The Motorscooter Diaries | The Pumpkin Scooter

Motorscooter Diaries | The Melodramatic Life of a 2 Wheeler

The Pumpkin Scooter

I wanted to scoot to work, but it was raining. So I thought I could take the bus, and maybe a coworker would help me home. So I was walking to the bus stop, but the rain was clearing. So I turned around and walked back. I wanted to use this extra hour of time to go grocery shopping. After I got my groceries it was raining again. Great.

I scooted to work in the rain. It didn’t bother me. My face mask was covered in rain drops but I saw right through them. I wiped away the rain with my leather glove at stop lights. I made it, alive.

After a long 9 day work week I was excited to party with my friends that night. We were celebrating a birthday in Long Beach. I got off at 9:30 and scooted home.  But my scooter never made it home. All this extra driving for work ran my gas tank empty. I was dumb and forgot to pay attention to the numbers. (My gas gauge is broken so I watch the odometer). It stopped running about 1.5 miles from my house. Some could say this was my Cinderella story, this was the clock striking midnight, this was my scooter turning into a pumpkin, and this was my magical evening ceasing to a halt. I ditched the pumpkin scooter and walked home. I had no one to call for help, they were all in Long Beach. I made soup and fell asleep watching SNL with my dog.

A moral lesson, as told by Board Games.

I took a chance, and I’m glad I did. I now know to watch my odometer more carefully. I also know scooting in the rain is possible, but don’t worry folks I will still be careful.

This has been, The Motorscooter Diaries | The Melodramatic Life of a 2 Wheeler.

*Update, a friend helped me get my scooter the next day. It was just the gas. And now I owe my own 1 gallon gas canister, cool. Glad that’s over. Thank you Amy!*

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