Our Last Christmas | #PhotoSpread | 12/25/2013

hashtag christmas | itsaLisa.com#Christmas

christmas lens flare | itsaLisa.com#LensFlare

christmas in california | itsaLisa.com#California

christmas romance on the piano | itsaLisa.com#Parents

Sahzi the happy Belgian Tervuren on Christmas Day | itsaLisa.com#HappyDog

the living room on xmas day | itsaLisa.com#MerryChristmasYaFilthyAnimal

Christmas gifts for men | itsaLisa.com#GiftsForMen

She always wanted a Kachina Doll | itsaLisa.com#aDollyforSue

Anne Klein watch love | itsaLisa.com#Bling

Christmas Dinner wine. Gonna need more than that | itsaLisa.com#RedRedWine

pinky out | itsaLisa.com#Cheers

Sahzi Dog in a Christmas Bow| itsaLisa.com#MerryChristmas from the Loperfidos, and Sahzi.

It was a very peaceful day of giving, feasting, and friendship. Poor Sahzi was exhausted by the end of it. This was our last Christmas in the giant house of Huntington Beach. My parents are selling and I am still in search of a real home and a real job. We all have exciting and changing futures ahead, and I have no idea where we will each be next year… but you know I’ll keep in touch. 😉

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