Autumn in Arizona

Autumn in Arizona

My parents recently moved to Prescott, Arizona to retire. Apparently this a rather popular thing people do. It’s not like Prescott is a retirement community, but it has become a magnet for old souls with a love for culture, the outdoors, and an active community. It’s also way cheaper than California, so my parents get to live out their days for a much cheaper cost, which means more vacations! I fully support their decision, it looks like a lot of fun.

I visited this October, because I needed a taste of fall, a taste of cold weather, and a hug from Mom and Dad. We hiked, we made pumpkin pie, we looked at the stars, and we went to a mini harvest festival and got lost in 2 different corn mazes (maizes?).

The cool thing about Prescott is that it’s in both the desert and the mountains. If anyone knows the geographical term for this please tell! All I know is we climbed up thumb butte, and on the shady side there were trees and flowers, and on the sunny side there were cactus, trees, and flowers. I love cactus, they’re so interesting and beautiful. Buy me a succulent or cactus bouquet and I will just adore you!

I took some photos on my phone, so I know they aren’t top quality, but I’m quite pleased with the image content. (iPhone 5, edited with VSCOCAM app). I’ve shared them below.

This trip was a lovely short-lived break from the scorching fall heat of Los Angeles. A weekend away from the city, and off to the open roads, blue skies, red leaves, sprawling cactus, and tiny airports.

Autumn in Arizona Autumn in Arizona Autumn in Arizona  Autumn in Arizona Autumn in Arizona Autumn in Arizona Autumn in Arizona Autumn in Arizona

Thanks for viewing! Where is your favorite place to visit in autumn? Remember, even if you can’t visit anywhere magical with seasonal weather, a cup of pumpkin spice latte is always brewing somewhere nearby. 😉

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