Finally, the Night Sky!

Starry Light by Anagraphic

starry lampI’m So glad someone finally invented this!

I’ve always wanted a night sky lamp, but they seemed so hard to come by! people would draw on the constellations with paint, and you would get an inverted night sky. It is not subtle, and definitely not the same thing.

I have lived in a city or the pacific north-west all of my life. (sorry Oregon – you’re too cloudy). As a lover of stars this was always a bummer because I would only get to see them when I traveled. It did make the night sky more special when I would actually get to see it, but why should I have to wait for special occasions when this magnificent feat of nature is always above me? At last… a solution for city dwellers (and PNWers) The Starry Light Lamp.

starry light lamp

When in use, the lamp projects a magnificent and exact view of the night sky to the walls.
Thin, subtle lines drawn on the inner surface of Starry Light help users in
the identification of different constellations.

Developed specifically for this collection,
the LED fixture is able to project a strong direct
light downwards, while providing ideal circumstances
for the stars to shine at the same time.

The launch collection of Starry Light Lamps is available with the celestial constellations of the Northern Hemisphere’s two equinoxes and solstices, but as the lamp is manufactured by hand, it is suitable to customizations according to a given date, time and geographical location.

I can’t wait to get one. Online you can choose your colors, (available in 4 colors), and your preferred constellations based on the time of year.

The price might be high, (what isn’t these days), so crack open those piggy banks 😉 the view will be worth it!

But hey, until you can afford your own night sky… a small road trip to the country might be enough satisfaction for now.

Now go get star-gazing, and enjoy your weekend!

xoxo @itsa_Lisa

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