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Graphics Garage

This Saturday the Orange County Register held a Graphics Garage Workshop “Come and learn the latest trends in the graphics industry, taught by some of the leading experts in their respective fields!”


I was eager to attend the moment my Mother (Robin), an avid reader of the OC Register, shared this event with me. With the key words “ad print web design – photography – illustration – graphics – social media,” my interest was standing at full attention. I didn’t know what to expect, but I quickly wished I had drank more coffee in order to perk up.

Jeff Goertzen

The morning began with a series of workshops about visual content in journalism. And as time progressed I realized how many OC celebrities were littered in the audience around me. The majority of people there were the minds behind the pages we read every single day. Jeff Goertzen, an illustrator of media design, was showing us his work. There it was on the screen – a surf spread I had admired just last month, and another! – An illustration from Thanksgiving I had admired from months ago! Masks were coming off, these people were sharing their secrets, and I was all the more impressed each time.

Mr. Charles Apple particularly caught my interest. My first impression:

Star Trek

“Who is this character wearing a Star Trek button down complete with hawaiin style Kirk and Spock figures, the Starship Enterprise, and let’s not forget the flashing of the Vulcan peace sign, ‘live long and prosper’ from what I believe was The Original Series, or ‘TOS’ among fans, of the much beloved Star Trek.” (excuse me while I fix adjust my glasses, my parents are big fans)

The man himself was walking around taking photos in the similar way I used to back when I was blogger of my college newspaper. I was intrigued. I held off on the tweeting of the great fashion moment, I needed to find out more. Not many people flaunt their fandom so subtly, especially contrasted against the crowd of plain button-downs. But wasn’t comic-con last weekend? Alas, the man eventually got up to speak. He’s a comedian! He’s a graphics, editor, journalist, blogger guru! What a guy. He gave us a wonderful presentation on how to make charts, I love charts. I vow to never fail at a chart, but to make it easily understandable while remaining true to the numbers. I was also very pleased to observe his desk during a tour of The Register later that day, it was lined with action figures of superheroes. If you’re going to make a fashion statement, keep it true to yourself. This man had truly come full circle.

The day itself was packed with workshops. Here is a list of my main takeaways. 

  • Less is more, avoid clutter
  • Content is king, everything has a purpose
  • Be consistent.
  • Follow the rules, only break them when the timing is right. 


I was also impressed with how interactive our workshops were. The presenters truly wanted us to learn together.  As part of a workshop on visual story telling with visual columnist Sharon Henry, we shared short stories on where we got our scars. You can view the OC Graphics Garage Visual Stories ebook here. “My Scar: A Collection of Visual Stories”

Throughout the event I was also reminded how this really is something I am passionate about. I would be very happy with a career in journalism. This includes design, graphics, media, advertising. I know, why am I so broad and vague? I have many passions how do I pick just one? And what are my next steps? I’m going to keep with the blogging and make every day count! As long as I am doing what I love, I know my future is looking bright. Now I think I’ll go add my new friends on Linked in…

I would also like to thank Charles Apple for the mention in his blog! I am honored that he took the time to call out myself and my two new friends (click here to read his entire post).

Graphics Garage

Above you can see us working on photoshop. I am struggling with shading in a sphere and lost among a surplus of layers. I swear I’ll get it right one day! (at least I have good posture).

I will also acknowledge again that I am looking for work. Whether it be freelance, guest posts, or as a journalist – online or print.  I  also do designs, layouts, illustrations, social medias, and advertising. You can view my resume here. I am young, creative, passionate, and talented! I am also very willing to learn new skills, as well as improve learned ones.

Thanks for reading, you can also connect with me on the social medias…..

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3 thoughts on “Graphics Garage Workshop | OC Register

  1. Lisa, I apologize that I got your name wrong on the name tag. I am thrilled that you enjoyed the workshop. This really created a buzz in the newsroom this Monday morning. We will most likely be doing more of these.

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