How to Tie a Rosette in 3 Easy Steps


The short hair solution to the giant bun look!

I came up with this look when I began missing the volume I used to have on the top of my head.  I cut my hair very short recently and am loving it, but every once in a while I miss having all that body. Now I can do this to balance my outfits, and feel just as awesome.

You don’t need short hair, anyone can rock a rosette.  Tying one is very simple, and the finished product looks fabulous.

First you need a scarf or tie of any length, as long as it is long enough to fit around your head and then some. Any ordinary scarf will work. I used my absolute favorite Marc by Marc Jacobs black bandana blanket/scarf, it is the size of a sarong but very thin.

rosette 3 stepsStep 1

Wrap the scarf around your head.

Optional: tie it in a basic knot to hold it in place.

Step 2

With both hands, twist the scarf in opposite directions around itself. You will know you are doing this right when the scarf feels tight and stays in place.

Step 3

Continue twisting the scarf up and around itself into a circle on top of your head.  Tuck in the ends.

rosette selfieTo style you can leave the scarf on top of your head, pull it down below your ear, and leave more or less of the ends untucked.  Experiment with your rosette and wear it however you like.

Questions? Feedback?  I would love to see your own styles posted in the comments!  Or click the pictures below to share on Pinterest!

 how to tie a scarf in a rosette headband | headscarf



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3 thoughts on “How to Tie a Rosette in 3 Easy Steps

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