My Beautiful Bohemian Austin Home has its own instagram: @BohoHouse_ATX

I made my house its own Instagram account! You know, like what people do for their pets or babies… Except I’m a little more obsessed with the HOME and GARDEN lifestyle. Alas, @BohoHouse_ATX was born!

Welcome, come on in!

My house has a pink door. I’m hoping to make #pinkdoorclub a thing…

The BohoHouse Backstory

I ALWAYS had this long-standing dream of having my own beautiful home. Now that I do my dream has evolved into wanting to inspire others and share tips on how to decorate and keep their homes too! My goal today is to build BohoHouse up as a brand and maybe even a destination!

So I’m taking baby steps forward… This is the first of many blogs about my house.

I really hope you like what you see, and if you do PLEASE follow me on Instagram @BohoHouse_ATX, and SHARE and PIN all the photos you love! Every tiny step will help us grow! 🙂

Modern Bohemian Cozy Living Room with vaulted ceilings, stone fireplace, leather furniture, disco ball lights - Lisa's BohouHouse @bohohouse_ATX

About BohoHouse_ATX

So my first BohoHouse is a 1977 two story home nestled in South Austin, Texas. It has vaulted ceilings and TONS of natural light from all angles (these two features were a MUST on my list). There’s a master bedroom upstairs with a jack-and-jill bathroom that leads to my cozy office. And the downstairs hosts two more bedrooms, the guest bath, and an updated kitchen adjacent to a connected dining and living room. The home is complete with an attic, a 2 car garage, and a cupboard under the stairs (just like Harry Potter’s, but mine has a full-size door) perfect for shoes.

The walls were beige when I moved in and I painted them white almost immediately.  The roof was gray and sad so the kindest of friends helped me update it in red! The floors are etched concrete so they look like massive tiles in a modern diagonal lay. And the yard is H U G E. I sit on .46 acres of land. I’ve added a hammock and a firepit circle, but there’s just so much more I’d like to do.

You see, back in the day when I lived in a tiny living room at the bottom of a courtyard in DTLA, I spent a year or two as the Editor of two websites: (skills I already knew) and (skills I fell in love with and wanted to learn)! Being editor and pretending to make all these badass things gave me this crazy idea that I could actually become a real homesteader… and I actually believed it until I realized it involves hours if not YEARS of time that I just don’t feel like investing. 🙂 So no chickens, no goats, (for now) but maybe a nice vegetable garden one day!

I’d rather focus my time and energy on you.

So now I’m here in Austin with a house and a yard that I have PLENTY of room to grow into, and I want to share that journey with y’aaaaallllllll.

So now you know a little background and you’ve got some deets, let’s jump into the good stuff:

BohoHouse Pictures!!!White Stone Fireplace and Built in Shelves in Bohemian Modern Living Room - Lisa's BohouHouse @BohoHouse_ATX

One of my favorite memories in this house to date is binge-watching Stranger Things on Season 2 Opening Day with my man.

Back door in mid-century modern home with disco ball lights, tall white curtain panels and iron rod and cement floor - Lisa's BohouHouse @BohoHouse_ATX

beautiful boho home with disco ball light flares on the tall ceilings, indoor plants, built in cabinets, equipale mexican seating - Lisa's BohouHouse @BohoHouse_ATX

bohemian mid-century modern living room with vaulted ceilings, red leather couch, and disco ball light flare! #jungalow - Lisa's BohouHouse @BohoHouse_ATX

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of obsessed with disco balls and the way they cast light during the day.

Love this look? Share your version on Instagram with #discoballsyall! (Let’s make this hashtag a thing!)

Bohemian Canopy King Bed, minimalist - Lisa's BohouHouse @BohoHouse_ATX

My bedroom keeps changing… The giant king bed and canopy are a must, the rest is still a work in progress.

mid-century modern living room, modern bohemian interior design, white curtains with iron rod - Lisa's BohouHouse @BohoHouse_ATX

These mid-century modern cabinets are from my Grandparent’s home back in the REAL mid-century. (I wonder what they called them then, just modern??) I’ve loved them from the beginning of time and always will.

Fiddle Leaf Fig in modern chic bohemian home office, pink file cabinet by cb2 - Lisa's BohouHouse @BohoHouse_ATX

My fiddle leaf fig loves the disco lights too. ❤

Cute Chic Boho Bohemian Office with Dress Stand, Sun hat, Garance Dore wall art, and target decor (obviously my dream office!) - Lisa's BohouHouse @BohoHouse_ATX

And that’s just a preview of everything!

I have so much more I want to share, so I’m just planting this blog here because I promised myself I’d PRODUCE PRODUCE PRODUCE!!!!

Please follow along on my BohoHouse Instagram for more pix and deets! I’m so excited to share more of my world with you!

I’d love to get more feedback from you! What do you want to know about my house? About me? What do you want to see more of? Ask me ANYTHING! Let’s build this brand together.

Connect with me on Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest /  BohoHouseATX

Like what you see? Book it for a photo shoot or event!

UPDATE – JULY 2019: I’ve made quite a few changes over the past year, and now I’ve got a site to show it all off! If you’re interested you can follow me over on now. Cheers!

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