Why I’m Obsessed with the Green Dress from Atonement

The Green Dress | itsaLisa.com

Atonement was a beautiful movie. Set in England during WWI, this movie follows a romance torn apart by the misjudgments of a jealous younger sister, who narrates the tale and walks us through her life-long quest for atonement. This Oscar-nominated sensation is best remembered by the amazing soundtrack (which took home the Oscar! listen here) and also for its gorgeous costumes, my personal favorite: THE GREEN DRESS.

Oh, that Green Dress…

Worn by England’s sweetheart, Keira Knightley, who must be a costume designer’s dream to dress for a film; her svelte figure in grand dresses never disappoints. In this case the Costume Designer, Jacqueline Durran, was no stranger to Knightley. They had worked together before in Pride & Prejudice, and later in Anna Karenina where Durran finally earned her own Oscar for best costume. Bravo!

Keira Knightley's Green Dress from Atonement

In an excellent article from my new favorite costume design blog, Damn That’s Some Fine Tailoring (read it here), I was reminded of the significance of this dress. This lavish garment is what led to the pivotal moment of the entire film; the scene that would change the lovers’ lives forever. The dress is brilliant in color, form fitting, bias cut, and exposes the back… This beauty was described in Ian McEwan’s novel as “her latest and best piece.”

The use of emerald helped Cecila, Knightly’s character, pop amongst the extravagant but dimly lit furnishings of the old mansion, and *spoiler alert* it also bewitched Robbie into making love with her. Ok he was already in love with her, but this dress was the boiling point, their love was a rapidly unfolding secret. So when the little sister, Briony, wandered into the wrong place at the wrong time she too discovered this secret and unknowingly accused Robbie of a licentious crime. This accusation, though false, propelled him far away to the battlefield, which ensured the lovers would never meet again. Now you understand why little Briony was in need of atonement. Lesson learned: think twice before accusing others of things you do not understand.

Green Dress, Formal Evening Gown by victoriasdresses.com

Not all of us are lucky enough to have our own costume designer to set the scene during significant moments of our lives, but we do have the internet! After some searching I was able to find a similar evening gown with an affordable price point, and this Green Dress by Victoria’s Dresses (found here) is almost a perfect match. Wear it with pride and see what excitement of your own affairs will unfold. Ladies, if you are looking for any formal dress to steal the show this is the place to shop, also check out their prom dresses for the teens and weddings dresses for the affianced. …If anything, I know where I’ll be shopping once my own efforts to sew this green dress fail. 😉

*this is a sponsored post // all opinions are my own //  XOXO *

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