Holly Golightly Costume from Breakfast At Tiffany’s | Last-Minute Halloween DIY

Holly Golightly, Audrey Hepburn’s character in Breakfast At Tiffany’s, is one of the most iconic vintage Hollywood characters of all time (imho).

So it’s only fitting that when we decided on PAJAMA for our Halloween 2020 theme, I chose my favorite vintage film’s pajama queen.

Holly Golightly’s morning-getup is so easy to throw together, that it’s among the TOP last-minute costume ideas of all time.

There is a high chance you already own everything it takes to make your own Holly Golightly vision come true. Follow along in my video, and catch more details below!

The Easiest Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ever



  • Sleep mask
  • Tassel earrings
  • Big white dress shirt (TUX style optional)
  • Cute slippers


holly golightly halloween costume pajama door scene breakfast at tiffanys


  1. Cut out the felt, and enough ribbon to fit the perimeter
  2. Use hot glue (or a sewing machine if you’re fancy) to attach the ribbon to the outside edge of the sleep mask.
  3. On the inside, glue an extra 12-20 inches of ribbon on each side for straps.
  4. Add the eyelashes.
    • I dabbed a drop of hot glue onto each corner and gently placed them onto the mask where I wanted them.
    • This was the hardest part for me. Be careful not to get hot glue all over your mask in the process.
  5. Add more details as you see fit.
    • I only added the lashes, but fans of the movie may note that Holly’s mask also has eyebrows and eyelids.


To complete the look, add some fun kitten-heel slippers and an orange cat! If you don’t have an orange cat, any pet will do.

After putting the full look together I had a mini photoshoot inspired by the film. It was so fun to mimic the look, highly recommend!

Keep scrolling to see, and pin some for inspo later.

holly golightly costume toothbrush scene holly golightly opening door breafkast at tiffanys costume holly golightly costume toothbrush scene. ive got to do something about the way i look quote holly golightly costume idea sleep mask holly golightly sleeping with cat on her back halloween costume idea cute holly golightly and cat costume idea

That’s all folks. I hope you have a lovely and safe halloween.

Thanks so much for following along! Tag me in your costumes on Instagram, I’d love to see.

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