Vote FORT LA2050 – DO IT NOW :)


DID YOU KNOW There’s this awesome place in LA, where crafters and creative souls can hang out in a communal workplace to build, grow, and share their talents.  It’s called FORT, or

If you’ve ever had a creative inkling, you would like it here. … If you live in LA, you should hang out here! … BUT most importantly, if you are reading this, you should VOTE for HERE!

FORT is in the running to win LA2050’s “Best Place to Create” award, and win $100,00 in funding. WOW – COOL! BUT FAST – VOTING ENDS  September 16th – SO GET TO IT! (click here, or image below, to vote)



FORT’s ultimate goal is to…

“Give the power back to individuals; the ability to design their physical spaces, develop communities, and build businesses. People want to feel connection to the people who make their goods and to how they’re made. They want to feel connected to the city and their stories behind them. It’s about a feeling of wanting to relate again. Fort, let us help you build yours. ” – Jaqueline Sharp, Founder

What a splendid idea! They have even got Forbes and Darling Magazine talking (click through links to read articles). NEAT!

I’ve been to this FORT – currently it’s a comely loft filled with leather hides, upholstery castoffs, a wall of upcycled chairs, and delightful found objects – with hopes of much, much more! Here is a small iPhone-photo spread of a reception I attended, with fellow DIY-ers, and damn good food and drink.

Speaking of FOOD – we had a terrific LA-based chef in our presence, Mr. Coburn Childs, follow him on twitter or book him for an event. His creations were artfully crafted, and surprisingly diverse in flavor. Maybe I’m being overzealous, but what can I say , I’m a starving artist and they tasted a whole lot better than the frozen veggies I usually resort to. Either way, I totally recommend him as a caterer for YOUR next affair. Seriously, do it.


FORT – Los Angeles


the REAL @Zilla308 😛 XOXO

Trader Joes Cocktails |

Trader Joe’s Cocktails: just add whiskey… and a secret ingredient that I forget, wah.

fun appetizer ideas |

Strawberry quinoa parfaits

fun appetizer ideas |

stuffed mushrooms, sundried tomato and chicken crostini, berry cobbler


chair wall by Jaqueline Sharp

Now you know what’s up! …Time to CAST YOUR VOTE! 



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