, denim cutoffs, bikini top, and artfully placed aviators. My “west coast” look. Cowabunga.


make your own 4th of July Hat with @itsa_Lisa of

And WHERE oh WHERE did I get this FABULOUS AMERICAN FLAG SCARF!?!?, that’s where!


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Fabulous Fashion that does not compromise Form and Function – The Summer Design Series Event

An event featuring women, design, fashion, AND a healthy lifestyle? Don’t mind if I do!

Tuesday night I had the honor of attending Ron Robinson and Summer Design Series event, held at his shared Fred Segal’s Melrose location.

Ron Robinson Summer Design Series |

Fred Segal’s shop is simply fabulous,

both on the outside and the inside. From their famous vine-clad exterior walls that line the front to around back where you find Mauro’s italian cafe with punchy chairs and a buzzworthy crowd. (No Kanye this time). Then you step inside through a maze of boutique collections merchandised by the just-as-fab crew. Ok maybe I’m being overzealous, I just moved to LA and haven’t hung out in this “LA scene” much, or maybe it’s because my coworkers are all straight… Either way, can’t you tell I need this atmosphere of eccentricity back in my life?

fred segal | as told by

The event offered free vegetable juice, and free vegetable crackers dipped in a vegetable sauce, oh, and free veggie pizza! Mmmm. Disclaimer: the crust definitely tasted like cardstock, so I can confirm the menu was Gluten Free. *clink* Bottoms up!

watermelon tomato juice at fred segal | Cheers @

So while balancing all things vegetable, and iPhone, in my 2 hands, I managed to snag some photos of the merch and the friendly designers who were sporting their goods. (AND I didn’t get tomato on anything.)

live the process and body by simone at fred segal | itsaLisa.comlive the process at fred segal |

Designers and friends, Robyn Berkley of Live the Process (@livetheprocess) and Simone de la Rue of Body by Simone (@bodybysimone),

sport their own chic activewear lines while representing how a healthy lifestyle can still mean a luxurious one. Want the secrets to Simone’s own rockin’ bod? Get started here.

Also, I am in love with this Live The Process Hooded Cape.  live the process hooded cape | more on Anybody want to help a poor girl out?

Nesh NYC at Fred Segal |

Next up we have Bree Chambers of Nesh NYC (@neshnyc) and friend Nicole Sciacca of Hustle & Flow Fitness (@hustleflowfit).

Nesh NYC was definitely my favorite line of the night. Chambers flawlessly forms monochrome tones into sleek sporty shapes that perfectly hug and drape the body in an effortlessly chic way. Perfect for yogis going straight from asante-sana-squash-banana to nya-seven-ya. Or you know, for me, the girl who walks to work and lives in DTLA. Also, this is a thing: #NESHING. #loveit

Here’s one of me eyeing that silvery silver leotard. But I mean, just look at my own outfit… I belong in these clothes, no?

lifestyle blogger Lisa Loperfido eyes the Nesh NYC sporty chic apparel at Fred Segal Melrose |

We, the designers and I, discussed the difference of East Coast and West Coast style. Out here activewear is part of our wardrobe staples. What I am wearing is perfectly acceptable for work garb, granted I might need to throw on a chic blazer for a board meeting. While this is the norm for us socal-locals, those glammed out New Yorkers are just starting to adopt our laid-back trend way of life. Here’s a little hint upper-east-siders: well-cut leggings + effortlessly draped silhouettes + simple accessories = YES PUHLEASE. You can thank me later.

To cap off the event,

here’s a photo of Lauren and I being typical girls Social Media Girls. (Aka an excuse to be on your phone during events.) #sorryboutit. As captain of my own fashion blog, I do have a legit excuse ;).  And Lauren Machernis (@LaurenMarlene) PRs for Ron Robinson (@RonRobinson) and promptly posted on his SMs throughout the affair – which you should totally check out! Read more from her side of the event here on Ron Robinson’s blog:

social media girls |

Thanks for Reading! There are even more fashion events coming soon – so stay tuned. ❤ You know you love me. XOXO LL 😉 …Now who wants to go play soccer?


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How to Make Your Birkenstock Sandals POP!

sky blue sandals for summer! #DIY

I painted my Birkenstocks sky blue for summer. 🙂 Why did I do this?

Because originally they were taupe nubuck which reminded me too much of human skin, and I didn’t really want to wear flesh on flesh. ((They didn’t look awful, but I just wasn’t having it.)) And being the savvy thrift shopper that I am, I literally found these shoes for $2 at a shop in Oregon (thank you Newberg Friends), so if something went wrong while painting them, I had nothing to lose (yet so much to gain!)

How to Make Your Shoes Pop! Tutorial:

All you need is these 3 essentials:

  • 1 giant blob of happy colored paint
  • 1 pair of boring old shoes (find them at a THRIFT store (Helloooo Salvation Army, Goodwill, or your local thrift)!
  • 1 ordinary paint brush

Now sing along with me while I color my world with the chaos of trouble ♫♪

sky blue sandals for summer! #DIY

One, Two, Paint the shoe.

sky blue sandals for summer! #DIY

Three, Four, Paint some more. 

sky blue sandals for summer! #DIY

Five, Six, Clean up shit.

sky blue sandals for summer! #DIY

Seven, Eight, They look great! 

sky blue sandals for summer! #DIY

Now you’ve got fancy fresh feet to just in time for summer! Let me know how your own pair turned out in the comments below. 😉 You know you want to.

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iPhone 5 Cases (aka) 5 Hot New Looks for Summer

Since summer is around the corner, let’s crank up the heat and find an iPhone 5 Case worth putting the sunscreen on for! (That’s #WhiteGirlProblems for “going outside”).

Pink Cocktail iPhone 5 Case (Victoria Secret) | New hot looks for summer that will keep your phone safe, on

Wake up your spirits with a Pink Drink iPhone 5 Case (found here on Victoria Secret)Because no one can say no to Drinking Pink Rabbits… You know what I mean? Here’s looking at you The National! #cheers 

Pineapple iPhone 5 Case with Sunglasses (PINK) | New hot looks for summer that will keep your phone safe, on

I’ve always wanted a Pineapple iPhone 5 Case. (Found here on Amazon). Nothing says summer more than a sweet juicy pineapple; especially when it’s wearing sunglasses.

Pineapple iPhone 5 Case (Asos) | New hot looks for summer that will keep your phone safe, on

While we’re in the market for pineapple, I also found this Silicone Pineapple iPhone 5 Case. (Found here on Asos). Their tropical vibe will always bring me back to my enchanting summer in Costa Rica. Pura Vida Baby!

Hello Sunshine iPhone 5 Case (Rifle Paper Co) | New hot looks for summer that will keep your phone safe, on ;)

A simple greeting can make or break a day, say Hello to the Sunshine and kiss the cold goodbye with this Gold Embellished iPhone 5 Case. (Found here on Rifle Paper Co).

Gold Glitter iPhone 5 Case (Etsy) | New hot looks for summer that will keep your phone safe, on

Or become one with the sun and sand with this Gold Glitter iPhone 5 Case (Found here on Etsy). It’s hand-made just for you, ya beach babe.

So now that you’re as stoked for summer as I am, which of these cases would YOU wear?…

…Walking around in our summertime clothes?…
…Nowhere to go when our bodies glow?…

And Queue music! *hit play* ((Summertime Clothes | Animal Collective))

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Why I’m Obsessed with the Green Dress from Atonement

The Green Dress |

Atonement was a beautiful movie. Set in England during WWI, this movie follows a romance torn apart by the misjudgments of a jealous younger sister, who narrates the tale and walks us through her life-long quest for atonement. This Oscar-nominated sensation is best remembered by the amazing soundtrack (which took home the Oscar! listen here) and also for its gorgeous costumes, my personal favorite: THE GREEN DRESS.

Oh, that Green Dress…

Worn by England’s sweetheart, Keira Knightley, who must be a costume designer’s dream to dress for a film; her svelte figure in grand dresses never disappoints. In this case the Costume Designer, Jacqueline Durran, was no stranger to Knightley. They had worked together before in Pride & Prejudice, and later in Anna Karenina where Durran finally earned her own Oscar for best costume. Bravo!

Keira Knightley's Green Dress from Atonement

In an excellent article from my new favorite costume design blog, Damn That’s Some Fine Tailoring (read it here), I was reminded of the significance of this dress. This lavish garment is what led to the pivotal moment of the entire film; the scene that would change the lovers’ lives forever. The dress is brilliant in color, form fitting, bias cut, and exposes the back… This beauty was described in Ian McEwan’s novel as “her latest and best piece.”

The use of emerald helped Cecila, Knightly’s character, pop amongst the extravagant but dimly lit furnishings of the old mansion, and *spoiler alert* it also bewitched Robbie into making love with her. Ok he was already in love with her, but this dress was the boiling point, their love was a rapidly unfolding secret. So when the little sister, Briony, wandered into the wrong place at the wrong time she too discovered this secret and unknowingly accused Robbie of a licentious crime. This accusation, though false, propelled him far away to the battlefield, which ensured the lovers would never meet again. Now you understand why little Briony was in need of atonement. Lesson learned: think twice before accusing others of things you do not understand.

Green Dress, Formal Evening Gown by

Not all of us are lucky enough to have our own costume designer to set the scene during significant moments of our lives, but we do have the internet! After some searching I was able to find a similar evening gown with an affordable price point, and this Green Dress by Victoria’s Dresses (found here) is almost a perfect match. Wear it with pride and see what excitement of your own affairs will unfold. Ladies, if you are looking for any formal dress to steal the show this is the place to shop, also check out their prom dresses for the teens and weddings dresses for the affianced. …If anything, I know where I’ll be shopping once my own efforts to sew this green dress fail. 😉

*this is a sponsored post // all opinions are my own //  XOXO *

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Indiana Jones Inspired Fashion

Some call it tomboy chic. I prefer Indiana Jones chic. What would Indiana Jones wear? A big hat, scruffy scarves – maybe a hanky, leather, a basic shirt, killer boots. As the world’s greatest action adventure hero, the man chose those clothes for a reason; and so should you! Add your own flair to his classic look and make it your own! At least that’s how I’ve been feeling fashion-wise lately.

Below you’ll see some IJ inspired looks, with their own touch of femme fatale. 

wear anything Madewell

caroline de maigret for Madewell

add a hat

tomboy chic -

a touch of leopard, a touch of plaid

black with classic accessories |

make it sporty

tomboy chic |

Saint Laurent Runway

some closets just make sense.

photos sourced from my Pinterest board “Fashion Please”

Want more daily fashion inspiration?

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New York Ready!

NY Weekend Clothes

This lonely California girl is about to take her first bite out of the Big Apple! I’m visiting my best friend who’s on a “make it in New York” mission, and my father who’s “bringing home the bacon” from 3000 miles away. They both just moved there this summer and now that it’s the most beautiful time of year I figure it’s my time to pounce!

…Autumn in New York, how romantic. But what’s a girl born and raised in southern California supposed to pack? (I did live in Portland for 4 years so I’m not too worried) but I do have a goal:

How to pack for a week in New York with just a carry-on?

Have a go to outfit, use accessories to differentiate, rock the shit out of it.

  • 1 black jeans
  • 1 black leggings
  • 1 black boots
  • 1 black hat
  • 1 black cashmere sweater
  • 1 black leather jacket
  • 5 neutral shirts
  • 3 different scarves
  • 4 tubes of lipstick

You can’t go wrong with all black, especially in New York. I’ve got my lipstick for the color pop and my scarves so I have some diversity. I like my outfit staples, and there is seriously nothing more comfortable than jeans and a T-shirt with a good pair of boots.

So here I go! I’m currently waiting at LGB Long Beach Airport (best airport ever). Can’t wait to touch down and see the other side! I’ll keep you posted.

**Update** I was so sad to leave, but am happy to tell you I made it back safely and have now prepared the following log of my East Coast Travels to share with you:

Day 0 – New York Ready!  (now viewing!)
Day 1 – Brooklyn Bound
Day 2 – New York Pretty
Day 3 – Lady Liberty
Day 4 – Philly Cheese State
Day 5 –  New York Time Spare
Day 6 – Autumn in New York
Fun Facts – 5 Practical Things to Know About Visiting New York and 1 Video!

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