Disneyland in the Fall!

Disneyland in the fall is fun for all! The park is layered with pumpkins and autumn leaves, and the added rides with halloween themes! 

The pleasure of going to this home-away-from-home last week was all mine, and my friends Kelsi and Lauren’s. (Special thanks to Lauren for taking us!) We spent the afternoon and evening snacking on delicious Disney food, standing in lines, going on rides, people watching, and donning our lovely tourist mouse ears. As you can tell…

Be sure to check out the Halloween rides while you can! The crowd favorite is the Haunted Mansion, where Jack Skellington brought in his own version of christmas, just like in Tim Burton’s original movie, A Nightmare Before Christmas. Disney also added a frightening element to Space Mountain. The ride itself had little to fear, but the line is what frightened off all the children! Be prepared to watch the space mountain towers glow an eerie red as alien howls sound off from within.

We completed our day with more thrilling rides in both California Adventure and Disneyland, my first trip to Cars Land, a tour of the sourdough factory (because sadly they closed the Mission Tortilla Factory 😦 no more maseca), a main street parade, the spectacular firework show, and tasty caramel apples. …Can’t wait to go back!

To close, I would like to share my favorite video, which will never be seen in person again.

The Mission Tortilla Factory Pre-Tour Show:

Thank you for the corn you may go now 😉

Photos taken by myself and Lauren (connect with her on instagram).

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