Easy Cat Costume Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Simple Cat Makeup Tutorial for Halloween Costume

cat makeup halloween costume

“I wish that I could be like the cool cats… cause all the cool cats they seem to get it”

Follow along on YouTube as I makeup my kitty cat face.

I purposefully only used common makeup products for your convenience!
All you need is:

  • foundation
  • eyeliner
  • mascara
  • bronzer
  • black lipstick (optional)

The black lipstick is optional, but definitely worth adding to your kit if you don’t have any. 😉
Other than that, buy some ears, a tail,
and wear something comfortable, perhaps furry(?), and kitty colored!

MEEOOOWWWW meeeooow meow meoow meeow meeeooow meow meow meow

cat makeup halloween costumecat makeup halloween costume

Cat by day… (no nose yet)

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Black cats drink black coffee

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Cat by night… (added nose and tail)

cat makeup halloween costume

Cruella and I… (good thing I didn’t have any spots) 😛

Cat claws…

And that’s my costume! Good luck with your own makeup and costumes! I would love to see them, share them with me on insta or twitter by tagging me @itsa_Lisa, or post them in the comments below! 😀  OK THANKS BYE!!! XOXOXO

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meow meeeOW MEOW meow meeoow meow meeeoow MEEOOOOW MEOW Meow

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