The Best of the VMAs | Shailene Woodley in Emilio Pucci

The 2013 VMAs will forever be remembered as the Miley Cyrus spectacle. When will that girl grow up? I am rooting for her! She is still very young you know…


MTV is a dirty place, I am a little perplexed why everyone is so offended… I know it’s an awards show… but look at MTV! All of their shows are the antithesis of classy, not sure why people thought the VMAs would be any different.

The VMAs were also a brief reminder of why movie stars are movie stars and singers are singers. Because they are good at what they do.  The only talented award-presenters during the VMAs were our stars JGL and Jimmy Fallon, because that is what they do! Act! Speak to a viewers! The singers on the other hand found themselves tongue-tied and painful to watch. Because they are not paid to be eloquent, their talent comes from making the music and lyrics. At least that’s my reasoning, but what do I know, I can’t act or sing…

Other than raving on about how cute Justin Timberlake is and how much I love Katy Perry and am so proud of that California girl for taking over the world. I want to mention Shailene Woodley, that gorgeous young actress wearing the Emilio Pucci Crop Top and Fringed Skirt combo (Emilio Pucci Resort 2014). You might recognize Shailene from the Secret Life of an American Teenager, but now she stars in a Hunger-Games-esque movie, Divergent, coming out March 2014.  


I love that hemline, the inverted V. I have now scoured the internet searching for a name of that hemline, but the best I could find was “mini skirt.” So keep in mind that while it is a miniskirt… I am going to give it my own name, “The Inverted Triangle” …or “The Classy Loin Cloth,” if you will.

She looked so hot and has inspired me to sew my own version. In black of course. Let the sewing projects begin!



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