Ok, I’m not instagram famous. Or anywhere near being instagram famous… BUT, recently a few of my posts WERE FEATURED on other sites! For example…


This Buzzfeed article: 28 Drool-Worthy Junk Food Treats to Eat in L.A. featured my #onthetable shot from Wurstkuche. Buzzfeed gets most of their photos from instagram, so it’s not like mine was anything special. But hey, I’m still flattered. 🙂


My childhood hometown of Huntington Beach, aka Surf City, has an Instagram Account, (of course… #tourists). So sometimes they reblog photos taken in the city with the tag #SURFCITYUSA. Well they regrammed MY PHOTO, and it received over 700 likes!! That is more likes than the quantity of followers I have, so that’s cool, right? Showing here: (originally here)


DiyReady is just my employer, no big deal, and I have given them the liberty of regramming any of my work related photos. However, I am particularly proud of this one. (originally found here). I took this shot from our “meet the team” photoshoot, and added the headline with the OVER app. We don’t have a notable amount of followers yet, but hey, it’s still nice to see my work reposted!


It’s not like these photos were life-altering moments. I don’t even think their being featured got me any more followers, maybe some more likes… but that’s not what I’m here for anyways. 😛 I just like to use Instagram because it’s a way to artfully express what you’re all about to like-minded individuals.

With all that being said, this is also a boast-post to document a step on my stairway to stardom. #follow4follow just kidding. #sorrynotsorry


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