Scary Monster Summer Scarf

Summer Scarf

I love summer.  Because It’s an excuse to wear summer scarves every damn day.

summer scarf

The summer scarf, or my particular favorite: the Marc by Marc Jacob’s Scary Monster Beach ThrowDSCN9857

I found this throw at the Marc by Marc Jacob’s store in Los Angeles last summer.  I have a feeling it was limited edition because I have searched for it dozens of times since then and can never find it.



This particular  “beach throw” is a light weight cotton that can be used for anything.  I wear it in my hair as an accessory, I wrap it around me as a shawl, I tie it around my neck as a scarf, I lie it on the ground as a blanket, I wrap it around my body as a baby pappoose, and sometimes I drape it over a table as decoration. The possibilities are endless, and it looks super cool. Totally my style. Black with thin artistic lines that shape happy monsters hanging out at the beach.

summer scarf

Monsters just want to have fun.

Scary Monster at the BeachScary Monster at the BeachScary Monster at the BeachScary Monster at the BeachScary Monster at the BeachScary Monster at the BeachScary Monster at the BeachScary Monster at the Beach

It is summer after all, if Monsters can go to college (Monsters U) I think they’re also quite welcome at the beach!

summer scarf

Enjoy your summer everyone!  Stay safe with all those monsters crawling around, but not too safe – what’s summer without a little danger, am I right?

Live a little! I would love to hear  your thoughts below, what’s your favorite summer scarf and why?


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3 thoughts on “Scary Monster Summer Scarf

  1. My favorite scarf that I cannot leave my house without is blue, my friend was in Milan and bought it for me. I like yours a lot the pattern is so interesting!

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