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This is my personal lifestyle blog, because I wanted to share my world with you.

(2020 EDIT) I started this blog in 2013, and never really thought about how it would evolve and change. So here we are in 2020, still live, just a little outdated. 

Since you’re still reading – here’s a bit about me:

My GRAND dreams currently consist of 2 small things

1. Find a beautiful place to live in a city with a rooftop for entertaining my wonderful friends.

2. Make enough money for #1 to be achieved.

It’s 2020 and I did that!! No rooftop, but we have a giant yard! 😍 My NEXT goal is to be able to shop at Central Market without looking at the price tags! A girl can dream 😉 

I also have dreams to become many other things. Some might make sense now, some later. I have a dream to become a career woman – perhaps a notable editor of a lifestyle publication. One day I’d like to open up a boutique, travel the lands in a teardrop trailer with a loved one and a furry companion, get verified on Twitter (follow me @itsa_Lisa), fall in love, dance…a lot, and own a lake house. I’d like to “live on coffee and flowers” in the most literal sense, just like the song. I dream of picking up the bill at a restaurant with my friends and being able to say “no worries guys, this one’s on me.” I hope to continue to ride my scooter through the streets of the city and live to tell the tale, I want to look like Linda Rodin (below) once I’m an old lady, and last of all – I hope to live an honest and loving life with every last bit of my heart.

(2020) Ok, this is all still very relevant. But this time I HAVE fallen in love. I also never saw myself in Austin, but here I am 🙂 ❤

And BTW – just in case you haven’t seen enough selfies yet… This is me (2015):

 Lisa Loperfido

And this is me in 50 years (2065):

Linda Rodin Inspiration

Who is Linda Rodin? Find out here.


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