current summer crushes

Caitlyn here, I’m crushing pretty hard on some bands right now. Here’s a brief rundown:

Band: Pity Sex. Three dudes and a lady from Ann Arbor, Michigan

Sounds like: lo-fi shoegaze-y pop (think Dinosaur Jr with My Bloody Valentine ambience)

Perfect for: sun-soaked beach tunes

Listen to:

Band: Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks. Basically Stephen’s best stuff post Pavement. Sometimes, period.

Sounds like: a guy who can make an eye roll audible

Perfect for: getting stuck on the 405 and hating on The Man

Listen to:

Band: Joyce Manor. Some good ol’ punx out of Torrance, California who aren’t afraid to get real emotional.

Sounds like: Guided by Voices meets pop-punk

Perfect for: screaming along to in your car at embarrassing volumes

Listen to:

Band: Camera Obscura. Scottish sunshine, shimmery indie-pop

Sounds like: summer heartbreak

Perfect for: thinking about your summer crush

Listen to:

Keep coming back for more music updates. In the meantime, follow me on tumblr.

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