Start the Year Off Right with the 7 Most Impressive Desk Essentials

It’s still January, which means the holidays are officially over and we all have to face the facts: it’s time to get back to work! No more short days, no more holidays, just a beautiful brand new year to light the way.

To start, here is a photo of me working very hard.

Lisa Loperfido CEO

Happy 2015 🙂

I work in a studio in Maker City LA – which is the 11th floor of The Reef – which is A Creative Habitat in DTLA – which BY THE WAY ranked in the top 5 “Next Level Community Spaces!” as of this January, 2015. Eeep!

Showing Here:

marie claire January 2015

The magazine, and the closeup.

Maker City LA - top 5 coolest creative spaces to work

And the full clipping:marie claire's top 5 coolest creative spaces to work, January 2015

 It really is a great place to work, I love my team and I love my floor-mates. Come and stop by sometime!

Anyways, that was some pretty exciting news for us. With that being said, I wish I could tell you that my own office space is super glamorous and exciting. It’s not. I work in a mostly male office, and we began as a crafter studio and became a production studio overnight. So while all these things could be conducive to a beautiful creative workshop, it translates more to a clusterfuck of random crafts stuffed into every vacant corner and shelf in sight.

I do try to keep my “woman’s corner” looking tidy, this is the best I’ve been able to do. Showing here:

Lisa Loperfido, CEO, EIC, Designer Lisa Loperfido, CEO, EIC, Designer

So that’s cool, as you can tell I try to keep it classy with my golden apple, my mannequin, and my white peg board…

Now, if I had the freedom to start all over, my entire office space would be a beautiful clean foyer of well-organized goods, each hidden in a tidy bin, and decorated with the oddball fixings that add character while bringing an office to life. Alas, I remain the only girl, and my crafters corner will do for now.

Since a girl can dream, I’ve dreamt up this list of desirable finds for my own dream desk accessories. Please enjoy, and see shopping details below! …While we’re on the subject, what would your dream office space look like?

Fabulous Finds for My Fictional Office:

office essentials 5

1. A Beautifully Illustrated Calendar

Honestly, I think I need multiple offices in order to justify buying multiple calendars. When it comes down to it, I am stuck between two designs: Rifle Paper Co’s Las Fleurs Calendar, and Garance Dore’s Beaut Calendar. Too bad they’re sold out everywhere.


While we’re discussing Calendars… here is a pro tip:

Is your calendar Old? Expired? Or you already have one? …SO WHAT!? Use them for art!!!! Calendars are BY FAR the cheapest way to obtain 12 or more quality graphics that are already printed on nice paper. Repurpose them and decorate your space with a single common theme. The calendar publishers have already done the work, all you have to do is cut them out and put the new art where it belongs. Whether it be in a frame, surrounding a mason jar, used as contact paper, etc, a calendar’s pages are a fun way to decorate your space for much longer than 31 days. End thought.

2. Plant Life!

Your desk is where you are going to be spending a quality amount of time, which is why you need some company. …Have I mentioned that plants make great companions?

They’re bright, they’re beautiful, and they are a living breathing thing that provides your brain with oxygen! I’m a sucker for pothos and other basic indoor plants, but nothing gets more basic than the succulent.

Take some inspiration from this diy idea off The Jungalow, and create your own succulent planters using vintage egg cups!


I am also a big fan of airplants, as you can see in the image spread above. That little cup of joy was found HERE on Etsy, in the Thrifted And Made Store.

3. A Tres Chic Desk Lamp

Lamps are great right? We can at least pretend that we use more than just the light from our phones when it’s dark and we can’t see anything… BONUS POINTS: This lamp matches my iPad! Gotta love Ikea’s RANARP light, $39.99.


4. Quirky Pencils

Say how you really feel. These fabulous pencils can be personalized on Etsy to say whatever the hell you want! The ones pictured are covered in quotes from Mean Girls, but I happen to have a set with just my name on it, and those are pretty cool too. Custom pencils add an unexpected touch that people delight in.

mean girls pencils

Side note – this extremely ordinary and cheap pen is the best pen I’ve ever used in my entire life. Whenever I lose one I am so sad. It’s called the TC Ball by Promarx. Get it here on Amazon.


5. A Place for Pens

Every great desk needs a great pencil holder. At the moment I’m obsessed with cacti, so this Cactus Pen Holder from TYPO at Cotton On is OBVIOUSLY a must have. By the way – My current desk features a golden apple (because I’m a golden apple) so that’s pretty much close enough.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 9.08.53 PM

6. Shiny Things

I need these gilded scissors – because I have to open a lot of packages (thanks Amazon), and these are magnificent.

gold scissors

7. Boxes for Hiding the Goods

Seriously. The more closed boxes the better, because they hide away clutter – and the less clutter the better! I love these boxes because they are pretty, and a lot comes in one set; that means I can look good AND stay organized all at the same time! Aaaahhh, music to my ears.

These guys are from The Danish Design Store, and they’re called The Hay Box Box Desktop, if anyone knows how I can get some in the USA, do tell.


That summarizes MY fictional office at the moment. What’s in YOURS? What are YOUR must haves?

Ok Ok, one last thing.. I know you’re thinking it – so I’ll just make it easy for you: IF you want to buy me any of these fabulous finds, DM me on Instagram and I’ll send you my address. hehe. Thanks! 😉

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