Mistaken For Strangers | Los Angeles

Don’t make me read your mind, you should know me better than that. It takes me too much time you should know me better than that. … I should leave it alone but you’re not right. I should live in salt for leaving you behind.

To fans, these are the best words to start anything with – anything. These words instantly warm my entire being. These words also graced our night last night, the night Caitlyn and I attended an exclusive screening of Mistaken For Strangers, a documentary by Tom Berninger, the brother of Matt Berninger, who is lead singer and “Rock Star” of my (and soon to be the world’s)  favorite band The National. Yesterday at the Grammy Theatre, we watched  the private screening as The Berninger’s, including Matt’s wife Carin, and other members of the production team watched with us. The night closed with a standing ovation and a Q&A where Matt and Tom were welcomed onto the stage and answered relevant questions like “how has your relationship as brother’s changed?”

Mistaken For Strangers is screening at Film Festivals across the globe, making rounds in North America, to New Zealand, and back. We were some of the lucky ones, but keep your fingers crossed that they release the film for a larger audience in the future! I don’t want to give too much away, but the movie was an impressive documentary that started as a focus on The National, but became something so much more when Tom’s own struggles began impacting the band. We are taken on a journey into the lives of the brothers and witness what it means to unconditionally love, we also get the much anticipated behind-the-scenes perspective into the lives of those we have been listening to and loving for years.

A few pictures to summarize our day of happy hour hopping, and The National…

Happy HourHappy HourHappy HourThe FarmLos Angeles StyleStokedReel to ReelReel to ReelBerningerBerninger InterviewCheese Platter

Come back for more updates on The National, and an exclusive look into where I got this awesome one-of-a-kind shirt inspired by The National. And for the moments until then – follow me on twitter @itsa_Lisa. For more of The National, follow the expert herself on Tumblr -Caitlyn/sadsongsforcatlovers.tumblr.com


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