National Ice Cream Day!

Happy National Ice Cream Day, folks!

How could we possibly let an exciting national holiday like today pass by unnoticed?! Most people are unaware of this holiday, but today is in fact National Ice Cream Day.

To celebrate I raided Pinterest to find my own favorite flavors. I found everything from healthy – to discontinued – to the latest and greatest. Below I have shared them with you…

greenteaThe Healthy, Green Tea Ice Cream. Available at most asian restaurants or self serve yogurt shops.


The Classic, Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream. Available every where, and always delicious.


cinnamon icecraem

The Exotic, Cinnamon Ice Cream. My first taste was in Costa Rica.


salted caramel pretzal ice cream

The Latest Craze, Salted Carmel Pretzal Ice Cream. Your taste buds will be delighted to find how well the salt is juxtaposed with the sweet.

Dole whip

The BEST, Disney Pineapple Dole Whip – available exclusively at Disneyland, until now – try this recipe for your own version.

While we’re on the Disneyland subject, there’s my old favorite:

Fantasia Ice Cream

The Discontinued, Fantasia Ice Cream. A unique blend of strawberry pistachio banana!  I will make my own version and share it with you sometime – stay tuned.

And if you want to save time and money, just drive to your nearest Burger King where cones are only 50 cents for the summer!

You can also go to the LA times to find 25 DIY Ice Cream Recipes, and here are  8 Ice Cream Facts, as seen on the Chicago Now.  Enjoy!

These are my favorite ice cream flavors… What are YOURS? 

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