Help, I Have Strep Throat! | Strep Throat Symptoms and The 24 Hour Cure

I found the 24 Hour Strep Throat Cure!!!

The FIRST THING is to recognize signs of strep throat early. Seriously!! You must notice the symptoms of strep throat before they wipe you out.

But how can you tell if you have strep throat symptoms? These details and strep throat pictures may help…

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How to make a Peter Pan Costume | DIY Video

I did it! I made my own costume! (oh wait, I always make my own costume)… but now you can too! Don’t let my awesome sewing and explaining skills deceive you, this really is an easy pattern for Peter Pan’s cap, tunic, and a few minor accessories. 

If you do not have time to watch my five minute one second video just follow along with the instructions below. Even if you don’t watch it, you should pretend to & maybe even leave a comment. Youtube comments are the best, right?

IF you do not have time to MAKE this costume – go buy it instead!!! Click HERE to shop similar styles on ETSY. Editors Note (9/2016) – I used to sell these myself, but I had to take the link down. I’ve found that I just don’t have time any more… HUGE thanks to all my past customers!!!! I enjoyed making and selling over 300 hats to all the Peter Pans out there! *hugs*

Peter Pan

Let’s begin, but first a story…

I knew this Halloween had to be different. Yes, this Halloween was the Halloween of Lisa’s fresh pixie hair cut, and probably the only said Halloween because Lisa is growing out said hair. Therefore I (she?) need to rock this ‘do while I can! So the questions were asked: “What type of costume has short hair?” I was just Harry Potter last year so we had to cross that off the list, and Emma Watson isn’t technically a costume, besides Hermione has long hair. We thought of Twiggy and Audrey, Tegan and Sara, even Karen O, but I kindof wanted to be something more recognizable to the bar crowd (where we will be going on all Hallows eve). Now allow me to share how I crafted this delightful Disney costume.

Disney Flashback! Check out itsaLisa and her brothers’ old Mickey, Minnie, and Donald costumes here

How to Make Peter Pan’s Hat

peter pan hatPeter Pan Hat pattern

You will need

  1. 1/2 yard of green felt
  2. red feather
  3. fabric scissors
  4. sewing machine (or by hand with a needle and thread)

The supplies should cost under $5 and this project will take under 20 minutes. 

>>Don’t want to make it?!?! Buy one on Amazon!<<

I did some research and this one looks the closest to my design! (and it’s under $10!)

How To Make A Peter Pan Hat Step By Step Instructions:

Lay your fabric out flat and fold 12 inches of it back over itself to create a fold on one edge. Now either print out a to-scale version of the stencil above or just eyeball it. This is the part where eye-balling skills come in handy, or maybe this is why I told you to buy so much extra fabric! Disclaimer: I’ve made 5 hats today, I only need one but I was getting the measurements right, and perfecting this awesome pattern for you! There’s definitely enough fabric to go around. The length is about 11 inches, and the height is 10. Line up the stencil along the fold and bottom edge, cut it out and sew along the dotted line, 1/2 inch seam allowance. Do not sew the bottom part shut! That is where your head goes silly.

Once you’ve sewn the two sides together take your fabric scissors or snips and “clip” the corners and curved edges. Clipping is when you cut little V’s into the seam allowance so the hat will lie flatter and look better when you turn it inside out. Now turn it inside out, press your finger along the seam to flatten it, if you have a Tailor’s ham go ahead and iron it flat. To wear your hat you want the seamless edge to be behind you. Fold it over as you put it on (see video). You might need to recut the front to be rounder if they do not meet at the center cut them until they are even. Once you are happy with your hat shape, cut a small horizontal slit into one side above where your ear would rest and insert the feather accordingly. Nice work!

How To Make Peter Pan’s Tunic

Peter Pan Shirt Pattern

You will need

  1. XL Green Shirt (or any length long enough to be a skirt)
  2. Fabric Scissors

The shirt should cost $5 or less, and this will take about 10 minutes to complete

<<Having some trouble? This costume on Amazon looks pretty similar!>> 🙂

This shirt is so easy to cut there is no skill level required. First I cut out the collar. Then I cut a straight line down the front, once the fabric falls open it creates a V, very similar to Peter Pan’s in the movie, and I tacked the V so it would remain open (see video). Tacking is a technique used on garments to hold pieces in place with invisible stitches, all you have to do is sew a piece of thread through the garment once or twice and finish it with a small knot on the inside of the garment. Cut into the sleeves. The XL size was already draping off my shoulders dramatically so I chose to cut almost all of each sleeve off so they would not be as long. Cut two V’s into the bottom, front and back. You want the pointy flap to fall in the center between your legs for obvious reasons. Some people prefer to cut more V’s out of their costume, but in the movie, he really only has a few. And that’s it. You did it!

(Like what you see? View more of itsaLisa’s creative costume DIYs here!)


You will need: 

  1. Faith
  2. Trust
  3. A little Pixie Dust

Finally, the final touches! You’ll need some kind of rope belt to tie at the waist, a toy sword if you can find one, green tights or leggings, and brown floppy shoes. The tights can be bought at Macys, and the shoes at a thrift store or probably yours or your friend’s closet. For girls with long hair, you can attempt to stuff it into a bun beneath the point in your cap. Wear a fresh face of natural-looking makeup, Peter Pan is a young lad after all. I applied a subtle bronzer, eyeliner, and a pink lip to match my pink feather. But if you’re a guy, wear all the makeup you want, I’m not here to judge.

Peter Pan Hat, felt and feather craft

peter pan shoes

Peter Pan Costume for Halloween With Poor Nana | DIY Tutorial on

Click here to see the original image on instagram

I hope your costume goes well! If you need any extra help just follow the second star to the right and straight on till morning! If that doesn’t work though I’m here if you have any questions, need guidance, or most importantly if you want to share your own looks! I appreciate your feedback. Thanks a million and Happy Halloween!

UPDATE: (August 2015)

WOW You Guys! I am getting an amazing amount of views, thank you sooo much! This was all so much fun, that I want to make MORE!!! Click here for My DIY Cat Costume!

cat makeup halloween costume

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Disneyland in the Fall!

Disneyland in the fall is fun for all! The park is layered with pumpkins and autumn leaves, and the added rides with halloween themes! 

The pleasure of going to this home-away-from-home last week was all mine, and my friends Kelsi and Lauren’s. (Special thanks to Lauren for taking us!) We spent the afternoon and evening snacking on delicious Disney food, standing in lines, going on rides, people watching, and donning our lovely tourist mouse ears. As you can tell…

Be sure to check out the Halloween rides while you can! The crowd favorite is the Haunted Mansion, where Jack Skellington brought in his own version of christmas, just like in Tim Burton’s original movie, A Nightmare Before Christmas. Disney also added a frightening element to Space Mountain. The ride itself had little to fear, but the line is what frightened off all the children! Be prepared to watch the space mountain towers glow an eerie red as alien howls sound off from within.

We completed our day with more thrilling rides in both California Adventure and Disneyland, my first trip to Cars Land, a tour of the sourdough factory (because sadly they closed the Mission Tortilla Factory 😦 no more maseca), a main street parade, the spectacular firework show, and tasty caramel apples. …Can’t wait to go back!

To close, I would like to share my favorite video, which will never be seen in person again.

The Mission Tortilla Factory Pre-Tour Show:

Thank you for the corn you may go now 😉

Photos taken by myself and Lauren (connect with her on instagram).

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Style Watch | Downtown Disney

Street Style

Last night was date night! We went to Downtown Disney to meander the shops and pretend like we just finished a long day inside the park.  The crowd was probably jealous that we had a lot more energy (and a lot more money in our wallets) than them.  We might not have entered the park (we tried), but we were still able to enjoy the aromas and scenery of Disneyland.  Along with food, coffee, a tram ride, and the Fourth of July Firework Spectacular.

What I wore:

  • Black Peplum
  • Black Denim Skinnies
  • Denim Vest
  • Yellow Sandals
  • Vintage Dooney & Bourke Shoulder Purse
  • Red Lips

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Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye

Screen shot 2013-06-09 at 5.36.19 PMIn 1995 Disneyland joined forces with Indiana Jones and his crew to uncover The Temple of the Forbidden Eye, an ancient temple full of secret passages, booby traps, and near death experiences which occur approximately every 20 seconds.  Luckily Indy himself is present in this temple to help save us from impending doom, but without him or the capable driving skills of any park guest sitting in the driver seat, Disneyland would actually be the saddest place on earth.

When the temple first opened to tourists in 1995 decoder cards (pictured above) were given to visitors at the beginning of their journey as a means of warning them about the dangers ahead.  The cards offer a key for reading Marabic, a language that has only been found to exist in this 2 acre plot of land where the ruins of The Temple of the Forbidden Eye were excavated. It is noted that the writing inscribed on the walls offers practical advice on how to make it out of the temple alive.  For more information, I recommend you read this detailed journey of one mans experience in the ruins; “How to Survive Disneyland’s Indiana Jones Adventure

The grand opening of Indiana Jones and The Temple of the Forbidden Eye occurred during Disneyland’s Forty Years of Adventure campaign.  I tried and failed to find a video with the theme song Disneyland adopted that year, it went something like “Forty Years of Adventuuuuure, Forty Yeeeears of Fuuuuun!!!!”  This theme had completely slipped my mind until my mom showed me these decoder cards and we both started singing it. This could have been a “you had to be there” moment, more importantly 1995 was a significant year in Disneyland history, and not worth forgetting.  For more proof of this ghost memory, I hope you can admire my Disneyland Passport from 1995 (pictured below). I would have been somewhere between the ages of 4 and 5 when I used this, I have photographed it next to the decoder for your convenience, so you can see how the Marabic language is read.

Screen shot 2013-06-10 at 9.39.46 PM

The background reads “FORTY YEARS OF ADVENTURE.” I have added words and circles to show you how I came to this conclusion.  The writing is such that if you are slightly familiar with the characters, and squint, you can almost read it as English.  Who knows, maybe our history has it wrong, maybe the English alphabet came from Marabic. It might take another 40 years to uncover any more clues.  Until then, enjoy the adventure, I dare you to discover as many secrets of the ruins as you can, the hidden Mickeys and booby traps are indeed still there.  The writing on the wall is practically begging to be read. Keep in mind that the longer the line is the more time you have to prepare yourself for survival.  Don’t be afraid to skip the fast pass altogether and bring your decoder along instead!  (save the image to your phone for easy access).  Your friends and family will thank you, and so will the people standing around you in line who were probably very bored (and scared!) until you came along to share this good news.

Disneyland Passports – A History

My brothers and I as Minnie, Mickey, and Donald for Halloween 1993

My brothers and I as Minnie, Mickey, and Donald for Halloween 1993

**Greetings all! I have added this brief section in recently, due to the popularity of the picture above for Halloween. To make these costumes, my mother purchased the Minnie, Mickey, and Donald Duck character hats from the Disneyland store back in ’93. She dressed us in the proper colored leggings, bought white gloves, black long sleeve shirts, (a blue for donald) and then sewed together the rest by stitching felt dots on top of the basic solid colored bottoms. The shoes are simply yellow vinyl which my mother caught from an old yellow vinyl poncho, and then tied around our feet with a shoe lace. So easy, and so gosh darn adorable. Happy Halloween – please share your own photos, and I’d love to hear your comments below!**

and now the original post: 

For anyone who has ever known me as long as 24 hours has also most likely become aware of how I grew up at Disneyland. This was an honor and a privilege and a duty I performed, in living less than 30 minutes from the park. You know this because I reference Disneyland in common conversation, not in the quoting The Lion King kind of way, more like “wow this Pier 39 in San Francisco reminds me of the boardwalk in California Adventure” or “This Willamette River in Oregon sure does look like the river that runs behind Tom Sawyer’s Island” or even, “it’s crazy how much this cruise through the tropical rain forest in Costa Rica looks like the Jungle Cruise! (if the hippos were crocodiles).”

The Tropical Rainforest in Costa Rica versus the Jungle Cruise.  Jungle Cruise photo retrieved from

The Tropical Rainforest in Costa Rica versus the Jungle Cruise. (Jungle Cruise photo retrieved from

My worlds have been flipped. Whenever I travel anywhere cool, I’m brought back to memories of Disneyland.  This phenomenon is actually rather impressive and concludes that Disneyland does an excellent job making their landscape geographically correct.

Most people experience Disneyland only a few times in their life, if any, but I have visited the park more times than I can count. It was only until I attended a college 1,000 miles away that I stopped buying the annual “passport” and going multiple times per year.  Now that I am back in Southern California I would love another passport, but the cost of one has increased exponentially, and is higher than anything inflation could even dream of.  Disneyland sets their own inflation rates, I think it has something to do with the elasticity of their happy meter, being The Happiest Place on Earth and all.

There is far too much to take in on one post. So I suppose this time I will simply show my credentials, and prime you for more to come.

From left to right: Grant, Chad, Lisa, Mom, Grandma. Annual Disneyland Passports from 1994-2000.

A timeline of Disneyland Passports. My brothers and I were 4 years old through 10 years old while we had these. We used to go after school on Wednesdays because that was short day when we got out of class at noon. Can you imagine?  Disneyland every Wednesday for a full year?  We rarely went in the summer of course, too many tourists, too many black-out dates.


Starting from the top left and continuing clockwise, the years on these are 1994-1995, 1997-1998, 1999-2000, 1998-1999, and the India Jones style is for both 1995-1996 and 1996-1997.

This is what the backs of our passports once looked like.  Aren’t they beautiful? Perhaps it has changed in the past 5 years, but most passports now just have a blue background with Tinker Bell waving her wand all over it.  You’d think Disneyland would put a little more effort into making their current ones as unique as these 15-ish year old passports. A current piece of Disneyland plastic goes for about $500…


Grant, Chad, and Lisa 1994

These are our mug shots at four years old, aka, our first Disneyland Passport, a “Picture Passport” if you will, complete with Polaroid photo and laminate cover.  You could say I look blue, but I’d argue brownish-gold.

BTW I’m totally guilty, I quote The Lion King all the time – if you didn’t catch that.

There is more to be seen, than can ever be seen, and I will be posting more Disney posts as soon as I can.  Look forward to ways of saving money at the Park, secrets to seeing the whole resort in one day, and ways of entertaining yourself in line!

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