East Coast Trip Day 5 – New York Time Spare


November 11, 2013

A summary of my 2nd day exploring New York City alone, because I had so much TIME to SPARE…

6:30 wake up! (3:30am PST fml) 7:30 NJ train station, (bye dad xoxo)

 8:09 Miss train to NY 8:29 Catch next train to NY.

You can tell I’m alone with nothing else to do, I was blowing up my own twitter.
10:10 New York again! Drop off my carry-on bag with Michelle at her office and borrow her metro card for the day. She’s the best #forevergrateful 10:30 Columbus Circle! Explore Central Park. Buy roasted nuts (coconuts). Give a sax player a dollar. Mock tourists. Enjoy nature.

11:30 Find restroom in the Time Warner Center (it’s a mall). Try to charge phone but security guard would not let me sit down. Walk to Lincoln Center, it was not that exciting from the outside. 12:00 Time Square!!!! Amazing!!! Just like the movies!! (and Vegas!) Wow! 12:15 Kissing booth with Cosmo and Maybelline.

12:30 Eat sandwich at Majestic Deli.

1:00 search for flatiron building. Find farmers market at Union Square. Buy fancy green juice from The Squeeze.

1:20 Find the Flatiron Building! It’s magnificent!! 1:30 Walk through security and try to ride elevator up to top. Make small talk with fellow elevator rider. “Must be nice on the 19th floor! Wht do you do?” “I work for [itsXaXsecretX]” “oh cool. (never heard of them before). “Are you just looking around? Yes I’ve always wanted to see out from the top I was hoping for a goood view but am sad all the offices are locked.” “Well you look like a respectful person, I’ll show you around if you dont turn me in” …awesome!!! She showed me some great views of the east and south facing windows in vacant offices. Loved it!!!!

2:00 Tired. Phone dead. Must charge. No where will let me. 3:00 To McDonalds!! Free chargers upstairs!! While charging I met these funny kids who were very much day drunk off Bacardi Gold, as they informed me multiple times. They were very friendly and chilling in McDonald’s watching This is the End on an iPad. They both grew up in Manhattan, but were born in Jordan & Israel. Told me about some places I should hit up: A bar that serves $5 pitchers + a shot and free hot dogs “because when you’re that drunk, trust me, even the hot dogs sound appealing” lol. 3:45. Shopping! 4:00 Beacon’s Closet, Found a gray over the shoulder clutch. 4:30 Tried to sneak into Parsons University “The New School For Design,” Failed 4:45 Meatball Obsession, yum! 5:00 Shop lots of consignment and vintage, found a green UNIQLO light weight jacket at Buffalo Exchange. 5:45 I should get going 6:00 Look for wine for Michelle and I. 6:20 Find wine. Realize I don’t have a wine opener. Get Mike’s Hard instead, I know I’m sorry. 6:30 Subway to Michelle! 6:45 Grand St Subway. Pour our drinks into Starbucks cups. Tell homeless man who started hitting on me to keep walking. Felt like a real New Yorker. 7:00 Michelle!! Walk around with the poor girl who had a cold. 8:30 Date at Shake Shack ❤ 10:00 Cha-An Japanese Tea House. Tea and Moshi.

11:00 Head back. Must also grab bag from office & wait for late night trains. 1:00 Goodnight.

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