Hey, haaaave you met Lacée?

lacee de grasse

Miss Lacée De Grasse is one of the best people I have met in a while. Is that rude to say out loud? Oh pish posh, I’m saying it anyways.

This pretty lady has a wanderlust soul and a heart of gold. She is also an artist, and a fashion icon. You heard me, fashION iCON! She is always wearing the best things. I truly admire someone who can take a basic look and make it their own. …Someone who knows when to buy a staple, or a trend, and how to make them work together… Like her italian brogues for example, which she bought, yes, in Italy. An investment to last a lifetime! A breath of fresh-air in this fast-fashion lifestyle I so often witness people becoming victim to. Buy the clothes, make them your own… Amen sista! (And shout out to all my sistas who know what’s good!)

Recently Lacée’s artwork was displayed at an art gallery in Hollywood!!! You can view some of her latest pieces here AND you should definitely follow her blog here.

Lacee De Grassee Original Art  | lacee-degrasse.squarespace.com/


Isn’t it marvelous? Great use of color in this skeletor, if you ask me…

It was only about a year ago when we first met, we were bopping around Long Beach and had mutual friends. Then she galavanted across Europe for her final semesters of college, then I moved to LA. There was not much time left in between those months to become friends, but that’s the funny thing about life… thanks to social media… you might never see someone, but they’re still a part of your everyday. They’re still liking your posts, and supporting you from afar. I mean, aren’t we all? #positivevibes #inittowinit

Her M.O. …

Love Always Wins.

 …because it does guys, because it does.

If you like what you see on this spread, I think you should totally support her! Give Lacée a shout out over on her INSTAGRAM, and BUY HER ART! I can’t wait to see her work blow up AND all of the other amazing things she has yet to do in this blessed life.

We’ve got a big world ahead of us, so long as we keep on creating with our hands, loving with our hearts, and living with our entire souls, than something truly magnificent is bound to happen.

>> Recognize this girl? Read more about our adventures here! <<

lacee de grasse mermaid art - lacee-degrasse.squarespace.com/

Thanks for tuning in – I really do hope you check Lacée’s stuff out! She is an amazing woman and deserves nothing but the best in life.XOXXOOXOXO – LL

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One thought on “Hey, haaaave you met Lacée?

  1. I think those are magnificent works of art! As a ‘handmade craft’ lover myself, I think the best way to honor our Native American ancestors is to bring life to their art. Great post here. 🙂

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