MUESLI: A Healthy, Affordable, and Hassle Free Way to Start Your Day

Starting your morning with Muesli is the perfect, easy, healthy, and affordable way to enjoy breakfast if you have little time on your hands! It’s as easy as cereal, but waaaaaay healthier. Muesli is raw loose grains served with dried or fresh fruits and any sort of dairy – I prefer yogurt, but milk is fine too.

Muesli Recipe | Make this healthy breakfast on the go with grains, fruit, and yogurt.

Muesli Recipe

Here’s how I make my easy & affordable Muesli breakfast:

  • 1 ripe banana
  • 3 large spoonfuls of plain nonfat greek yogurt
    • or vanilla… or honey… or any other kind of dairy you want.
  • Grains: I use a 1:1:3 ratio of chia, flax, and oatmeal
    • I keep it in a mason jar all together for easy sprinkling. Feel free to add a dash of cinnamon.

I also add 1tbsp of peanut butter because I’m obsessed with peanut butter.

I consume this in a bowl as I read the morning updates. However, if I’m ever on the go I can easily prepare the entire thing in a mason jar and take it with me. I could even prepare it the night before.

Muesli and Brunch Table Spread in Cophenhagen | Muesli Recipes

This was our brunch spread served by my new friends in Copenhagen. They treated us to a traditional (and very filling) morning breakfast including: Muesli, Boiled Eggs, Fresh bread – served with butter and chocolate, Avocado toast, salami, fresh juice, and fresh coffee.  : )


I love starting my day with a nice wholesome breakfast. This is usually the one time of day where I eat my grains and carbs, so I like to get it right and trust that they’ll keep me full until my lunchtime salad.

If you’re looking for a healthy efficient way to start your day I hope you give muesli a try!

Best Brunch in Copenhagen. Eggs Benedict, Muesli, and Avocado Toast at dyrehaven | Muesli Recipes

This is my muesli from another very filling meal in Copenhagen. This was at Cafe Dyrehaven – a popular sidewalk in Vesterbro – a hip area for people like you and me. This meal was complete with eggs benedict, avocado toast, and muesli. So good.


Muesli Recipe consists of raw grains & fruits served with yogurt or dairy.

Muesli is basically granola’s older cousin. The difference is muesli is loose raw grains, while granola has added sugar and oils to hold the grains together in clusters. With that in mind, I will admit that Muesli is ultimately healthier since there is no sweetener and oils.

I recommend Muesli because it is so simple, and finding the raw grains is cheaper than buying expensive pre-made granola. Mixing everything together also requires close to 0 prep time, and very little effort.

Bonus – Overnight Oats Recipe: 

My present breakfast habit began in the form of overnight oats, but I soon found that I just don’t eat the food I make ahead fast enough. The oats would start to taste too soggy after leaving them in a jar the entire week. The solution could be to make them fresher, only 1-3 days in advance. But again, I prefer Muesli, so I started eating my oats raw.

To make overnight oats, all you need to do is make the same grain concoction as muesli. I prefer 1:1:3 parts chia, flax, and oats. Add a dash of cinnamon then mix with a liquid — water, nut milk, even orange juice works. Be aware of the expiration date on label – I recommend eating within 3-5 days.

Make this at night, let it set, and enjoy in the morning. I always add my banana and yogurt to a bowl first, then the oatmeal mixture. But again, you could do it all at the same time. If you’re a “on the go” person then having everything in one portable mason jar is extremely helpful.



You’ll Also Love These Breakfasts:

If you’ve got a little more time on your hands, and are seeking something even more aesthetically pleasing, then I think you’ll LOOOOOOVE these recipes from my friends on Pinterest…

Smoothie Bowl by @anniskk | Muesli Recipes

This smoothie recipe is to die for. It’s like muesli, but with a smoothie as a base instead of yogurt. Smoothie & Photo by Anni Kravi of Blueberry Boostfollow her for more great healthy bowl ideas!


fig bircher by shanyarelonie | Muesli Recipes & Ideas

Just looking at this Fig Bircher is enough!  The fig and the flowers are *almost* too pretty to eat. Recipe and photo by Shanya Relonie – Follow her blog to share in her plant based happiness + wanderlust!


What’s your favorite breakfast? Are you going to give Muesli a try? Do tell! And give me a shout out on Instagram if you happen to post a picture of your creation! : )


P.S. I’ve got plenty more healthy recipes for you to feast your eyes on. Especially these smoothie recipes.


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