The Next Uphill Climb (Birthday Post)

Another year, another birthday. 

This September marks year number 26, and as cliche as it sounds, I can’t believe it!!! I’m over the bunny hill. 1/4 of my life has been lived. Ooooh – but that means I’ve got 3/4 left! If I’ve made it this far in the first 25 years, just imagine the next…

I actually happen to be a fan of getting older. Every year I gain more experience, more opportunity, more growth. I also become better. I learn more, I do more, I feel more, I experience more, and I live more. It’s not like every year is more adventurous than the next – it’s more like the snowball effect… As I roll on down the road I collect more, making me a more well-rounded person.

This year has been a lot of WORK. Lots of different types of WORK.

First and foremost, I’ve worked A LOT. I’ve put in a lot of hours, and I’ve worked really hard during those hours. I became a manager, and I’m at a really cool and good place with my company – and I have the coolest team ever. I’m on what we call the “Emerging Business Team” meaning lots of growth potential for me and my squad. I’ve got really high hopes to achieve great things. I don’t want to jinx it by saying too much online, but if you want to follow the journey you should subscribe to 🙂


Enough about work, let’s talk about WERK!

WERK is slang for working really hard and making it happen and doing great things. That’s me right now. That’s the season I’m in.

I started hitting the gym in July. I’ve lost weight, I’ve lost body fat, I’ve gained muscle mass, and I’ve lowered my overall body fat percentage to a new athletic peak! I feel amazing and tbh I’ve never looked or felt better. Shoutout to my trainer Virginia at Gold’s Gym – she’s a beauty and a beast.

I figured if I can’t feel good about myself now then what’s to come? So I started putting in the time and effort to invest in a new me. This meant hiring a trainer and clocking in lots of hours at the gym. This also meant meal planning, meal tracking, and meal EATING. I’ve been following a super strict and super healthy diet. (You can follow the ups and downs on my Twitter.) The great news is that it’s working and it’s all totally worth the madness! If you need some workout or diet inspiration please hit me up, I’ve literally been breathing and sweating the fitspo for 10 weeks now and I’m not looking back.

Now that I’ve managed to do this, I know I’ll be able to maintain my physical, emotional, and mental health and feel good about the NEW me for years and years to come. Let’s make ages 26-50 even better than 1-25 shall we?

Here’s to the next uphill climb. aaaand GO!

Check out my latest piece on! – Yes, that’s also one of my sites – All About My Rose Gold Hair!

Glory 🙌🏼

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