Girls Guide To Scandinavia

Traveling to Scandinavia? I was there this May 2016, and now I’m going to report back to you the best places to go and see. Follow along if you’re anything like me and enjoy spending your days on foot soaking in the sights and sounds and smells while tasting the local foods, finding the best coffee shops, and browsing the boutiques and secretly hoping the cities cool factor will ooze off on you, only if just a little.

Souveneirs from Scandinavia (Europe) | Girls Guide To Scandinavia

A Girls Scandinavia Travel Guide For People Who Enjoy Day-Time Activities And The Local Flavor

My friend Laura and I just ventured overseas to the land of IKEA – where licorice runs rampant and wild swans are a normal thing. We chose Scandinavia (Northern Europe) as our vacation destination because I have always been fond of their design and culture, and Laura had plenty of friends there that we could stay with! (It’s always nice to travel and see friends at the same time, especially if they know the area and can recommend local hot spots – which they totally did. πŸ™Œ)

Originally our plan was to tour Scandinavia; starting in Stockholm, then Copenhagen, then Oslo. But when I found out one of my favorite artist’s, Andrew Bird, was playing nearby in Amsterdam we had to add a fourth stop to our trip and decided to set our feet in the “not Scandinavian” part of Europe as well.

Now we’re back on US soil. I tried to bring back some light souvenirs, but mostly all we have to show for our journey are some photos and fond memories. In the following few blogs I will share the places we visited, the foods we ate, the coffee we drank, the shops we shopped, and the walks we walked. Bare in mind, Laura and I are day-time people. We love the sun, nature, walking, and trying new things. Our goal was to try all the local foods, and see as many beautiful sights in one day as possible. Our daily step count averaged 25,000 – that’s 10 miles! All that energy expenditure didn’t allow us much room for night life, but after you see the photos you’ll understand why. πŸ˜‰

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Click the cities below to read the details from each country!

I promise to include tips for your own journey, and all the favorites from mine!


Traveling Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm Sweden Across The Water | Girls Guide To Scandinavia
Find out the best places to shop, have a cup of coffee, and eat a real cinnamon roll. Blog Post Coming Soon


Traveling Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagan, Denmark - Nyhavn Canal View | Girls Guide To Scandinavia

Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen, where there are as many hot dog and ice cream stands as there are lakes and parks to walk about and eat them in. The best part of all was all the cute home decor shops – stay tuned! Blog Post Coming Soon


Traveling Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands in the Spring | Girls Guide To Scandinavia
Amsterdam, where we replaced coffee with beer, and celebrated national independence day at pop up festivals with the locals. Keep reading to find out where to go, where to eat, and where to shop if you only have a few days and want to eat real dutch bitterballen! Blog Post Coming Soon


Traveling Oslo, Norway

Oslo Norway - The Docks in The Spring | Girls Guide To Scandinavia
Perfect weather not guaranteed, but if you’re only here for a day I have some great streets and parks you have to hit. Blog Post Coming Soon


Disclaimer – These blogs don’t write themselves, and they don’t happen overnight. It will take me some time to get everything together, but I do have my Flickr ready to go! Click the image below for my Europe album: View Album Here

If you plan on sharing any photos please always give credit where credit is due. Thank you.

Oslo Norway Architecture | Girls Guide To Scandinavia
Ok one more pic because swans are my favorite…
White Swan in The Lakes at Copenhagen | Girls Guide To Scandinavia

Eeeep! I have so many more things I wish to show you! I can’t wait to share it all. Until then, let’s keep in touch. πŸ˜‰

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